Wondering About It


Aren't they sweet? Don't these girls look as if they are having fun? Sometimes, when I'm gathering all of the cups and other things for tea I feel just like these little girls look, all sweetly homey. Othertimes, the taking of tea involves rushing to put the kettle on so that I can get myself a cup of tea posthaste. Days like that are days where mama needs her a cuppa NOW! Afternoons where little boys are cooped up in the house being boys might be one of those NOW days. Today might be one of those NOW days. Might be.

New habits require commitment. They require a conscious decision to do whatever it is one has determined to do, no matter how difficult. Sometimes when a person is smack dab in the middle of establishing new the best thing they can do is sit down with something old. The taking of tea is a habit worth the effort. It is one of the favorite habits I have ever developed. Putting on the kettle, heating up the water, and preparing something comforting and familiar often provides a few minutes for a person to heave a big ole sigh, a sigh that lets the hard escape the body in a big whoosh.

Maybe you need a few minutes to let the day out. Maybe your neighbor does. Maybe your friend, pastor, child's teacher, or that harried young mother with the howling children could use a few minutes to catch their breath. If you don't need a few minutes to breathe yourself, perhaps you could provide them for someone who does.

Let's do some wondering together. Let's stop, think, and wonder what would happen if at least once a week we put our tea kettles on, heated up the water, gathered some cups, and prepared something warm and comforting for ourselves and/or those around us who could use a few minutes to breathe, a few moments to let the tension leave in one big sigh. What would happen? How would this one small act change lives? How would it affect your life? How would it affect mine? How would it affect those around us?

What if we gathered together, sat, drank tea (or coffee, or cocoa, or whatever), talked about nothing and everything, said good-bye, and made plans to do it again, soon. What if we did this? What if I did this, then you, then the one we sat with, what then? What would happen if person by person we gathered together and experienced living life together, with each other? Hmmm, I wonder...


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jer said...

Great thoughts. Thank u.