A Lovely Summer Morning and Tea

Good Morning! How glad I am to find you at our bench! Look what was in my reader this morning, a post from Glorious Treats with a deliciously delightful looking recipe for lemon pound cake muffins! Here is the link so you can get the recipe for yourself: http://www.glorioustreats.com/2014/08/lemon-pound-cake-muffins.html.

Besides that wonderful recipe, which we are going to try as soon as we obtain all of the ingredients, an opportunity to enter a sweepstakes is included. Now, after entering numerous sweepstake drawings and not winning anything. ever., I had made the decision to NOT ever do that again. However, this recipe and the discussed topic of tea time made me think that maybe one more time...

We both know how much I like tea time and its treats. You can well imagine what happened when the blogger at Glorious Treats asked what our favorite tea and/or tea time treat was. Yes, the mind went a whirling. Scones with mock devonshire cream and lemon curd, brown sugar shortbread, black tea with brown sugar and cream, those were the few answers I limited myself too. Granted, the author only asked for one, but seriously, who can only have one favorite. Every day is a new tea time and each tea time has new favorites. Doesn't it? Anyway, with much effort, I limited myself to those few answers and left them in a comment. That one comment provided entries into the sweepstakes.

Now, I would have left the comment whether there was a sweepstakes to enter or not, just because tea time is such a fun topic of conversation. However, since my comment automatically entered me already, why not go ahead and write a blog post of my own to earn a few more entries? Who couldn't use a Wal-mart gift card for $100, right at the end of summer and beginning of school? That's why I am so thrilled to find you here at our bench! Now you can hear about it and enter too! If you go over to Glorious Treats you will find out about the new brand of fair trade sugar used in the recipe along with all of the details on the sweepstakes for the Wal-mart gift card. While you are there, you might as well join in the conversation about favorite tea and tea time treats. Ahhhh! tea, tea time treats, a new recipe, and a sweepstakes. Lovely fun!

Gotta run! This sunshiny summer morning is calling to me to get my least pleasant work done so that this afternoon can be spent on more pleasant tasks. That busy buzz of Autumn can be heard getting closer and closer. The more I get done before it fully winds up, the more I can remain focused and concentrate on enjoying the majestic grandeur of Autumn. Hugs! dear friend. Hoping to see you again soon! Praying for you still!

Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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