New Recipes for Birthday Meals

Birthdays mean a meal of the birthday person's choice here at Abundance House. Not of This World's 23rd birthday was Wednesday and her meal of choice? Chicken Alfredo pizza with roasted broccoli on the side. The pizza wasn't difficult to figure out. Using our regular pizza crust recipe, I simply made our regular alfredo sauce thicker than normal and used it for the pizza's sauce. Chicken breast meat cooked and seasoned with cajun seasoning was cubed and placed on top of the sauce with shredded mozarella covering all. The pizzas were baking at 450-500 degrees until desired donesness. Viola! Perfection. Right? Almost.

When preparing the sauce, I grabbed a small piece of the roasted broccoli to dip in it for taste-testing. Had to make sure the seasonings were just right. Well, the combination of the sauce and roasted broccoli made me suggest that perhaps we should add some of that broccoli to the next pizza? After a few more people sampled the combination it was decided that YES! roasted broccoli MUST go on one of the pizzas. And that is how we arrived at the yummiest bit of yummy to come out of our kitchen in many a day. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm, it was SOOOOO good! It was also a bit of a splurge to make. Thankfully, for all of our waistlines, it will remain in the special occasion category. Well, unless there's a sale at the grocery store on those ingredients.

Another good thing to come out of our experiment is that we were able to come up with TWO new recipes, the pizza along with a roasted broccoli chicken combo that can be served over rice, greens, whatever a person desires. It would be really nice over buttered garlic pasta. New food to zip up the taste buds and throw in a zesty spark of freshness isn't quite as nice as a birthday, but it sure does make a birthday more fun! We'll have to talk about the chocolate birthday cake later.

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