Holiday Relationships

The holidays. Oh what bliss. Yeah, right. Sometimes that may be a somewhat accurate description, but not for everyone, every year. Blog author Gary Morland describes coming together with relatives as possibly being  compared to driving a gas truck over a campfire. If completely honest, there are situations in all of our lives that fit Mr. Morland's description.

If your holiday gatherings have explosive potential, and not in a good way, then the 7 tips in the article linked above will provide assistance. Please enjoy them and don't forget to leave a comment expressing your appreciation while there.

While pondering on the seven tips Mr. Morland shared in his blog article, the thought came to me that the way a person relates to another is greatly influenced by their perspective, focus, and outlook, both of others and  themselves. One consistency noticed when thinking on these suggestions is that each suggestion is from the perspective of how to make the other person feel comfortable, welcome, and at ease. None of the suggestions are on how to make one's self feel better.

Serving. Considering others first. This can only be done when a person is secure in their own position. AND can anyone be completely secure in a position other than that of being in Christ? As the mental ponderings continue, I feel the quiet excitement that accompanies transforming revelation begin to penetrate. Serving others. There it is! That's the answer. The scripture confirms it. The one who wants to be great in God's kingdom must be a servant. (Matthew 20:26) One version says a servant "of all". Oh, of all. All is a very big word. God is a very big God.

No matter the situation we find ourselves in this holiday season, God's Word contains every answer. Join me in thanking Him for His goodness and grace?

Abundantly Blessed

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