More of Those Before School Visits

Another re-visit to the past. Chances are that making your own convenience food from scratch wasn't one of the top items on your summer bucket list, but hey, it would be a quick & easy one to toss in here at the end. Quick, easy, fun, and money-saving. Sounds good to me:) Maybe the chosen item to make could be a favorite lunch item. Now we're not only saving money, saving time, and having fun, we're getting in some advanced school prep as well. Whoo Hoo! Let's make us some fun!

Today's Thrifty Tip finds us in the food arena once more. With the price of groceries rising higher and higher, who among us can't stand to save a little? While not everyone cooks strictly from scratch, even choosing to make once convenience food from scratch can rack in the savings. Not only are prepackaged mixes and foods more expensive, they often contain additives and preservatives that are far from healthy. Creating our own foods enables us to have complete control over the quality of ingredients with which we feed our families. At our house, we have found that stirring up our own mixes, seasonings, and beverage mixes is so much fun that we really don't care if it saves money or not. It's no longer thrift. It's fun!

To get started on this thrifty fun, assess the food products you use most often. Perhaps you use one particular seasoning more than any of the rest. Or maybe there is a quick bread mix that your pantry just can't be without. Whatever that "must have" item is, begin there. Once you have chosen the item to create, head to the search engine of choice and type in "recipe for __________. " It's that simple. All that is left is to choose which recipe you wish to try, obtain the ingredients, and stir it up.

Some seasonings, such as Italian Seasoning, have a multitude of differing recipes. Try a couple and see how closely they come to what you prefer. Then, tweak the ingredients and amounts to suit your preference. Beverage mixes are one of my personal favorites. However, there are literally thousands of recipes online for virtually everything. I mean everything, envelope glue anyone?

Speaking of envelope glue, making your own products from scratch need not be limited to the kitchen and pantry. Whether it's seasonings, beverage mixes, cake mixes, diapers, or feminine hygience products, there are recipes and/or patterns for just about any item a homemaker could want, some you may not want too:) Making only one item can save hundreds of dollars each year and possibly provide health benefits besides.

Homemade items also provide you with economical gifts that are easily personalized. Who doesn't feel completely pampered upon receiving a gift that was custom made just for them? Making your own products can be addictive so don't be surprised if you can't stop at just one.Blessed Mama

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