Wood Pulp in my Cheese?


While reading a healthy food publication recently, a fact reached out and caught my attention. The article stated that the anti-caking agent used in shredded cheese has an official name but is in reality wood pulp. What?! For real? Let me tell you, that was just the clincher I needed to make a complete switcharoo from shredded to chunk. The few minutes spent shredding a chunk of cheese are not only really fun because it just seems so "gourmet", they are healthier.

When you quit laughing at the fact that shredding my own cheese seems "gourmet" to me, feel free to do some research of your own about this. Please don't take anything you read as gospel truth unless it is the Gospel, of course. I confess that I haven't taken the time to look into this fact any further. I wanted to make the switch anyway because chunk cheese I shred at home melts so much smoother than already shredded does. Price wise, chunk cheese isn't any more expensive either.

Continuing on to talk some more about cheese...after watching a show on a food channel, My Beloved stretched our cheese wings and purchased some new varieties to try on our pizza. They were yummy. Did they make our pizza taste enough better to justify regularly purchasing of them? The verdict isn't in on that yet. It was, however, really fun trying something new. If we have to be in the kitchen , and we do, we might as well have fun. Hadn't we?

So, what do you use or do in the kitchen that seems extra fun or "gourmet"?

Someone's in the kitchen,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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