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Boy reading         I have a couple of links to free, printable downloads to pass on today. The first link is for a card game. After realizing that a large amount of children have no trouble remember Pokemon characters yet only about 50% of the same children are familiar with real life creatures, a card game using cards the same size as those of Pokemon cards was created to increase the learning of true, living creation. Each card can be downloaded and printed free of charge. Laminating the cards would further strengthen them. Rules of play are also included free of charge on the site. Another option is available for users to choose their own cards rather than using the preassembled deck. Even though our family enjoys nature fully and doesn't have the foggiest idea about anything Pokemon, I am still looking forward to using this game sometime during the next couple of years. Using games to learn is fun for the teacher too, not just the student. The second link takes you to the Homeschool Freebie of the Day website where you will find two links to free downloadable and printable Betsy McCall paper dolls. A number of years of the paper dolls are available.

Boy readingBoth the card game and the paper dolls would make excellent, economical gifts for birthdays, holidays, or even just because occasions. When printed out on sturdy white cardstock, they will survive repeated use. All of the downloads can be laminated if desired. Paper dolls and their clothes can also be printed out on magnetic paper if the user wishes. Magnets or hook and loop tape (aka Velcro) could also be attached to the back of the clothing if printed on cardstock. How much fun it would be for a child to find either the card game or some of the Betsy McCall dolls in his/her Easter basket on Ressurection Sunday. I'm certain there are Betsy McCall selections specifically featuring an Easter theme. Not only would these be fun gifts to receive, if one has a printer and cardstock, they would also be economical to give.


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Mae J. Ayers said...

These sketch cards are so pretty! My kids even added their own twist by coloring them. Thanks for the free download!