Giggles and Uncharted Territory

What a day for a visit! Little Miss Giggles is 8 years old on this warm and windy August afternoon. This girl she does love her some attention, and her birthday is the perfect occasion to shower her with extra doses of special. I want to savour and treasure every moment she is still my little girl because every so often there are little bits of a bigger girl peeking out at me, and well, those little snippets make me want to run and hide. I'm not ready to let go of the little girl yet. I know what comes next, and that part can be scary, scary for both mama and daughter.

A person would think that a mama to three older daughters would have this whole mother of daughters thing down. WRONG! The longer I'm a mother the more I know how much I don't know, how much I desperately need the grace and wisdom of God to lead me in leading my daughters. We all need Him desperately, they and I. No matter how old Not of This World, Miss Mustard Seed, Horsegirl, and Giggles get, we will all always be in a stage of new. For no matter how old they are, I will never have been the mother of that specific girl/woman at that age and they will each never have been the whatever age they are daughter of a mama like me. We're all always treading down new uncharted territory in our mother daughter relationships.

The thing about uncharted territory is just that, it's uncharted, nothing is known ahead of time. Noone knows just exactly how changing hormones will affect another. An entire family can be rocked on its heels by the snarling snaps of a little woman in the making's hormone wracked emotions. They can also all be reduced to carefully tiptoeing eggshell walkers by a mama's hormonal surges, and if said mama is pregnant...you don't even want to know. (Mama is NOT pregnant though. Truly I'm not. I was just sharing how emotional surges affect others.) We all need God in this house, need Him desperately. For unlike us, He knows. The territory isn't uncharted for Him. He not only knows the Way, He is the Way, and He will lead us.

Today, on this birthday for my sweet giggling Giggles He is leading in a glorious celebration of life, God's life shining through Giggles! Happy Birthday my dear sweet Giggles girl! Mama loves you dear and deep. Don't ever quit singing, smiling, and loving Jesus true. He is the Way, our only Way.

Birthday love and prayers,
Abundantly Blessed

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