One Moment

Hi! It's that misty drizzly kind of morning that makes me want to grab a cup of something hot, probably tea, and cozy up for a good chat. It is cold and getting colder outside. Would you like something to drink? It isn't a school day so the chalkboard is filled with just for fun drawings straight from the imagination of an 8-year-old Giggle.Victorious Man of God will be two years old this coming week! How did these past two years fly by so quickly? Isn't that the never ending question of motherhood?

Today, when we are all going along through our day, when all of the negative news is whirling through the airways filling our ears and minds, when the fire needs wood and the wood supply is dwindling fast, when friends and family are hurting deep with wounds we can't fix, when we just want life to be normal yet don't, what if we just stop for a moment, just a moment. Then, after we have paused for that one moment let's pick up our Bibles and read a verse, just a verse. Let's open that Holy Book and read the first highlighted or underlined verse we see. If nothing is highlighted or underlined, then we will just read. For one moment we will stop and ground ourself in the Living Word of God. After we have grounded in the Word, why not stick a root deeper still and pray and prayer of thanks to God for His Goodness?

What do you think will happen if smack dab in the middle of immense pain and suffering happening all around we stop read and pray thanks? Will one moment, one verse, and one thankful prayer make a difference for good? It can't hurt. One woman or man, one moment, one verse of the holy scripture, one prayer of thanks in my home, in yours, in our friends', done over and over this one moment with God multiplies into countless prayers, countless moments, countless thanks being raised to the One who holds us. One moment with God becomes an abundance of love flowing out of ourselves to the One who has so greatly lavished His love on each of us. What if I did this not just once a day, but once many times a day, every time I have a moment? What would the difference be then?

In the midst of life's busyness moments can seem very precious. Do I want to stop for anything? It is then I need the stop most. How desperately a hard stop, an intentional decision to choose time with Jesus, is needed smack dab in the middle of busy. And in the light of current world affairs, I can't help but ask myself, if 21 men can kneel for Jesus while their heads roll from their places, how can I not give Him one moment? How can I not give Him the one plus every other one He has given me? One moment, one scripture, one prayer of thanks with and to the ONE God who alone is God. Yes, to the abundance found in One.


Changing Up

Hey There! Apparently you survived Super Bowl Sunday. We had some really yummy food here at our house. Everything else is just frosting on the cake, right? So, what is up for this new week at your house? We're glad, glad, glad to have a "normal" nothing out of the ordinary week ahead of us. Some organizing, readjusting, day-to-day work going on in this house, at least I hope that's how the week plays out.

Every so often in the house it becomes time to change up. Sometimes changing up takes place in the clothes department with littler children moving up into a new size or older ones moving into more grown up styles. Othertimes we change up the way our furniture and home work for us. For instance, last week we moved a desk and bookshelf from the toy room to the library area of the loft. The plan is to relocate the homeschool books, supplies, etc. to the bookshelf and then put the games in the location formerly held by the homeschool items. I so hope our plan works, that everything fits. The bookshelf may need an extra shelf or two added, but all in all, we're ready to tackle this little project. And I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about the prospect of our games being out of sight behind cupboard doors. Baskets are handy, but they don't exactly promote neatness. Throwing games on top of the closest one is way too easy with those baskets. We have also come to a time of changing up playthings. Victorious Man of God is ready for an older version of legos, and baby toys have all worked their way to storage or give away.

Just like those really nice baskets of mine in the game room, sometimes I need to take an honest look inward and reassess how my spiritual baskets are working. Is the way I am currently studying the Bible producing results? Do I need a devotional book or would studying small portions of another book be better during this season of life? OR is this a season for taking tiny snippets of scripture and taking them apart piece by piece until they become permanently engrained within? What about my prayer life? Do I have one? Is it intentional or randomly haphazard at best? Last season may not have required a journal, but maybe this season does. How are my "baskets" of spiritual disciplines working for me right now, at this very moment? Do I need to do some changing up spiritually? The truth of the message of God's Word is always the subject. However, maybe the methods I use to study the message need tweaking just a bit. Maybe it is time for me to "grow up" and move into a more mature method or manner of study. Am I ready for meatier devotional material?

All times of transition have a tendency to get a bit messy. No matter what the change is, rearranging means there will be piles, boxes, and other disarray. I don't like messy. I have worked very hard to discipline myself to put things away instead of adding them to a pile. If left to my natural tendencies, file folders would be obsolete; everything would be snuggled up together in individual piles. In light of how difficult it is for me to make myself put things away neatly, making piles, even for the sake of rearranging, has the potential to be stressful. Ugh! It's an evil mess!!! The vision of delightful results propels me onward, to sling my stone at the giant of avoidance, open that cupboard door, pick up that item, and move it to its new space. Even if its new space is a pile waiting for its new home elsewhere. Spiritually, changing up can be the same way. I don't want to learn a new way of study. That's messy. I like my routine. It's neat and tidy, dull but neat and tidy. Write down prayers somewhere besides the back of an old envelope? What? That will require thought! I have to face that giant of avoidance spiritually too. The vision of deeper intimacy with God propels me forward.

No more delays. It's time to get those books and games switched out, messy piles and all. Are you in a season of changing up too? If so, you're not alone. We'll get 'er done, you and I and Jesus.
Together we'll throw away the trash, pass on what no longer fits, and willingly embrace the new, both in the spirit and flesh.

Hugs and Love in Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed


Let's Laugh!

It's a day and season for laughing! And do I have some movies to help a person get their laugh on! Come on in! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. We'll pop some popcorn, grab something to drink, and head on up to the TV room. Once there, we'll plop down on the couches and laugh until we hurt.

Okay, we're in the TV room now. Ready for a good belly laugh? Miss Polly, Niagara Falls (1941), and Mom's Night Out are among our newest most favorites. Miss Polly and Niagara Falls (1941 version) are each approx. one hour. Played back to back they provide the equivalent of a full-length feature film. I might have laughed until I cried when watching these. The tissues are right over there, if you need them. If you like these oldie but goodie treasures, consider Ma and Pa Kettle movies. There are several of those. Just telling you about them makes me want a Ma and Pa Kettle movie marathon! Those who don't find old movies as enjoyable, Mom's Night Out is all I have to recommend at this time. Surely there are more, I just haven't found them yet.

Cold winter nights provide opportunity to pop in a DVD and laugh ourselves healthy. The laughter doesn't stop when the movie ends either. It lasts for days after the movie as children rehash their favorite one liners over and over. Speaking of family movie time has made me realize that the afternoon is flying away from me. Time to get supper. Fridays are perfect for movies. What am I talking about? Every night is perfect for movies, especially those that make us laugh. Thanks for stopping in! Hope you find and watch some truly funny movies and laugh from your belly tonight. Hugs for all!

I almost forgot! Another plus of old movies is that, if unable for rent, they cost much less to purchase. A handful of these movies, a projector, and white bedsheet are the makings of an impromptu winter movie marathon party.