Words of Life And Truth

"Do not think that you know everything! Do not think that you know everything because of the present."

These are words a modern day prophet shared from God. These words the prophet shared captured my attention because they are the same words God has been impressing upon me for many months, maybe a year or more? "Do not think that you know everything! Do not think that you know everything because of the present."

Over and over and over I have been hearing the words "There's too much you don't know." Situation after situation has threatened my peace only to be met with the words "There's too much you don't know". Time and time again this one sentence has been quietly dispelling threatening emotional disturbances with a gentleness that can only come from God. The inaudible reminder receives voice as opportunities to share it with others come with greater frequency.

These words from God are living. They breathe life to situations that are dying and in decay. They also put to death worry, anxiety, and fear, those contaminators of faith that attempt to steal trust and peace with their threats. When joined together with the reminder that what I DO know is greater than what I don't, the desposit of faith inside is set free to soar. Impossible with man is no longer noticed in the shining greatness of the omnipotent God's omniscience.

Voices crying out death, destruction, and hate are rendered silent in the light of God's love and supernatural protection and care. (Psalm 23, 91, and many more) Nasty may be a fact, but truth changes fact. Truth, God's Word, is what I need to be feasting on. I must be intimate with Truth if the deceitful voices working against God and His kingdom are to be recognized and overcome. Gentle reminders continue to softly speak God's Words of truth inside. "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Be excellent at what is good. Be innocent of evil." (Romans 12:21 and Romans 16:19)

Abiding and listening close to Love,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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