I would love to ask a question today. I would love, love, love to fly into a dramatic mother scene and with intense wonder inquire as to why oh why children have to ask why. However, there is more than enough drama flying around at Abundance House today so I will maintain and calmly move on with the day. I already know the answer anyway. Children ask why for the same reason their parents ask those in authority over them why. They are looking for a way out of something they don't want to do, and if they get an answer to their question of why, they think they can find a loophole in the answer that will prove exactly why they should not do whatever it is they don't want to. It's true. I wish it weren't, but indeed it is.

So, instead of having a dramatic mother fit, I'm going to bow my heart before God and apologize for ever asking Him why about anything. If I would trust God in the same way I wish my children would trust me and my love for them, I wouldn't need to ask Him why. It wouldn't matter because I would be trusting Him and His goodness. Ouch. Raising children reveals a lot about myself to me. Thank You, Lord for children. They point the way straight to You.



"In the moments when torment throbs deep, God doesn’t bark “stiffen that upper lip, girl.” He instead whispers, “Come to Me dear one, come to Me.” He invites us to crumple into the comforting arms of Christ to pray or scream or to beg with abandon until we heal.
“For He has not despised or detested the torment of the afflicted. He did not hide His face from him, but listened when he cried to Him for help.” {Psalm 22:24}" ~ Angela Nazworth 
 Someone dear to me recently shared that while crying about something which saddened them they told themselves crying wouldn't do any good, dried their eyes, and went on. This made me very sad. Who told my loved one crying doesn't do any good? It wasn't God. He said He collects our tears in a bottle and that He dries every tear.

It was a sad experience for me to learn someone so dear had deprived themselves of the blessed emotional release crying provides. Crying is a gift from God to help keep His children emotionally, and physically, healthy while walking through difficulties on earth. God said in His Word that He collects our tears in a bottle. If tears are bad, why does God collect them? Also, how can He dry our tears if we don't allow ourselves to cry them?

Shame over crying does not come from God. Quite the opposite. Here's a news flash: Real men, cowboys, women, and even mamas all cry. If they don't, they should. Not using this built-in release valve God placed in us can make us hard, brittle, tough, and broken deep within. God desires for His children to remain soft, gentle, and pliable in His loving arms of mercy and grace. We are to be strong in Him allowing His strength to be strong in our weakness. God made us. He created us to cry when sad, grieved, hurting, or overcome by emotions that have no words for expression. Crying is the release valve that allows our souls and bodies to process deep emotion without imploding or exploding. Everyone needs to cry. Some people more than others, but all of us need to cry. Granted, if a person, or child, cries about every little itty bitty thing, yes, alternative techniques for managing emotions can be taught and used, but often, crying is the best, most healthy, thing we can do.

As I was praying through this, what should come into my inbox but an article about grieving. A tiny quote from the article is shared above. It is my prayer that every one of us will allow ourselves to fall into our loving Heavenly Father's arms and cry out all of our hurts and sadnesses. Pulling ourselves together and toughening up are not what He has told us to do. We don't have to keep a stiff upper lip or stuff emotions down deep. Instead, let us follow the example of Hannah and come to Him, pouring out our sorrow in His loving embrace.

The article mentioned above can be read in its entirety at: http://www.incourage.me/2016/09/archive-come-undone-cant-pull-together.html?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=%28in%29courage%20Daily%20Devotion%202016-09-26&utm_term=%28in%29courage%20Daily%20Devotion 


Autumn Abundance

Do you have any idea how absolutely splendid autumn in the country is? White fluffy clouds, crisp breezes, lavender and white asters, bumble bees, butterflies, blue mist spirea, pink sedums, wild sunflowers, and burgundy mums all mix together to create this rustling, crunchy golden harvest season that satisfies the senses and thrills the soul. A person could almost become intoxicated on the sensual delights of the season.

Inside the home candles come out, spicy scents simmer, and warm throws are tossed across couches and chairs. Chilly evenings whisper to the wood stove its summer's rest is almost over. Soon it will be filling the house with warmth. Attention to function and design is renewed after a busy summer of running in and out. Shelves are reorganized, closets are cleaned, and decor is rearranged for a new season.

Seashells are replaced with books and candles. Magazines and books that have been patiently waiting in piles are now scattered about the home wherever their readers set them down. Schoolbooks, maps, pencils, and pink erasers can also be found in random locations because sometimes, learning is messy.  Laundry and dishes also tend to pile up as mama and students study and others are hard at work.

Busy yet beautiful. That is the luxury of Fall.

Thanking God for His Autumn Abundance!
Abundantly Blessed


A quick little chat

Hey there, girlfriend! What's new in your part of the world? Want some guacamole and salsa? The chips are fabulous! They are organic non-GMO and the flavor is superb. It takes fewer chips to satisfy a snack attack too. Top those yummy chippers off with guacamole and a girl has herself the perfect go-to healthy afternoon snack. Who doesn't want healthy and yummy, emphasis on the yummy? Just in case somebody missed the news, healthy fats such as those found in guacamole are super good for us.

Can't chat long. It's My Beloved's birthday, and supper is when his birthday meal of choice is going down. We don't worry about healthy for bday meals. No need to ask about the menu. It's as healthy as we can make it, and that's good enough.

It's been so long since we've chatted. Sharing something really quick may be difficult. One quick thing I would like to share is how overwhelmed I have been by how very very blessed I am to be a child of the Most High God. He has such amazingly good plans for me, and it is His plans and purposes that will succeed. Honestly, if we were looking at it all from the perspective of His goodness and grace, we'd all be doing wild spontaneous Happy Dances. So, maybe, perhaps, on this Friday afternoon as we gently slip in to the peacefulness of the Sabbath weekend, what if we all chose to refocus and begin viewing everything through the lens of God's goodness and grace?

As the reality of His loving kindness and extravagant love begin seeping into our consciousness what if we allow the wild Happy Dances inside of us to erupt like a whirlwind of joy in our homes? What do you think? Are you game? Oh, oh, oh, wait!!! What if we not only allowed the wild Happy Dances inside of us to erupt like a whirlwind of joy in our homes, but what if we also Happy Dance underneath the full harvest moon tonight and let the autumn breezes blow any and every yucky grouchie away? Oh yeah. That sounds like a plan, a great, big, marvelously wonderful plan.