More Savings on Groceries

Reducing grocery expenses is a constant pursuit around our house. Everyone old enough to think about food has an ear and mind attuned to possible money-saving strategies. Today I am sharing an oldie but goody. It is gradually being implemented into our menu.

In order to save finances in the grocery store, reduce the size of the main dish and increase the side dishes of veggies and healthy carbohydrates at each meal. This does require a bit of advance planning to avoid carbing out. I want to avoid starchy veggies like corn, peas, potatoes getting combined with too many other carbs such as white dinner rolls. Starches and carbs convert to sugar in the body. Too many starches mean too much sugar in the system, and too much sugar in the system makes a person fat. Excess sugar is stored by the body as fat. That's where excess fat on the body comes from.

Right now is when everyone who has been depriving themselves of butter and other healthy fats gets their dancing shoes on and has a party. Fat doesn't make you fat! Celebrate! Of course we already know that everything in moderation is a huge key to optimal health. So we'll keep the party in check and not go all excessively extreme.

Anyway, I was talking about saving on groceries. Wasn't I? Sorry for the side trip. Increasing those healthy veggies and whole grains stretches the budget by spending less on the more expensive meats often used in main courses. Most vegetables are delicious tossed with butter or oil, desired seasonings, and roasted for 35-45 minutes at 375-400 degrees. Cauliflower is a personal favorite for roasting. Steaming then tossing greens with butter, flavored oil, or a favorite vinagrette is a treat for the budget and tastebuds also.

Greens take grocery savings a step further as many are available freely for the taking each spring, if a person knows a safe, pesticide free place to look that is. Hmmm, I think that maybe foraging for spring greens just might be worthy of a post all its own. You will be so surprised when you find out how many supposed weeds are actually edible powerhouses of nutrition. And free. I always appreciate a free source of superior nutrition. The ones I tried last spring were also delicious. I am eagerly looking forward to trying others in a few months. I'm off to check out a "construction" site of Mighty Man's before it's too dark to see. I'll leave you with visions of veggies and grocery savings dancing through your heads.

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