One Moment

Hi! It's that misty drizzly kind of morning that makes me want to grab a cup of something hot, probably tea, and cozy up for a good chat. It is cold and getting colder outside. Would you like something to drink? It isn't a school day so the chalkboard is filled with just for fun drawings straight from the imagination of an 8-year-old Giggle.Victorious Man of God will be two years old this coming week! How did these past two years fly by so quickly? Isn't that the never ending question of motherhood?

Today, when we are all going along through our day, when all of the negative news is whirling through the airways filling our ears and minds, when the fire needs wood and the wood supply is dwindling fast, when friends and family are hurting deep with wounds we can't fix, when we just want life to be normal yet don't, what if we just stop for a moment, just a moment. Then, after we have paused for that one moment let's pick up our Bibles and read a verse, just a verse. Let's open that Holy Book and read the first highlighted or underlined verse we see. If nothing is highlighted or underlined, then we will just read. For one moment we will stop and ground ourself in the Living Word of God. After we have grounded in the Word, why not stick a root deeper still and pray and prayer of thanks to God for His Goodness?

What do you think will happen if smack dab in the middle of immense pain and suffering happening all around we stop read and pray thanks? Will one moment, one verse, and one thankful prayer make a difference for good? It can't hurt. One woman or man, one moment, one verse of the holy scripture, one prayer of thanks in my home, in yours, in our friends', done over and over this one moment with God multiplies into countless prayers, countless moments, countless thanks being raised to the One who holds us. One moment with God becomes an abundance of love flowing out of ourselves to the One who has so greatly lavished His love on each of us. What if I did this not just once a day, but once many times a day, every time I have a moment? What would the difference be then?

In the midst of life's busyness moments can seem very precious. Do I want to stop for anything? It is then I need the stop most. How desperately a hard stop, an intentional decision to choose time with Jesus, is needed smack dab in the middle of busy. And in the light of current world affairs, I can't help but ask myself, if 21 men can kneel for Jesus while their heads roll from their places, how can I not give Him one moment? How can I not give Him the one plus every other one He has given me? One moment, one scripture, one prayer of thanks with and to the ONE God who alone is God. Yes, to the abundance found in One.

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