Tea PartyHi There! I'm just sitting here looking at this little girl's sad expression. Know what I think? I think she has eaten some of the new recipes I've tried this past week. A person doesn't know whether they like it until they try it is true. However, sometimes the trying serves to convince me that a person ought to resist the urge to try a new recipe with everything in them. It makes me think that perhaps I ought to request my family put me in restraints until such an urge has passed. Seriously folks, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also, even if every single reviewer says a recipe is the very best of whatever it is, don't assume it will be better than the recipe you already use. Just don't. Another thing, soy sauce does not necessarily belong in sloppy joes, just sayin.

What? You don't think the little girl tried my cooking experiments? Likely not, but if she had, she would be sad. Even sadder than my son was when I told him earlier this afternoon he couldn't watch a movie. Must be the weather. Whatever the reason behind it, it was an award winning meltdown that fella displayed. Granted the weather might not be connected to said meltdown in any way. It might instead be more closely connected with the fact that mama is back on breakfast duty and when mama fixes breakfast mama gets children up at the time they are supposed to be up. Some children, who shall remain nameless, may or may not like this aspect of mother being back on breakfast patrol.

Sometimes there are certain aspects of changes I don't like either. Sometimes I may or may not have the grown up version of a meltdown when talking to the Lord about whatever it is. Sometimes I may or may not like every single little thing about what it going on in the season of life I am in. Sometimes I act a lot like a very tired six-year-old boy. Sometimes I need to go to bed earlier and drink more water. Thank God sometimes isn't all times.

Do you ever find yourself acting a bit like a tired child in the middle of a meltdown? No, probably not. If you ever do, know that you're not alone. Know also that God's love is strong enough to carry us until we've rested and gotten back to ourselves. "Come unto Me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." That's God's answer. Shall we come and receive His rest? I agree. Let's go right now.

Resting in Him,
Abundantly Blessed

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