Thanks to You

Stopped in for a quick peek at the blogs I keep up with and saw the number of views on Abundance House. Wow! Even a few a day add up over time. As soon as I saw how many clicks there have been since I last visited I had to stop in and say "Thanks". Thank You for sharing time out of your life to drop in and visit Abundance House.

Being a wife of one and a mother of seven I understand how precious each moment is. You don't have to share your time with us, but you do. Thank You. It is my prayer that the moments you spent here are a blessing to you in some way.

And subscribers? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your faithful, steadfast support!!! Subscriptions to Abundance House are free and arrive in your email's inbox. Neither does it cost anything to leave a comment when you visit. Everything, at this point, is free of charge. The vision of Abundance House is to be like a visit with a close friend, a visit that can take place anytime day or night just by clicking on over. Whenever you have time and want to "talk" with a friend, go ahead, drop in. We'll be here with something good to drink, laughter (maybe a snort or two), and lots of love and prayer.

Here with a welcoming hug,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


Dear John

Reading and hoping to memorize Bible verses from the book of John this year. Late getting started, but thankful to be starting. As I work on committing four verses to memory to get caught up, I am struck anew by how amazing God's love and grace to me is. The book of John isn't a new read, yet I am seeing it as if it hasn't ever been read before. Where did the fifth verse of chapter one come from? Where has it been when I read that chapter before? How did I misplace those lifechanging words?

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5
Did you read that? "...the darkness has not overcome it" NOT. overcome. it. Those words contain the power to be total game changers. Now I have to ask myself. Do I live as if the light is shining in the darkness, and that the darkness has not overcome it? Do I live as one who knows that darkness is exposed by and chased away by the light? Jesus, the Light of the World? Do I live the words my head knows?
Praying to live as a vessel of darkness overcoming Light,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House
Scriptures the writing was written after reading are: John 1, Eph. 3:13, 1 John 1, 1 Peter 2, and several others containing references to the word light. This study was both encouraging and strengthening, something everyone can use more of. True? 


Words. What Will They Be?

A whole lot of wind and a house full of children. That's what today looks like here at Abundance House. Not sure if it is the howling wind or what exactly, but the children are full of energy and creative ideas. Creative being the kindest description I can come up with for what also contains the potential to produce disastrous results. Um hum, those words upstairs now being hurled out of angry tears testify to the creativity I'm meaning.

Words. So many words. Only the rarest treasures of them good. Those rare treasures often are the ones that also are true. Absolutely true and good words are not only rare but beautiful. They alight on the senses like a healing balm of delightfulness. Muscles relax, organs settle down into a healthier rhythm while hormones and chemicals of healing begin to flow throughout the body. It's proven. It's true. Even if it weren't proven, it would still be true. God said it. It's true. He says in His Word, the Bible that pleasant words are like health. Words. Back to that question from another visit: What will my words be? What will I speak?

Cutting down on the words,
Abundantly Blessed