Good Morning! What a wonderful wonderful morning! This is the day that the Lord has made. I am going to rejoice and be glad in it. How about you? Will you join me in rejoicing and being glad in this day? Why am I rejoicing? Because this is the day that the Lord has made. Yep, that's the reason. God made this day. Isn't that reason enough to rejoice? It doesn't matter what this day looks, sounds, or feels like. God made it.

On a silly note, have you ever had or known a cat to constantly scratch on the door wanting someone to come out and give them attention? One of our cats uses his little paws to scratch constantly until someone notices. He has been known to do this nonstop for over an hour at a time. No, I did NOT sit and watch him to find this out. He doesn't have his claws out so isn't technically scratching, but I don't know what else to call it when he moves both paws in a scratching type motion.

Anyway...just threw that out there as a freebie for the day.

So, I've been noticing not much nice in the news of the world lately. Anyone else notice the same thing? I have also been noticing that quite a number of men and women of God are reminding us to operate and see by faith and not fear. We must not fear. God tells us this too, in His Word the Bible. "No Fear Here" is an expression my almost 16-year-old daughter often spoke when she was a small girl of 3 or 4. I think it is time to teach this truth to my three youngest children. God frequently tells his people not to fear. These verses would be a perfect addition to my "What Does God Say..." journal. Don't you think?

However, not only do I want my children to not fear, I also want them to walk in faith. As of Wednesday, I have been a mother for 23 years. In those 23 years I have come to the conclusion that teaching my children what to do is more effective and beneficial than teaching them what not to do. This is something I learned when studying and observing how God parents me. I noticed that God usually tells what to do rather than what not to. Of course there are times He says "Thou shalt not..." but more often He says "Love your neighbor as yourself." "Fear not." "Trust in Me." "In honor, prefer one another." "Above all, love." See? And these are just a few of the examples I have found. That is why I want my children to learn living by faith and not fearing. Can't do one without the other.

Years ago I heard a teacher say that fear is faith in the enemy's ability to cause harm. He revealed that fear is the same force as faith. Fear just goes in the opposite direction. Instead of trusting God and moving towards Him, fear looks at the evil powers of the enemy and trusts more in those than it does in God's goodness and saving, healing power. Let me tell you, when I learned that, I went on an all out campaign to eliminate fear from my life. I want to trust God, not satan.

Focusing on God's goodness and believing that God is truly all present, all powerful, and all knowing turns the clamor of the world into tiny little whispers, when I choose to see Him. Sickness? Oh, that. Have you heard that God heals? Sadness? Depression? Did you know that Jesus carried our griefs and bore our sorrows? Lack? Debt? Were you aware that when Jesus told us He gives us His peace that the word peace used literally means nothing missing, nothing broken? On and on we could go. No matter how many problems we find God is the answer. He has provided the solution. Nothing is so big or bad that God can't handle it.

ALL powerful. ALL knowing. ALL present. Think about this. Just this much truth possesses the potential to alter our viewpoint and change our lives forever. 

ALL powerful. Nothing, noone is more powerful. Nothing, noone is even as powerful.

ALL knowing. Nothing, noone knows more. Nothing, noone knows as much. 

ALL present. Nothing, noone is all present everywhere, only God is everywhere always. Only God. 

God is ALL powerful, ALL knowing, and ALL present. He has said DO NOT FEAR. Why would I fear? Voices of terror? What voices? God who is ALL says He has everything under control. He says He holds me in the palm of His hand. He says nothing can snatch me out of His hand. What was that you were saying world? Be afraid? I don't think so. God who is ALL is on my side. Why should I fear? 

Yes, everywhere there seems to be violence and strife, but it's okay. Truly, it is. God is ALL, and He is. in. control. In Him, there is NO FEAR HERE. We're rejoicing in this day that our God, who is ALL, has made. We are being glad in it!!! Not only this, but we are grabbing hold of every snippet of good in the middle of the world's yuck and being thankful, thankful, thankful for every treasure of good God reveals.

Being thankfully glad,
Abundantly Blessed@ Abundance House


New Recipes for Birthday Meals

Birthdays mean a meal of the birthday person's choice here at Abundance House. Not of This World's 23rd birthday was Wednesday and her meal of choice? Chicken Alfredo pizza with roasted broccoli on the side. The pizza wasn't difficult to figure out. Using our regular pizza crust recipe, I simply made our regular alfredo sauce thicker than normal and used it for the pizza's sauce. Chicken breast meat cooked and seasoned with cajun seasoning was cubed and placed on top of the sauce with shredded mozarella covering all. The pizzas were baking at 450-500 degrees until desired donesness. Viola! Perfection. Right? Almost.

When preparing the sauce, I grabbed a small piece of the roasted broccoli to dip in it for taste-testing. Had to make sure the seasonings were just right. Well, the combination of the sauce and roasted broccoli made me suggest that perhaps we should add some of that broccoli to the next pizza? After a few more people sampled the combination it was decided that YES! roasted broccoli MUST go on one of the pizzas. And that is how we arrived at the yummiest bit of yummy to come out of our kitchen in many a day. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm, it was SOOOOO good! It was also a bit of a splurge to make. Thankfully, for all of our waistlines, it will remain in the special occasion category. Well, unless there's a sale at the grocery store on those ingredients.

Another good thing to come out of our experiment is that we were able to come up with TWO new recipes, the pizza along with a roasted broccoli chicken combo that can be served over rice, greens, whatever a person desires. It would be really nice over buttered garlic pasta. New food to zip up the taste buds and throw in a zesty spark of freshness isn't quite as nice as a birthday, but it sure does make a birthday more fun! We'll have to talk about the chocolate birthday cake later.


God Said That?

Good Morning! The tea kettle is on the stove heating up the water for our tea. Someone just got out the peanut butter if anyone needs a little sumpin sumpin to tide them over until lunch. Sorry about the leftover smell from our bacon at breakfast. The littles and I got right to lessons after breakfast and didn't do the dishes. So what have you been up to these first weeks of the new year? This morning an article woke me up a bit. The author mentioned a scripture where God said He would do this or that and that they believed Him. Whoa, how can such a simple thing as believing what God says become so difficult sometimes? Why do I allow myself to forget what God has said?

I have been thinking on this and now want to read through the scriptures to find everything God says He will do. As I search these truths out, I will write them down. Once they are written down I want to prayerfully go through each and every one making a conscious decision to believe what He has said. There is even a brand spanking new journal that will be perfect for this journey into the scriptures. A local store is going out of business and the stationery section is one of the highest percentages off. A new journal and thank you notes are waiting use. To all of our relatives, thank yous for the lovely Christmas gifts are coming! Please don't give up on us!

Anyway, back to believing what God has said. I want to know what is going to happen, what He is going to do. The news has all sorts of "stories" for me, but they aren't truth. Only God is completely true. I want to hear Him. His words are the ones I want to know. His words are alive, active, powerful. His words change lives, why not let them change mine? Why not start now?
I'll go get the journal. We'll start at the beginning of the Bible. Here, I'll pour the tea first. We'll want something to drink while we are searching out these truths.

Is it time for you to go already? Well, time flies when we're having fun, and God's word is fun to study. Feel free to bring your own Bible and journal next time. We can share with each other what we've found. Love you, friend!

Abundantly Blessed in Jesus @ Abundance House blog


Fabulous Friday Returns - Sort Of

Hi! It's sunny outside, big girl kitty is peeking in the window of the back door, and the littles are ready for read aloud. While checking through emails this morning an article came through that I knew I wouldn't be able to resist sharing with you. So...here it is: http://www.celebratemag.com/a-beautiful-mess/. As I pondered how to present the article, I realized I was feeling all Fabulous Friday inside, a throwback to blog days gone by.

One of these days we'll meet at our bench, but for now, we'll concentrate on savoring each moment of rejoicing in this day that the Lord has made. Stay warm, drink lots of hot cocoa, snuggle up for good reads, and give thanks for it all. Oh! and always, always, always know Jesus and I love you!

Wrapped securely up in Him,
Abundantly Blessed


Already Late

This post was obviously written several days ago. I was going to get back to it after an interruption, but well...didn't. I almost reverted back to my perfectionistic ways and panicked because it didn't get sent out when it "should". Then, a still small voice spoke inside "What if it isn't late? What; if it is exactly on time? My time?" That being said, I am sending it anyway. For who knows but what it is going out "for such a time as this"? NEW YEAR PRAYERS & LOVE FROM MY HOUSE TO YOURS!!! Abundantly Blessed

HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR!!!! It is almost a brand new year! How does a year that has been so very full pass by so very fast? Ah, the age old question, no? Throughout the years we have shared many tips on our blogs for living fully without spending large. A few years ago an inner urging to change our blogs' focus brought about a reduction in those practical diy type posts of old. However, while pondering on the doings of this last day of the year, I sensed a drawing to get together for a good old-fashioned homemaking fest. You were the ones I immediately knew would gather close and come in by the fire for just such down home bliss. Thank you for coming!

Tomorrow will find us celebrating a new year with a celebratory feast, but tonight we will gather and sup on the simplest of fares, soup. Ham and bean soup along with chili will serve as the final supper of the year. Corn bread muffins, or waffles, will accompany our soups with cheese slices, crackers, sliced salami, and pickles rounding out the evening. Later on, when the clocks edges closer to the final hour, we will drink sparkling juices and possibly some hot tea. There is a distinct possibility that popcorn will show up sometime too.

Serving simple fare was the mantra at Christmas too. A cheesy potato casserole and delish meat sliced for sandwiches was a relaxing meal to both prepare and serve. Eliminating the stress and pressure a large meal often brings was a Christmas gift in and of itself. And that is our homemaking tip for living full and free in 2015, simplify. When you think you have simplified enough, simplify more. It reduces stress. AND for those occasions when one must "Go Big or Go Home", then by all means pull out all of the stops. Just make sure the process of doing so is conducted as simply as possible.

To simple, homey living,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House