Autumn Abundance

Do you have any idea how absolutely splendid autumn in the country is? White fluffy clouds, crisp breezes, lavender and white asters, bumble bees, butterflies, blue mist spirea, pink sedums, wild sunflowers, and burgundy mums all mix together to create this rustling, crunchy golden harvest season that satisfies the senses and thrills the soul. A person could almost become intoxicated on the sensual delights of the season.

Inside the home candles come out, spicy scents simmer, and warm throws are tossed across couches and chairs. Chilly evenings whisper to the wood stove its summer's rest is almost over. Soon it will be filling the house with warmth. Attention to function and design is renewed after a busy summer of running in and out. Shelves are reorganized, closets are cleaned, and decor is rearranged for a new season.

Seashells are replaced with books and candles. Magazines and books that have been patiently waiting in piles are now scattered about the home wherever their readers set them down. Schoolbooks, maps, pencils, and pink erasers can also be found in random locations because sometimes, learning is messy.  Laundry and dishes also tend to pile up as mama and students study and others are hard at work.

Busy yet beautiful. That is the luxury of Fall.

Thanking God for His Autumn Abundance!
Abundantly Blessed

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