Thanks to You

Stopped in for a quick peek at the blogs I keep up with and saw the number of views on Abundance House. Wow! Even a few a day add up over time. As soon as I saw how many clicks there have been since I last visited I had to stop in and say "Thanks". Thank You for sharing time out of your life to drop in and visit Abundance House.

Being a wife of one and a mother of seven I understand how precious each moment is. You don't have to share your time with us, but you do. Thank You. It is my prayer that the moments you spent here are a blessing to you in some way.

And subscribers? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your faithful, steadfast support!!! Subscriptions to Abundance House are free and arrive in your email's inbox. Neither does it cost anything to leave a comment when you visit. Everything, at this point, is free of charge. The vision of Abundance House is to be like a visit with a close friend, a visit that can take place anytime day or night just by clicking on over. Whenever you have time and want to "talk" with a friend, go ahead, drop in. We'll be here with something good to drink, laughter (maybe a snort or two), and lots of love and prayer.

Here with a welcoming hug,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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