Let's Laugh!

It's a day and season for laughing! And do I have some movies to help a person get their laugh on! Come on in! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. We'll pop some popcorn, grab something to drink, and head on up to the TV room. Once there, we'll plop down on the couches and laugh until we hurt.

Okay, we're in the TV room now. Ready for a good belly laugh? Miss Polly, Niagara Falls (1941), and Mom's Night Out are among our newest most favorites. Miss Polly and Niagara Falls (1941 version) are each approx. one hour. Played back to back they provide the equivalent of a full-length feature film. I might have laughed until I cried when watching these. The tissues are right over there, if you need them. If you like these oldie but goodie treasures, consider Ma and Pa Kettle movies. There are several of those. Just telling you about them makes me want a Ma and Pa Kettle movie marathon! Those who don't find old movies as enjoyable, Mom's Night Out is all I have to recommend at this time. Surely there are more, I just haven't found them yet.

Cold winter nights provide opportunity to pop in a DVD and laugh ourselves healthy. The laughter doesn't stop when the movie ends either. It lasts for days after the movie as children rehash their favorite one liners over and over. Speaking of family movie time has made me realize that the afternoon is flying away from me. Time to get supper. Fridays are perfect for movies. What am I talking about? Every night is perfect for movies, especially those that make us laugh. Thanks for stopping in! Hope you find and watch some truly funny movies and laugh from your belly tonight. Hugs for all!

I almost forgot! Another plus of old movies is that, if unable for rent, they cost much less to purchase. A handful of these movies, a projector, and white bedsheet are the makings of an impromptu winter movie marathon party.

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