Yes Do - Recommendations from Abundance

I know I recommend A Holy Experience blog. a lot. But please, take some time to read the 31 Days of posts Ann Voskamp has written for the month of October. Please do. So many of these posts have words to ponder and chew on. You won't regret the time spent there. Ann Voskamp, author of A Thousand Gifts also has a new book out, a book that is on my Christmas list.

Also, Emily P. Freeman from Chatting At the Sky blog and author of God's Grace for the Good Girl has written another book: A Million Little Ways. This one is on my Christmas list too. You might want to check it out and add it to yours as well.

One more recommendation then I am finished, I promise. Well, finished for today:) Sarah Hart Pearsons has a new worship CD out. If you haven't heard her, I can only say one thing about this woman. Anointed by God. CDs can be found through Kenneth Copeland Ministries at kcm.org. There may be other sources. This is the one I know of.

Alright, I'm out of here. Baby has moved from crawling to standing up at tables etc. Magazines, books, papers on coffee and end tables are extremely exposed and vulnerable right now. Babies love the sound of paper crinkling and tearing. They also adore watching and listening to older bros & sis go into high gear hollering and running to rescue their favorite books, mags, etc. Nobody can wail "Oh, ba-a-by!" like an older sister. And no one's eyes can twinkle so delightedly as a baby brother's when making an older sister wail either.

Rescuing the magazines @ Abundance House,
Abundantly Blessed

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