Remember When Recipes

Visiting with a sweet young mother reminded me of the "early days" when Abundance House wasn't Abundance House but two separate sister blogs, A Mother's Rewards and Living Large on Less. Thinking about some of those early posts with their recipes and tips for cooking good food and using less finances to do so made me a little homesick. What about you? Are you homesick for some of those living large on less visits too? Let's take a trip down memory lane and remember some of those recipes. Shall we?

This recipe for crusty french bread http://abundancehouse.blogspot.com/2010/02/munchie-monday.html will start us off. We'll need something to munch on during our little trip. Won't we?


What Do You See?

Hey There! Some of the plants are growing!!! Green grass is popping up!!! It might rain!!! Want something to drink? I read of an 104-year-old woman who credits her longevity to the daily ritual of downing three Dr. Peppers. Guess what her birthday cake was? That's right! A cake shaped and decorated to look like a very large Dr. Pepper can! Want one, a Dr. Pepper that is?

Besides reading about 104 year old women who daily drink three Dr. Peppers, I have been considering the importance of perspective. What do I see? Maybe you would like to join me and ask yourself the same question. What Do You See? We'll talk more about it later.

Love you!
Abundantly Blessed


Better Together

Dear Friends,

We're better together. God says so. "Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; but how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 NKJV


Endorphin High ~ Join me?

Hi! I'm sweaty! Hope you don't mind. Just got done with some Zumba. It's a DVD. I'm really enjoying it. It has even inspired me to pop in some of my other DVDs and a VHS on workout days, just because I kind of missed them. Is that weird, that I like to exercise and have missed my various workouts? Weird or not. I am glad to be exercising more again.

Lest you develop some elegant, graceful image of a totally sexy latin dancer like the Zumba instructors on the DVD, please set your mind at ease. There is a reason I do this via DVD, in the privacy of my own home. This isn't about looking good while exercising. It is about moving this body around and having fun doing so. It is also about working towards the goal of looking good "someday". Hopefully this "someday" will be accomplished in time for my 25th wedding anniversary next February. Hoping hard for this. Mostly it is about moving this body around to become not only a smaller me but a healthier me, a me that will be around for much longer than my 25th wedding anniversary, a me that will be even healthier and more active when my youngest child is 20 years old than I am now. I want to become healthy and strong enough to be able to do any and everything God might desire. I want to run, work, jump, mop the floor, clean the house, everything, without help, if need be.

For a time I wondered if having such an every day goal as being a smaller version of me by my 25th wedding anniversary was a shallow sort of vanity that has no place being hoped for during such tumultuous times. People are losing their heads and lives after all. However, it didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that wanting to be a smaller me by next February isn't shallow, nor is it vain. No, it isn't world changing, but it might be life saving. It might save my life.

I talk a lot on this blog about being intentional, making purposeful determined decisions, being real, and other such things. I mean those things. I want to be real, intentional, make purposeful decisions. I do. Yet, if I'm not being real, purposeful, and intentional about being the healthiest me in my body and my soul and my spirit, what good is any of it? If I feast on the Word of God and pray to strengthen my spirit while starving my mind or allowing my body to lose strength and health how will I be able to obey those things requiring thought and physical strength? Likewise, if I only study the Bible from an intellectual standpoint or pursue physical health with no regard towards my spirit my obedience will still be limited. So, all of that to say I now realize that whatever is done to reach the healthiest me possible must include all of me, body, soul, and spirit.

So, now you know where I've been lately, why there haven't been as many visits. Figuring out how to work on becoming completely, wholly healthy is taking some time. I also care too much to waste your time with words sent out just because it seems like the thing a blogger ought to do. Your time is much too valuable to be taken up with "just because it seems like the thing to do" words. You deserve better than that. You deserve a Word straight from the heart of the Father, right from Abba's heart to yours. So, dear friend, I'm going to say Good-Bye for tonight. A shower is needed before supper is started. Cooking while sweaty makes me feel gross somehow. Silly, I know.

I don't know where you are in regards to your personal whole health, body, soul, spirit. It isn't my business to know. BUT... there always seems to be a but doesn't there? But, stepping back and taking an honest look at your complete self and comparing your total health to the health you want to walk in is a good thing to do every so often. I was very surprised to realize that total health wasn't as out of reach as I had thought. Every big thing is made of up of many little things. Consequently, tweaking a lot of little things makes a huge impact. Drinking water at meals instead of another beverage, speed walking across the house when moving from place to place, dancing around while stirring pots at the stove or cutting veggies, are all little things that have the potential to make a major difference. By the way, chasing a two-year-old through the house when he goes commando is awesome cardio!

Maybe you are in tip top shape physically. Maybe it's your soul (mind, will, and emotions) or your spirit that are weak and/or flabby. Maybe it's time to get that Bible off of the shelf and read it or maybe it's time to read less and do more. Perhaps it's time to dust off those vinyl records and introduce the younger set in your life to some vintage sound. Maybe taking a class or conducting a personal study on a new topic is on your road to whole health. There is at least one online course I am currently considering. Possibly whole health for you can be reached by turning every electronic in your life to the OFF position, making up your bed in the softest sheets you own, crawling into that bed, and sleeping until you wake up naturally. Then again, it might be as close as brewing a fresh pot of tea, baking some scones, and finding a friend to share them with. Maybe, just maybe, while you and your friend are drinking that tea and eating those scones you need to laugh until the tea comes out your nose. Maybe. Maybe whole health isn't as far off as it seems.

Whatever the path to complete health looks like for you, please join me in walking down it. We aren't the same so what I need may not be anything like what you need, but if we are walking together it will be easier for both of us. With two, one can encourage the other. If one of us should fall, the other can pick us up and dust us off. If we both fall, we'll sit in the dirt laughing until we cry or crying until we laugh then pick each other up and dust each other off. Maybe we'll just get up and keep running, dust and all. I have to go help a Mighty Man of God get pink glitter slime off of his hands. Hugs and Love from me to you!


The Goodness of Today

Hi. It's beautiful out today. Warm sunshine with just the right amount of breeze is waking up the cold land. Rain would feel lovely to the dry soil, but the sunshine is lovely too. So for today and however long the beautiful warmth continues we will soak up the sun and wake from our long winter's nap.

That's how life is sometimes. Soaking up the healing warmth of today while allowing God to handle the storms of yesterday and tomorrow. However long the good lasts, it is good, and we want to enjoy it full and free. Worries, stresses, problems, sorrows, and heartaches might have visited yesterday; they might show up tomorrow, but today...today we treasure God's goodness. Then, in the middle of the next storm, we will remember today's good and treasure it again.

Basking in the good of today,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog


Tomorrow's Sweet Memory

Frog Pond
When outside looks and feels a bit icy and bleak

a person can get lost dreaming about things not yet seen

A pod of Kennerly's First Early peas.       A Charleston Wakefield cabbage, a pointed head cabbage popular among Florida growers.     A bushel of carrots.    A head of Romain lettuce.   An example of a Livingston's New Globe tomato.

When a person gets lost dreaming of things not yet come,

they just might start feeling a little bit young.


So blow old man winter with your snow and your cold
We're dreaming of days yet to be
We're weeding and watering these veggies to eat
We're dreaming tomorrow's sweet memory



Hi! Come on in! If we look like we're laughing it's because we are, but not at you. Victorious Man of God slipped into Not of This World's bedroom and got into one of her Christmas gifts, a favorite candy treat. When she discovered what he had done, she informed him that those were not his treats. Victorious Man of God's response to her was "Oh, ours." Ours. Seriously? Ours? Oh my. It was probably only funny if you were here at the time, but it was funny. Truly it was.

Funny must be the order of the day around here. At the dinner table earlier Miss Giggle brought the house down. Her older sister, Horsegirl, was telling us there are lick tubs (supplements for livestock) created specifically for times of drought. Little Miss Giggle with a completely deadpan face remarked "Yeah, they're filled with water." These children! How funny they are! At only eight-years-old Miss Giggle spits out the funny on a regular basis. Little Mr. Victorious Man of God isn't far behind in the humor department either, though his funnies aren't intentional like his older sister Miss Giggle's. VMOG's funny escapades are just a natural occurance as he learns to navigate and communicate in a house filled with adults, people of adult age anyway.

A few minutes after making us shake our heads and laugh with his declaration that sister's treats were an "Ours" item he once again made us smile with laughter. Not of This World was explaining to him that she was going to take some raw milk and make ice cream with it. Upon hearing that ice cream was being made he instantly requested that sister "Up me". "Up me" is VMOG for "Would you please put me on the counter so I can watch?" After depositing him up beside her, Not of This World continued talking to VMOG about the ice cream making. Victorious Man of God watched for a bit before saying "Oh, cream." It wasn't long before he saw the whipped topping being added to the homemade ice cream mixture. His comment upon seeing the whipped topping was "Oh, pie."  Even a young man who has been two-years-old for just over a week knows that whipped cream topping and pie go together. We had to smile right out loud at this comment. Now, to make sure he doesn't try and get out the ingredients to make the pie:)

It has been so long since we got together! I'm glad you stopped by this afternoon. It is a warm, sunny Saturday perfect for visiting. Sunshiny days like today bring on an eagerness to set up the front porch for the warm days of spring and summer. I enjoy cozy days with a fire crackling in the woodstove immensely, but warm evenings on the front porch are nice too. Tiny sprouts of future garden veggies growing on the counter tease the summer loving side of me even more. Speaking of which, there will be other seeds to start in a couple of weeks. Quite a lot remains to be done before the spring/summer season officially arrives, and calving continues right on through the middle of it all. Never a shortage of things to do. Better get my winter reading done while the evenings are still somewhat longer in length. Maybe there will be time to talk about what we're reading next visit.

Thank you for stopping by! Loved having you. Always do. We'll make tea and coffee next time. Hugs and prayers!

Abundantly Blessed