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Major oopsie here this evening. We didn't talk about forgiveness earlier. That post is scheduled for later. So...please go ahead and read the post from Ann Voskamp. Your heart will be refreshed.



So, remember how we talked about forgiveness yesterday? Yeah, well, after writing was over and I was checking emails real fast while supper cooked, there was an email written by Ann Voskamp. An extremely powerful email that hooked and reeled me in . I am reading along when what should the email start talking about? Yep. Forgiveness. I was wide-eyed in awe and wonder at the goodness of God. What an exciting confirmation! What rich treasures from heaven the writing contained! Please nurture your heart with the words: http://annvoskamp.com/2017/08/when-you-go-into-heart-failure-and-it-turns-out-to-be-a-metaphor-for-all-the-things-right-now/.

Through the Blogging Years

Thank You for your many prayers for those of us here at Abundance House during the past eight, almost nine years, we've been publishing a blog. First we were A Mother's Rewards. Then Living Large on Less joined the family. Finally we have returned to writing one blog and it is indeed a house of abundance! 

Many adventures have befallen our family throughout our time together. And I am not referring to the adventure of adding another baby, though we have had our share of that type of adventure too. During the years of blogging I have felt strongly impressed to focus on the blessings of God in our lives rather than lamenting the hardships. That doesn't mean there haven't been any difficulties or trials though. There have been many. 

Today I am writing to intentionally give God thanks. It isn't Thanksgiving yet, but I can't wait until then to say Thank You; I can't wait even one more day. I have to say Thank You now, this day, this moment. So many voices are crying, moaning, groaning, sighing, whining, shouting, arguing, lashing out! The noise of all of the unpleasant voices seem to choke out any bit of goodness, but not today. Not here. Not on this blog. Today, right now, on this blog, there is a woman standing up, facing the voice of evil in the eye, and saying NOT IN THIS HOUSE. NOT HERE. NOT NOW. 

Today, if you listen, you will hear a voice of praise going forth from this blog to the world singing out the praises of Him who has called me out of darkness into His marvelous light. And His light truly is marvelous. The Light of God shines forth casting out every shadow, every bit of darkness from its path. Today I join with the Psalmist in saying "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Today I stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might and declare to the nations that God, He is God; there is no other. 

What has God done that is so wonderful? I am SO glad you asked! God has saved and kept me. More than once He has healed me. He leads me and guides me through life in practical and supernatural ways. He provides, restores, refreshes, and loves me perfectly, better than I could do for myself. Continually He is teaching me new things, both practical and fun. He is patient with me always. He never tires of communicating with me. He doesn't sigh in frustration because He understands me perfectly. He corrects me but does so lovingly in a way that makes me thankful He has. He provides me with adventure and challenges that keep me always going forward, always seeking. He doesn't let me stagnate or grow dull. 

God allowed me to be the answer to my mother's prayers for a child. He allowed me to be raised to serve and live for Him. It is He who placed me in an extended family filled with lovers of Jesus who provided countless examples of what His grace looks like in the nitty gritty of the everyday. From them I have learned that with God all things are possible, and there is never anyone so far gone that God can't save them and turn their mess into a message and their tests into a testimony of Him. 

He placed me in a covenant of marriage that is beyond my imagination and dreams. He rewarded me with seven children to grow more like Him with. He not only created those seven children, but He healed them and has kept them alive and well. He has placed me in a family and community filled with people who are lovely, beautiful, and full of great potential, people who spur me on to become more like Jesus every day. They are people I can pour out His love to and grow in His grace and knowledge with. 

During over 26 years of marriage, our family has moved at least seven times. Throughout each of these moves, there has been a loving church family, caring friends, and a safe place to land while navigating new territory, both on earth and spiritually. In one new place, God caused random friends to separately give me books and magazines from new ministries. This new reading material led our family into new truths from the Bible that led us into greater freedom and increased revelation of who God is. We went from viewing God as a dictator who demands His own way to experiencing that He is love and extends great grace. What freedom! What deliverance! What healing! has followed in the years since those reading materials entered our home! 

Every where we live, He is there preparing the way before us. Whenever sorrow or hardship come, He is there comforting and providing for our every need in ways beyond explaining. For example, while living at one place, a mother of 15 children brought groceries to our family of only four children every Friday afternoon. Time and time again, one of my young children would comment during the week that such and such a food item would taste good, and without fail, that very item would be in the groceries delivered on Friday! Every. single. time. Broccoli. Apples. Oranges. Even cinnamon rolls, ice cream, and chocolate milk! Don't even try to tell me that God doesn't care about His children's every need.

In one of the communities we lived, the childrens' ministry was exceptionally good. The leaders weren't afraid to teach children the complete truth in God's word. They didn't water it down for the children. If God said He has given us power, the children were taught exactly what God said. Consequently, when a goldfish belonging to one of our youngest died, one of the other children began to pray over that goldfish in the name of Jesus, and the goldfish came back to life and lived a long, full life! True story. 

Time after time I have been able to witness God's marvelous care and provision in the lives of My Beloved  AND in the lives of each of our children. Every single time there was going to be a new baby in the house,God faithfully prepared each one of our hearts to receive the new baby with joy and gladness, even numbers five, six, and seven! My Beloved has been supernaturally delivered from accidents that "ought" to have been fatal numerous times, a number of those within the past year. 

No matter how much I share with you of God's greatness in this post, there is more that hasn't been shared. So much goodness. So much grace. So much mercy. So much patience. So much joy. So much love. So much of God has been extravagantly lavished upon me throughout my life. I feel like one of the authors in the Bible who wrote that if all of the miracles and deeds of Jesus were written there wouldn't be room enough to record them all. 

If each of us would look back through the years we have been living on this earth, I would imagine that each of us could tell of God's marvelous love for us. Yes, we have each faced hardships and challenges. Each one of us has most likely suffered in some way. Yet, in spite of the awful, often in the middle of the struggle, if we look closely, we find love lights pointing the way to the Lover of our souls, Jesus. Everywhere we look, He is there. Every day, if we choose to see, we find Him. 

What if we pause for a moment and consider what would happen if every single believer in Jesus were to begin sharing their thanks for all He has done for them. What would the voices we hear sound like then? Can the voice of irritation scream loud enough to drown out the voice of true thankfulness to God? I don't think it can. As a matter of fact, I know it absolutely cannot. What if each one of us deliberately, intentionally choose to give voice only to the good things God has done and refuse to even mention any of the hardships, unless recalling how God delivered us from them? If we quit talking about the bad things and only spoke of the goodness of God would the enemy be rendered silent? 

Here in my house, the children are currently traveling through one of those seasons where they are re-testing the waters to see if the boundaries are still in place. It is not a pretty season of parenting. It is rather loud and often unpleasant. I would much rather snuggle in and spend pleasant moments of fun with my children than have them attempt to engage me in conflict. However, a few seconds spent remembering the goodness of the Lord causes a quiet song of calm strength to arise in my heart. No longer does the clamor of the children's voices create stress, for their mama remembers how God has led her through days like this before. She remembers His faithfulness and rejoices, even in the middle of whining, even though she detests whining. 

Could even a few Christians silence the chaos the screaming of the world's voices just by remembering God's goodness and declaring His faithfulness? Could the enemy be silenced by a shout of praise to the Most High God? If Jericho is any indication, yes, the enemy can be silenced by our thanksgiving and praise. What if believers in Jesus chose to actually believe Him and obey His Word? What would happen then? Is anything too hard for our God? NO! With God ALL things are possible! 

Let's rally the troops! Let's gather the saints! Let's give thanks to our God and declare His faithfulness to ALL generations! Let's silence the enemy with our thankful praise! Let's talk about Jesus!

Remembering His Faithfulness with Thanksgiving,
Abundantly Blessed


No Divisions Among Us

"A Word Regarding Charlottesville, Virginia: Non-violent Conflict Resolution—for the 21st Century"
by Dr. Alveda King, Atlanta, GA

Then and Now!

When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, spiritual problems and social issues were slowly destroying God's work among them. SUCH IS THE CASE TODAY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST.

As Paul was thankful for his flock (1 Cor. 1:4-8), so are we as was Paul; but we too are also called to a high purpose as servants/leaders of God. Consequently, our gifts and callings, as God's microphones, often require us to say what people don't want to hear. The divisions among the Corinthians then and the divisions among us now are designed by the enemy to rip the Church apart.  Consequently, following the pattern God gave Paul, we must implore the Body of Christ today to make some difficult transformations:

"Now I exhort you, brothers [and sisters], by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that...there not be divisions among you, and that you be made complete in the same mind and with the same purpose. For...there are quarrels among you" (1 Cor. 1:10-11). 

Amazingly, Paul was able to set aside his fleshly tendencies, all strife and bragging, to leave us this advice:
"Each of you is saying, 'I am with Paul,' and 'I am with Apollos,' and 'I am with Cephas,' and 'I am with Christ.' Has Christ been divided? Paul was not crucified for you, was he? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? I give thanks that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius, lest anyone should say that you were baptized in my name" (1 Cor. 1:12-15)."

Yes, Paul challenges and reminds us that Christ deserves all the credit. Don't we all have opportunities like this—to take credit for someone else's work—or even worse, to touch Jesus' glory?

Are we still stumbling about in the outer courts of politics and social justice, failing to conquer the 7 mountains illustrated so powerfully by Lance Wallnau? Are we able to tackle the 3-headed monster that is before America—Racism, Abortion and Sexual Perversion? Are we ready and able to slay the "skin color dragon" and embrace each other as brothers and sisters, the one blood, one race, of Acts 17:26?

"He made from one blood all nations who live on the earth. He set the times and places where they should live" (Acts 17:26).

Six Steps and Principles for Non-Violent Social Change—A Sequential Journey to Victory

I've often been asked to share the King Family Legacy's approach to non-violent conflict resolution which is introduced here briefly:

Principle 1: Non-violence is not passive, but requires courage.
Principle 2: Non-violence seeks reconciliation, not defeat of an adversary.
Principle 3: Non-violent action is directed at eliminating evil, not destroying an evildoer. 
Principle 4: A willingness to accept suffering for the cause, if necessary, but never to inflict it.
Principle 5: A rejection of hatred, animosity or violence of the spirit, as well as refusal to commit physical violence.
Principle 6: Faith that justice will prevail.

Understanding this, we apply the six steps of non-violent conflict resolution:

1. Prayerfully enter into a process by conducting research and gathering information to get the facts straight.
2. Continuing in prayer, conduct education and awareness campaigns to inform adversaries and the public about the facts of the dispute.
3. Prayerfully commit yourself to live and manifest a non-violent attitude and actions.
4. Prayerfully mediate and negotiate with an adversary in a spirit of goodwill to correct injustice.
5. Prayerfully apply non-violent direct action, such as prayer vigils, marches, boycotts, mass demonstrations, picketing, sit-ins etc., to help persuade or compel an adversary to work toward dispute-resolution.
6. Prayerfully anticipate reconciliation among adversaries in a win-win outcome in establishing a sense of community which should now be achievable. 

Considering the times, I am grateful to be a part of a biological family as well as a spiritual family who embrace these truths. Won't you join us?

"We must learn to live together as brothers [and sisters] or perish together as fools." –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
"Love never fails" (1 Corinthians 13:8). (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Dr. Alveda C. King, Evangelist and Author
Alveda King Ministries and Priests For Life 

Email: ak@alvedaking.com
Website: www.americareturntogod.com |www.alvedaking.com | www.priestsforlife.org

Dr. Alveda King is an evangelist and civil rights activist; niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.; daughter of Rev. AD King; and guardian of the "King Family Legacy." Alveda King Ministries aims to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the catalyst for salvation and being born again; promoting traditional family morals and values, from a Biblical worldview. Building strong, healthy families is a cornerstone – where individuals and families are given the necessary tools and resources to live prosperously to their full potential. An aim is to educate through community events, mentoring programs, media campaigns scholarship awards, coalition-building Christian advocacy groups and other means of positive reinforcement in order to lead people to Christ in expectancy of life, family, hope and "agape love" in the global community. You can purchase her latest book "America Return to God" from Elijah List Publications here.
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It Is Time

Every so often a word comes across my computer screen that seems to agree with something deep inside my spirit. This is just such a word. This word says all of the many many things I have been sensing God impress on my heart. 

In an earlier post, I referenced that it seems as if God Holy Spirit has been leading me to obey all of the lessons from former days in Sunday School, Children's Church, and Kids' Crusades. That now is the time to take the truth of God's Word and make it a reality in my life, in every area not only the "major" areas. I believe the word God gave me coincides with the truths from the following word perfectly.  

We are no longer to be operating from the position of the status quo but from the position of power and authority in the name of Jesus. That we are to live as if God is exactly who He says He is and as if we are exactly who He says we are. We are to no longer attend Christian social clubs but BE the Church of Jesus Christ, a body of healing, comforting, delivering, salvation sharing soldiers of the Most High God. It is time for the Goliaths to fall! The soldiers of Emmanuel are rising up in the name of Jesus, going forth in His power, and darkness is fleeing from the light of God shining out from within us! 

It is a time like never before, and Abundance House is honored to share words like the following  and those at http:brookesbabbling.blogspot.com/ with you. Please visit Brooke's Babbling blog. It is authored by one of our four lovely daughters. I am confident that not only will you see how extremely blessed this mama is, but you will also join our family in giving great thanks to God for all he has done in one of our beautiful girls' life!

In Christ's Love,
Abundantly Blessed

"The Great American Eclipse: A Prophetic Sign for Our Nation"
by Kathi Pelton, Eugene, OR

On August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun will be seen across the United States of America. People are calling this the "Great American Eclipse". Though the sky will go dark for only a few minutes as the Sun, Moon and Earth align, people have been preparing for this months in advance. It is no coincidence thatAugust 21 is also the first day of the Jewish season of Teshuvah, a forty-day season of repentance and return to God leading up to the Day of Atonement.

Alignments and Unity

Numerous prophetic voices have been hearing about alignments, preparations, repentance and many turning back to the Lord. Often, we will see events in the natural realm illustrate spiritual realities. I believe that this is one of those times.  

As we entered 2017, the Spirit spoke to me and said that the first half of this year would prepare God's people to align in unity with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit according to Jesus' prayer in John 17:20 (17:20 in 2017), just as the Sun, the Moon and Earth will align. However, God's alignment will not be momentary, but eternal. He also spoke to me that July would be a month of completion that would usher God's people into resurrection, restoration and true repentance. I keep finding myself saying the words,"Repentance is freedom from wrong alignments." 

When I began to hear about the "Great American Eclipse" I knew in my spirit that it was a prophetic sign in the sky of a spiritual manifestation on Earth, specifically for America.

Momentary Darkness Turning to Light

The months since, our presidential elections have been a momentary darkness that is aligning our nation and God's people to move into unity, restoration and the resurrection of God's original intent. The forty-day season of Teshuvah will be the culmination of alignments, preparation and repentance to enter into authority. Repentance produces humility, and authority is a product of godly humility.

A little more than a week after these forty days of repentance, an event will take place at the Washington DC Mall called "Awaken the Dawn – America's Tent of Meeting". From October 6-9, fifty tents from all fifty states will be set up at the Washington Mall to pour forth prayer and worship 24/7 for three days straight. I believe that this will be a time of "divine reset" after the forty days of repentance. 

Over a million people are expected to travel to our state of Oregon to view the eclipse; so will we also see a million people gather at the DC Mall this October to see darkness turn to light in our nation's capital?
"Even the darkness is not dark to You,
And the night is as bright as the day.
Darkness and light are alike to You."
(Psalm 139:12)

No Longer Status Quo

It is time to align with the light of our God, even in the midst of earthly darkness. Then darkness will not be dark to the people of God. They will be the light of Christ to a world in darkness that searches for light. This is a time to truly take the seasons of God seriously. The Holy Spirit is calling and asking us to "come up higher" in order to discern the times and seasons. It is not "status quo" any longer. Now is the time to see nations turn back to God. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Kathi Pelton
Inscribe Ministries
Email: jkpelton@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.inscribeministries.com

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton understand our culture's need for encouragement and hope. Through writing and speaking, they escort individuals into awareness of God's profound compassion and mercy that heals brokenness, and they have a unique ability to help anyone seeking pathways into His kind embrace. For several years, Jeffrey and Kathi led a house of prayer located in Kelowna, British Columbia. Currently, they travel extensively, working with prayer and prophetic movements. Recently, Jeffrey and Kathi, their grown children, and their one grandson relocated from Northern California to Eugene, Oregon. They continue to travel and have begun networking with prayer ministries in the Pacific Northwest. They are also part of a development team for Kairos Ministries, a local church plant.


Sabbath Resting

Sometimes there are a few simple things that become extravagant indulgences when partaken of on a Sabbath morn.

Coffee and Jesus-what a wonderful gift.


Fwd: Beth Moore is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire?

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August 11, 2017

"How Beth Moore Is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire"
by J. Lee Grady via Charisma News

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzThis is a great report and amazing article by J. Lee Grady on just what the title says, "How Beth Moore is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire!"

There are some real surprises here, and I don't want to spoil it for you.

Suffice it to say...that more than ever before in history, God is using amazing women like Beth Moore and many others to bring prophetic exhortations to the Body of Christ!

It is as it says in Joel 2 and Acts 2—with the emphasis on BOTH MEN and WOMEN:

"And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; even on my male servants and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy." (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Enjoy and be encouraged!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"How Beth Moore Is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire"
by J. Lee Grady via Charisma News

The New Testament is clear that God has called all Christians to be His witnesses, and that both "your sons and your daughters" will prophesy in the last days (Acts 2:17). Our passion should be to see everyone empowered—regardless of race, class, age or gender. If we truly want Pentecost, we should want to see the flame of the Spirit resting on the heads of every person—not just white males over 50.

J. LEE GRADY-Opinion

[Charisma News] I've been in countless Christian meetings over the years, but last week, I witnessed one of the most remarkable spiritual moments of my lifetime.

I was attending a gathering of Pentecostals held at a convention center in Orlando, Florida. When the speaker concluded the sermon, people began to stream to the altar. Many of them—including pastors—lay prostrate on the floor. Many were sobbing uncontrollably. Some people wept and prayed for an hour after the meeting was dismissed.

You may ask, "What's so remarkable about that?" This meeting, held on July 26, was unique because the speaker was a Southern Baptist—and a woman. Yet her message was so convicting and so saturated in the Holy Spirit that people ran to the stage even though she didn't even invite people to the altar.

The woman was author and popular women's speaker Beth Moore, and the occasion was the 28th General Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Leaders from the Assemblies of God, the Church of God and Nigeria's Redeemed Christian Church of God were in attendance, along with thousands of Pentecostals from all over the world.

Moore based her message on Jeremiah 12:5: "If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?" Without a tinge of self-righteousness or condemnation, Moore lamented the powerless state of the modern Church and called us back to the raw authenticity of New Testament faith.

"We are settling for woefully less than what Jesus promised us," said Moore. "I read my New Testament over and over. I'm not seeing what He promised. I'm unsettled and unsatisfied."

She added: "I want holy fire!"

I don't know what is more fascinating—that a Baptist challenged Pentecostals to embrace Pentecostal fire or that a woman who is not supposed to preach to men in her own denomination brought male pastors to their knees in repentance.

"We've lost our tolerance for pain and given ourselves to whining," Moore declared. "We have settled for the spiked Kool-Aid of cool, cultural Christianity. What will make us relevant is not our cool factor. It's time for leadership to repent."

I've heard a lot of excellent preaching over the years. But listening to Beth Moore was uncanny because her sermon was not about her, and it didn't draw attention to her. There was no swagger. There was no pretense. The sweet dew of Heaven rested on this woman.

I could hear the Holy Spirit speaking loud and clear through a broken vessel.

That's why people responded so dramatically, even though Moore simply closed her Bible and sat down when she finished her message. Everyone in the room knew they had heard God speak. They hit their knees because the anointing of the Holy Spirit wooed them to surrender pride, complacency and man-made religion.

What is baffling about this whole experience is that there are large numbers of Christians today who don't believe Beth Moore should be preaching to audiences like the one in Orlando. In fact, some fundamentalists have launched attacks on her because she preaches authoritatively from pulpits. One online blogger says Moore "puts the 'her' in heresy" simply because men listen to her teaching. It grieves me that this anointed sister in Christ has been subjected to such disrespect.

The old argument employed by some conservative fundamentalists is that Paul, in 1 Timothy 2:12, forbids women to preach. They seem to ignore the fact that 1) Paul empowered many women in other locations to speak and that women such as Phoebe, Priscilla, Chloe, Euodia and Syntyche were on his ministry team; 2) that the Bible offers other examples of godly women leaders and prophets; and 3) that Paul's unique concern in 1 Timothy 2:12 was about women in Ephesus who were "usurping" authority and teaching twisted doctrines.

The New Testament is clear that God has called all Christians to be His witnesses, and that both "your sons and your daughters" will prophesy in the last days (Acts 2:17). Our passion should be to see everyone empowered—regardless of race, class, age or gender. If we truly want Pentecost, we should want to see the flame of the Spirit resting on the heads of every person—not just white males over 50.

...If [God] used Catherine Booth to shake England in the 1800s, or missionary Mary Slessor to plant the Gospel in Nigeria, or Sojourner Truth to challenge slavery through her powerful preaching, or Kathryn Kuhlman to spark a healing revival in the United States in the 1970s, why are we still arguing about this?

We need an army of women like Beth Moore, and my prayer is that more women will seek the Lord and dig into His Word with the same passion that Moore has. I believe she is a forerunner for a new generation of both men and women who will carry a holy Pentecostal fire that cannot be restricted by gender. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Used by permission via Charisma News.


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