May I Be Excused?

Every year there has been a Christmas season series of some sort on the blog(s). When it was A Mother's Rewards and Living Large on Less, there were games, daily questions, ideas, recipes, and more. This year, well, there's nothing. Oh, I'm sure there will be assorted random posts that might be applicable for Christmas, but a major party with games and prizes? Sorry, no, at least not that I am aware of at this moment.

This year I am asking to be excused from the traditional Christmas craziness. I don't have the time, energy, or desire for hooplah. All I want is Jesus. That's it. Just Him. My heart is hungering to linger at the manger soaking in God's gift of Love, Him gifting Himself, more than rocking around the Christmas tree. The question of what I can give Jesus is foremost in the thoughts. What kind of Christmas does God want us to have? What decorations will He delight in? How can our celebratory traditions bring Him glory and honor?

Want to know something a bit unexpected? The more I focus on Jesus, the sweeter and more delightful Christmas becomes to me. The more I want to celebrate. Decoration ideas increase. Everything about the season amps up. Whenever people become intentional and purposeful about their worship of God, they begin living as they were created to live. When life is lived as it is meant to be, everything amps up. Intensity, sweetness, focus, purpose, enjoyment, delight, strength, joy, peace, it all grows. Trials bring their revealing giants too, but the Truth of Jesus changes every nasty "fact" the giant(s) hurl at us. 

Want to know something else God showed me? When I am in the position of worship, whether that be at the feet of Jesus or the manger, trials and giants aren't nearly so threatening. Positioning myself in the posture of worship puts the rest of my life in perspective. Truth changes fact. "If God be for me, who can be against me?" "With God, all things are possible." "If God be on my side, what can man do to me.?" Truth after glorious truth from the Word of God rises up within me conquering the fears, doubts, and struggles that threaten as I sit in the presence of the King of Kings.

As Thanksgiving arrives tomorrow with Christmas soon to follow, Abundance House is raising it's hand and asking to be excused from the hustle and bustle, the stress and struggles of a holiday gone wild. We are excusing ourselves from the madness this year. Any who wish to join us in our intentional pursuit of Truth, our sojourn at the manger which will find us at both the cross and empty tomb, may. All are welcome to worship the One who came as a babe, left a man, and lives eternal. The heart of this blog and its author is crying out for holidays to be returned to their meaning "holy days". All who want may come.

From the heart of Abundance House,
Abundantly Blessed

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