Lemon Curd Revisited As Orange

After trying another variation of the lemon curd recipe in an earlier post, I had to include the link containing the original recipe. What we tried was...substituting orange juice for the lemon juice and making orange curd. It. was. yummy. I did decrease the sugar significantly as orange juice is much sweeter than lemon. While the flavor was delicious, the texture was a bit curdly. Not certain why so may do a few more experiments to find out.

Also...just to let everyone know, the recipe we use for lemon curd is absolutely, by far, the very very easiest one I have found ANYWHERE. Seriously it is easy. Don't be afraid to try it out. If you aren't a fan of lemon, try it out with lime, orange, or any other citrus. Just increase or decrease sugar according to sweetness of fruit used. Oh yes! Curds freeze well, without a change in texture, for up to a year. That is a huge plus if making ahead for gifts. Taking advantage of sales, making, and placing in freezer until needed would be wonderful. Provided you can keep from eating it up before it makes it to the freezer.

Remember that citrus curd is for more than scones and bagels. It makes a delicious filling between layers of cake, filling for tarts, pastries, and much much more. Many people eat it right from the jar with a spoon too, if one can trust comments on blogs. Please do beware that lemon curd can also be addictive. You might get hooked.


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