Recipe for Meat Pie

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A post from the former Living Large on Less blog

Today's recipe is one of Living Large on Less comfort food, Meat Pie. Meat Pie was introduced to me by my mother-in-love. It is one that her mother-in-law made for her family. We at Living Large hope you enjoy it as much as your pocketbook will.

Tired of making stew with those leftover bits of veggies and meat? Then Meat Pie is the perfect recipe to try. Remember that this dish can be personalized to fit your family's taste. Use whatever seasonings suit your palate. Each combination of meat and vegetables may taste better with different seasonings. For instance, chicken and/or pork may be delicious with sage while red meats may go with something else entirely. It's up to you to determine which seasonings your family will enjoy. 


* ground beef, browned and drained OR leftover meat of choice
* vegetables of choice - leftovers work perfectly
* seasonings of choice
* roux for thickening a.k.a. thickener to make gravy
* batch of favorite biscuit dough
Preheat oven
Brown ground beef or warm meat
Add roux and stir until slightly thick
Stir veggies in
Place in greased casserole
Cut out biscuits from dough
Place biscuits on top of meat mixture
Bake until biscuits reach desired doneness

TIP: Can brush tops of biscuits with butter prior to cooking


After reading a blog post this past weekend, I realized that we at Living Large on less have completely overlooked one of the key factors in Living Large, getting out of debt. Wow! How did that happen? If ever there was a task that will enable a person to Live Large on Less, getting out of debt is it. 

Many schools of thought exist on this topic. Living Large on Less isn't going to elaborate on any of them. How, when, where, any of us make this decision and the process we use to do so, are a personal choice. Literally hundreds of suggestions, methods, and tips abound online for those serious about bursting free from debt. 

Too far in to get out? Never! Just remember the age old advice of how to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. One choice at a time will eat away at any mountain of debt in our lives, no matter how ominous and looming that mountain may appear. Whether that choice is to cut your own hair instead of using the services of a salon, making your own laundry soap, or simply buying only one latte' a day instead of the usual five, bit by bit debt can and will be erased if we keep taking one bite at a time. 

True, we may get very tired of eating elephant bite after bite, but the freedom that comes when living free from debt more than makes up for any boredom or inconvenience each bite brings. Getting out of debt is Tuesday's Task - now that is LIVING LARGE ON LESS 

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