Homemade Granola

This has been reposted from a previous post. Please note that raisins, dates, and other fruit are to be added after baking in the oven. Trust us on this. We found out the hard way:)

Here is the yummiest granola recipe that our family has ever tasted!  So far, it has met with unanimous approval from everyone.  We did add some extra ingredients to our test batch, and you can too.  This is one of those feel free to experiment and adapt to the preferences of your own family.  Without further adieu, here is Yummy Homemade Granola.

  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 8 cups oatmeal
In a large, 4 quart saucepan, melt the butter and brown sugar together. Stir and allow to simmer for approx. 2-3 minutes. Add the salt, cinnamon, and oatmeal. Remove from heat and stir until the oatmeal is completely coated. Spread granola onto two baking sheets, with sides, and bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Cool granola on pan, then break up into pieces and transfer to container.  

* One batch filled a 1/2 gallon glass jar.  

* We added almonds, chopped dates, and wheat germ.  Yummy, yum, yum.  Raisins and coconut flakes are some other ingredients that have been suggested to try next time.  Any dried fruit or nut would be delicious.  

You may be wondering where the "less" part of living large is in this recipe.  The actual recipe itself isn't that costly, especially for the coupon using sale shopper.  The ingredients are much the same as those used in homemade cookies.  We were able to add extras such as nuts and dates that we have accumulated through sales over a period of several months.  Even with the added expense of nuts (they are outrageous at the grocery store), this granola is still easier on the budget than purchasing granola already made. Granola cereal is definitely on the pricier side of cereals, and there's no way that it tastes as good as this homemade version. Another plus is how quickly this recipe stirs up. 

Here are some uses for Yummy Homemade Granola (if it lasts long enough:D)
  • Fill a pretty container for gift giving
  • Cereal
  • Sprinkled on yogurt for a quick and satisfying breakfast
  • Topping for ice cream or pudding(think how delicious this would be combined with the rich creaminess of homemade ice cream)
  • Sprinkled lightly over the top of muffin batter prior to baking
  • As a topping for cheesecake or cream pie


Hunkering In With Abba

Hi. Uhmmmmm, I needed that hug. Did I tell you it rained last week? Yes, it was wonderful. Still is. So, what has your week been like so far? Mine? Oh, well, it's been a week for hunkering in close to Abba. Not hard as in personal difficulties but rather hard as in seeing brothers and sisters of the faith struggling along, falling into traps of offense, and barely skirting snares of selfish ambition. The devil is a liar, and that liar seems hell bent on wrecking the relationship of every Christian brother and sister he can.

I know, no surprise there. The Word tells us he comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I just wish that I could somehow do a supernatural download into the mind of every believer that the enemy's stealing, killing, and destroying aren't what it's all about. That the best part, the part we ought to be shouting the loudest over and getting the most excited about is the second half of that Word where Jesus tells us that HE has come that we might have life and that more abundantly. The abundant life of Jesus ought to be getting WAY more attention and publicity than the little bit of yuck the devil throws at us. AND YES!!! compared to the inconceivable goodness of God, the worst of the devil's worst is piddling and insignificant! God's goodness is bigger, more wondrous, more magnificent, more marvelous, more tremendous, more healing, more freeing, more peaceful, more faithful, more joyous, more good, more awesome than satan's bad, awful, evil, vile, will ever be. It. is. true!!! God's goodness outshines evil. One drop of the goodness of God chases away the dark of evil and death. Oh, the desire to impart this to fellow believers is so great, so intense. I want to shout it from the mountains for all to hear. GOD IS GOOD and His mercy endureth FOREVER!!!

Flames of love, blazes of passion stoked by the life of Christ Jesus inside of me fuel this desire of mine to shout out the goodness of God to a world mistakenly believing and living for themselves, according to their own understanding. When? When, oh when will the children of God believe His words? When will they arise and shine for their light has come? When? When will the saints dare to take a stand against the old mindsets, those lying fears and prejudices that have their base in hurts and woundings Jesus already healed? When will the saints of God intentionally close their ears to the buzz around them and hear only what God says? Live only for Him? Say only what He leads them to say? When? When? Oh, my dearly loved brothers and sisters, when?

It's hard, you say? So was receiving the stripes on His back, but He did. Jesus did, and He did it for us so that we don't have to pull inside of ourselves crying silent wounded tears while lashing out angry at our nearest and dearest ones. Jesus took those stripes. It isn't a story. It's truth. It's real. It happened. He was beaten, spit upon, beard pulled out, abused, wounded beyond what any other human has ever been, and then crucified on a tree. He interceded before the Father until drops of sweat blood poured from his skin. He did it. For us. When are we going to live for Him? When are we going to lay aside our everything, pick up His cross, and live fully engaged in all and only Him? When? When will we? When?

Yes, I say we. I say we because I too need to be asked this question. I need to be looked straight in the eye and asked when. "When, daughter will you live for Me as I lived and died for you? When? When will I be enough? When will you believe I love you? When will My wisdom, grace, and mercy be sufficient for you? When? You know all that I have given and done for you, yet you still choose to fear, doubt, and lack. Why? Why am I not enough for you? Why is your understanding and opinion so much more important than My perfect wisdom and truth? I have planned good works for you to do, good works, not evil. There is a great adventure, a wondrous life for us to live together. Marvelous work awaits us. When will you let go of you and let me hold you completely so that we can live this adventure and do the work? When, daughter, when?"Yes, I too need to contemplate this question of when.

Maybe there are thoughts that I don't understand, that only someone who has had an easy, spoiled life could write words such as these. Maybe it is imagined that I have obviously never suffered trial or hardship. If this is so, it makes me smile. For all have suffered. All have been wounded. All have lived pain. I have, and often I still do. Easy isn't a word used to describe life. Easy doesn't have anything to do with anything. Easy? No, not easy. Good. Good is rarely easy. Usually, good is hard, quite hard. But I don't recall God being too concerned with hard. Why would He be? He is all powerful, all knowing, and all present? What is hard to Him? That being said, what is hard to us, the people of His love, the called, the beloved, the redeemed? It is no longer we that live but Christ that lives in us, so what is hard when the One who conquered sin, death, hell and the grave resides in our hearts? What is hard when He has told us to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world and deprived it of its power to harm us? What is hard when He has told us to come to Him when we are heavy laden and He will give us rest?

He has given us Himself, the Word. Abba has provided armor to wear in the middle of the fray. He comes in like a flood raising up the standard against the enemy when he comes in. He busies Himself with our every step. Our steps are ordered by Him. His plans for us are of good. What is hard in the light of these truths? On and on and on the promises and Words of Truth fill the Bible. These are the sword He has given us, the sword the Spirit wields "which is the Word of God". This week has been a week for hunkering close to Abba and sharpening the sword He has given me to use. Battling for brothers and sisters in prayer requires meetings with Abba. God is the commander in chief. He is the captain. He is the leader. He is the One I go to receive wisdom from, to talk strategy, if you will. I know He wants His children to remember Him, to remember His Word, to remember what HE has done and Who He has been in their lives. He is same. He changes not. He has always been there and always will be.

My brothers and sisters need to know. They are weary. They are struggling. Some are losing their fights because they have forgotten their commander's might and power. They have been slapped in the face by the enemy and forgotten truth. It only takes one reminder. One reminder that God is good and His love endures forever. One reminder that He holds them in the palm of His hand. One reminder that He gathers them in His bosom. One reminder of God, of Love, of good. Just one. One Word from God can change your life forever. So, this. This is what my week has been so far. Hunkering in with Abba crying and praying the believers will remember Him, that He is good, that is is all about Him. Well, it is supposed to be all about Him. A Holy Experience blog, remember that one? Today at A Holy Experience Ann Voskamp was sharing it is all about staying in love. The words she wrote were the ones my heart didn't know how to write or say. I just pray everyone goes over there and reads how it is all about staying in love, in love with Jesus.

So thankful that you have not only fallen in love with Jesus dear friend, but that you are staying in love with Him. Every time we get together I am blessed to be in your presence for the presence of the Lord just oozes out of you spilling over into the very atmosphere of our visits. Thank you. Thank you for coming and thank you still more for listening to my heart. He loves us so much. You are one of the multitude of gifts He gives to tell me so. Thank you. Next time you come over, we'll make some of those chocolate chocolate chip cookies I have the recipe for. There are two recipes to try. We'll each bake one. Love you, friend! Here is the last peanut butter cookie to munch on while you walk home. Want a cup of coffee to go? They go together beautifully, don't they? See you soon!


Tea PartyHi There! I'm just sitting here looking at this little girl's sad expression. Know what I think? I think she has eaten some of the new recipes I've tried this past week. A person doesn't know whether they like it until they try it is true. However, sometimes the trying serves to convince me that a person ought to resist the urge to try a new recipe with everything in them. It makes me think that perhaps I ought to request my family put me in restraints until such an urge has passed. Seriously folks, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also, even if every single reviewer says a recipe is the very best of whatever it is, don't assume it will be better than the recipe you already use. Just don't. Another thing, soy sauce does not necessarily belong in sloppy joes, just sayin.

What? You don't think the little girl tried my cooking experiments? Likely not, but if she had, she would be sad. Even sadder than my son was when I told him earlier this afternoon he couldn't watch a movie. Must be the weather. Whatever the reason behind it, it was an award winning meltdown that fella displayed. Granted the weather might not be connected to said meltdown in any way. It might instead be more closely connected with the fact that mama is back on breakfast duty and when mama fixes breakfast mama gets children up at the time they are supposed to be up. Some children, who shall remain nameless, may or may not like this aspect of mother being back on breakfast patrol.

Sometimes there are certain aspects of changes I don't like either. Sometimes I may or may not have the grown up version of a meltdown when talking to the Lord about whatever it is. Sometimes I may or may not like every single little thing about what it going on in the season of life I am in. Sometimes I act a lot like a very tired six-year-old boy. Sometimes I need to go to bed earlier and drink more water. Thank God sometimes isn't all times.

Do you ever find yourself acting a bit like a tired child in the middle of a meltdown? No, probably not. If you ever do, know that you're not alone. Know also that God's love is strong enough to carry us until we've rested and gotten back to ourselves. "Come unto Me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." That's God's answer. Shall we come and receive His rest? I agree. Let's go right now.

Resting in Him,
Abundantly Blessed


A Recipe from Not of This World

My daughter, Not of This World, used to be a regular contributor of our Living Large on Less blog. She has occasionally dropped in for a visit here at Abundance House. Okay, more like rarely than occasionally, but a mama likes to be positive. Anywho...Not of This World's posts remain among some of our most popular. That's why I've got the slide projector set up. We're going to look at one of Not of This World's posts! This is going to be so much fun! Now if I can just get this projector going.

At least with words we don't have any dated hair dos to laugh about or crazy glasses to wonder over. If you, like me, think Not of This World should join us more often feel free to leave a comment letting her know. Ideas for new posts have been trying to get her attention for months. Maybe if we whisper enough encouragement she will stop in for a visit now and then. I just love it when you come over! See you later!


A post from the archives by Not of This World

Today's post is a combination of Munchie Monday and Waste Not Wednesday. 
Have you ever needed bread crumbs for a recipe, yet didn't want to spend that much money for the ones at the store? Or Have you ever wanted to make your own dressing and croutons? Well, we have found an easy and inexpensive way to make our own, without using a whole loaf of good bread. Our bread bags always seem to end up with thin, broken heels of bread in them. Sometimes there are even broken regular slices of bread left. These and any piece of bread or bun that is to dried out to eat can be used for bread crumbs or pieces. All you need is a sheet cake pan and a wire cooling rack. Though the cooling rack is not necessary. Place the wire rack in the sheet pan and dump your bread sack onto it. Spread out your pieces of bread on the rack and spread the crumbs out on the bottom into a thin layer. Now set this out of the way in a dry location. The top of the refrigerator works well, but any place you have space where it won't get knocked over works. All it takes is a couple of days to completely dry out. Sometimes they are dry in one whole day, but to make sure there is absolutely no moisture we recommend you leave them for a couple of days. The level of humidity in your area will also affect the drying time. Once dry your bread can be broken into smaller pieces or ground into crumbs whatever you desire. We break ours into pieces and store them in an empty oatmeal container (another way to waste not!). Then we have pieces of bread for croutons and dressing, or if we want we can make bread crumbs. Continue to dry the pieces of bread as you get them. It won't take very long for you to have enough to use in a recipe. Even if you don't currently use bread crumbs very often, it is handy to have them ready and waiting on the pantry shelf. Who knows you might start using them more once you actually have some that you didn't have to buy. To make the bread crumbs you can place desired amount of dried bread into a baggie and crush with a rolling pin or grind in a food processor. For croutons melt some butter in a small sauce pan. For garlic croutons you can add some garlic powder to the butter once it has melted. While butter is melting place your pieces of dried bread in a bowl. Pour your melted butter over bread crumbs while you stir/toss them around. Make sure your butter is evenly distributed. Now dump buttered pieces into a sheet pan, spread in a single layer. You can now place the pan in your oven under the broiler or if you don't have a broiler a hot oven with the door open will work. Stir them around fairly often until toasted and crunchy. Watch them very closely, they burn very easy! Hot croutons are delicious tossed on top of a bowl of creamy soup. However, you will want to cool completely before using in a salad. There you have it! A Munchie Monday and a Waste Not Wednesday all in one! Have fun wasting not! - Not of This World


Wondering About It


Aren't they sweet? Don't these girls look as if they are having fun? Sometimes, when I'm gathering all of the cups and other things for tea I feel just like these little girls look, all sweetly homey. Othertimes, the taking of tea involves rushing to put the kettle on so that I can get myself a cup of tea posthaste. Days like that are days where mama needs her a cuppa NOW! Afternoons where little boys are cooped up in the house being boys might be one of those NOW days. Today might be one of those NOW days. Might be.

New habits require commitment. They require a conscious decision to do whatever it is one has determined to do, no matter how difficult. Sometimes when a person is smack dab in the middle of establishing new the best thing they can do is sit down with something old. The taking of tea is a habit worth the effort. It is one of the favorite habits I have ever developed. Putting on the kettle, heating up the water, and preparing something comforting and familiar often provides a few minutes for a person to heave a big ole sigh, a sigh that lets the hard escape the body in a big whoosh.

Maybe you need a few minutes to let the day out. Maybe your neighbor does. Maybe your friend, pastor, child's teacher, or that harried young mother with the howling children could use a few minutes to catch their breath. If you don't need a few minutes to breathe yourself, perhaps you could provide them for someone who does.

Let's do some wondering together. Let's stop, think, and wonder what would happen if at least once a week we put our tea kettles on, heated up the water, gathered some cups, and prepared something warm and comforting for ourselves and/or those around us who could use a few minutes to breathe, a few moments to let the tension leave in one big sigh. What would happen? How would this one small act change lives? How would it affect your life? How would it affect mine? How would it affect those around us?

What if we gathered together, sat, drank tea (or coffee, or cocoa, or whatever), talked about nothing and everything, said good-bye, and made plans to do it again, soon. What if we did this? What if I did this, then you, then the one we sat with, what then? What would happen if person by person we gathered together and experienced living life together, with each other? Hmmm, I wonder...



Recipe for Meat Pie

Before we get carried away visiting let us remember we're remembering when. Shall we? Remember last week when I said that I would include the entire post instead of only a link? Well, I'm delivering on my word. Just, well, please try not to laugh too hard at this crazy bit of writing from several years ago. Please? Maybe I should have asked you to please not shake your head in disgust at such poor writing skills. Thank you for being such a gracious friend, in advance. 

Just in case you have to slip out quiet towards the end I will give you a good-bye hug now. Loving and praying for you my friend! Together we are abundantly blessed.

A post from the former Living Large on Less blog

Today's recipe is one of Living Large on Less comfort food, Meat Pie. Meat Pie was introduced to me by my mother-in-love. It is one that her mother-in-law made for her family. We at Living Large hope you enjoy it as much as your pocketbook will.

Tired of making stew with those leftover bits of veggies and meat? Then Meat Pie is the perfect recipe to try. Remember that this dish can be personalized to fit your family's taste. Use whatever seasonings suit your palate. Each combination of meat and vegetables may taste better with different seasonings. For instance, chicken and/or pork may be delicious with sage while red meats may go with something else entirely. It's up to you to determine which seasonings your family will enjoy. 


* ground beef, browned and drained OR leftover meat of choice
* vegetables of choice - leftovers work perfectly
* seasonings of choice
* roux for thickening a.k.a. thickener to make gravy
* batch of favorite biscuit dough
Preheat oven
Brown ground beef or warm meat
Add roux and stir until slightly thick
Stir veggies in
Place in greased casserole
Cut out biscuits from dough
Place biscuits on top of meat mixture
Bake until biscuits reach desired doneness

TIP: Can brush tops of biscuits with butter prior to cooking


After reading a blog post this past weekend, I realized that we at Living Large on less have completely overlooked one of the key factors in Living Large, getting out of debt. Wow! How did that happen? If ever there was a task that will enable a person to Live Large on Less, getting out of debt is it. 

Many schools of thought exist on this topic. Living Large on Less isn't going to elaborate on any of them. How, when, where, any of us make this decision and the process we use to do so, are a personal choice. Literally hundreds of suggestions, methods, and tips abound online for those serious about bursting free from debt. 

Too far in to get out? Never! Just remember the age old advice of how to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. One choice at a time will eat away at any mountain of debt in our lives, no matter how ominous and looming that mountain may appear. Whether that choice is to cut your own hair instead of using the services of a salon, making your own laundry soap, or simply buying only one latte' a day instead of the usual five, bit by bit debt can and will be erased if we keep taking one bite at a time. 

True, we may get very tired of eating elephant bite after bite, but the freedom that comes when living free from debt more than makes up for any boredom or inconvenience each bite brings. Getting out of debt is Tuesday's Task - now that is LIVING LARGE ON LESS 


Where Are Those Recipes!

Oh my! I didn't know you were coming today! Yay! Squee-ee-ee-ze! It's wonderful to see you! You ought to see the post from the past I was reading just a second ago. What a riot! I mean, seriously, it was a post about some recipes I found on a blog. Oh my. In that post, I was rattling on about the ingredients in the recipes not being inexpensive, but the link to the recipes is found on the Debt Proof Living blog! Seriously? Expensive ingredients on a blog devoted to living debt free? Whatever. More than likely I meant the ingredients weren't in the absolute necessity category. Whatever it was that I meant, here's the link:http://abundancehouse.blogspot.com/2010/07/munchies-for-monday.html

 If you can find the recipes once you get to Debt Proof Living, you just might be super human. I don't know where they are now. Surely they are there, somewhere. Don't worry if you can't find the recipes I was talking about in the old post. There are plenty new-er ones to enjoy on the site.

See you later! Thanks for dropping by! Next time I'm looking through the archives I will share the entire post instead of just the link. How's that sound? Love ya! Good-bye!


Time of Singing

It's Time. Time has come. This is what we have been waiting for, longing for, earnestly expecting. This. Now. It's Time.

Some call it the end, but it's not. It's not the end. It's the fulfillment of that which the prophets have foretold. Can you feel it inside? Can you hear the thrum, the hum, the excited expectation of what is to come? Do you sense the yearning, the groaning, the moaning of creation waiting for the sons of God to be revealed? Is there something inside of you throbbing with anticipation? Are you ready to be revealed? Do you sense that God is about to reveal Himself, His greatness, His mighty power publicly for the whole world to see, hear, and know?

What's coming is far beyond blood moon tetrads, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and environmental drama. It isn't a what that is coming but a Who. Who? God. God in all of His glory is about to burst upon the physical scene in unprecedented ways. Those stories of old time religion and miraculous revivals? As marvelous and wonderful as they are, they are only a foreshadowing, a preparation, a taste, if you will, of what is now beginning to take place around the world. I love to remember the miracles of old, but what about the miracles now? Am I ready for the miraculous of now? Have I prepared myself to actively participate in God's now plan for today or am I dreamily sitting with a smile on my face happy to merely recall yesteryear's miraculous? Do I truly believe God has planned to do great works through me as He has said or do I just assume that verse of scripture is for other, more spiritual super Christians?

And wouldn't me walking in my house with joy in my heart and a smile on my face no matter what it looks and/or sounds like be a true miracle? Wouldn't me, the mama, not getting all riled up about organic matter type mud tracked through the house be amazing? What kind of joyous wonder would fill the hearts of my family should this mama smile when she usually scowls and laugh when she would normally scold loud? Yes, I believe it is a time of signs and wonders, of miracles. I also believe that some of the most wondrous, miraculous doings will be experienced in the ordinary of my day to day. There will be signs in the skies, in the heavens. There will be wonders on the earth for all to see. But that's not all that's coming. That isn't all there will be. God. God. Who else astounds the entire universe while transforming the lives of individual mamas going about their days.

Here He comes! He is coming! The winter has passed! The Time of the Singing of Birds has come! He is bursting forth in radiant splendor for all to see, hear, and know. There is a new song rising up. A new sound is reaching the ears. The sons of God are going to be revealed. He will move and none will doubt it is He. All will be made plain. Am I ready? Am I listening? Am I ready for the great I Am?


Remember Those Chicken Necks?

Wow! What a sweetheart you are for coming back every day to visit with me on the week before Resurrection Sunday and Passover! Thank you for strolling down memory lane with some old recipes and me. Ready for that series of recipes featuring the meat and broth of chicken necks? All right. Who is going to go first? Yes, let's do get the links out before we get busy talking about those necks.







And just because I can't resist mentioning one of my favorite craft ideas, one I still really want to make, here's a link that isn't a recipe. It could become an economical fun way to store recipes though. 


Weren't those the days? How much fun we have had together through the years! I am so glad you have stuck it out and stayed with me, my friend. You are a true blessing from God. Remembering together has been so much fun that I wonder if we ought to do it more often. What do you think? Feel free to let me know in the comments. You can always leave a comment. I would so love to hear from you personally. What a true treat that would be! Thank you for coming over! Hoping to see you soon!



Blast From the Past Recipes

It is Passover and Resurrection Sunday Week! Such a lovely time to reflect on God's goodness and His faithfulness through the years this week provides! God's deliverance, provision, and might as He led the Israelites out of Egypt and the way He so mightily provided deliverance for me from my own Egypt of bondage through Jesus are definitely something to celebrate and remember.

As I look through recipes posted on the former Living Large on less blog I can't help but be amazed at God's goodness! I pray that the recipes bless you as they have blessed our family. I've been saving that series of meals from chicken necks for tomorrow, our last post of the holiday week.

Abundantly Blessed

Here they are!




More Remembering Recipes

It is high time this mama got herself down to business, the business of
home. A nasty cold sort of thing has been attempting to take up residence
in my three youngest children. As a result there is a whole lot of coughing
going on around here. Mama decided this afternoon was the perfect afternoon
for an inside fort. If the kids can't go outside, then outside-like fun
will come in to them.

There have been a few venturings forth from underneath the blanket tent
walls to forage for paper and pencil. Not certain exactly what Giggles and
Mighty Man of God have got going on in there, but whatever it is, they are
having fun. *That* I know.

While they are sequestered in their fort/tent, I am tidying up the
homeschool website and straightening up a few things in my email. After I
finished some of my tasks I realized there was time for a visit here with
you. Yippee! My tea cup is empty, but that's okay. We can visit more this

We're going to continue hashing over "old times" by remembering another
former *Living Large on Less* recipe post. I hope you enjoy these remember
when visits as much as I do. Looking back over some of the great recipes
we've shared through the years is almost as good as sitting together
thumbing through picture albums, almost.

Here is the link for today's remember when:



They there are! If they aren't in a click-able form, just highlight, right
click, and search from there. If that doesn't work, highlight, copy, and
paste into your browser. You will get right through that way for sure. See
you for some more reminescing!

Abundantly Blessed @ *Abundance House* Blog