The Goodness of Today

Hi. It's beautiful out today. Warm sunshine with just the right amount of breeze is waking up the cold land. Rain would feel lovely to the dry soil, but the sunshine is lovely too. So for today and however long the beautiful warmth continues we will soak up the sun and wake from our long winter's nap.

That's how life is sometimes. Soaking up the healing warmth of today while allowing God to handle the storms of yesterday and tomorrow. However long the good lasts, it is good, and we want to enjoy it full and free. Worries, stresses, problems, sorrows, and heartaches might have visited yesterday; they might show up tomorrow, but today...today we treasure God's goodness. Then, in the middle of the next storm, we will remember today's good and treasure it again.

Basking in the good of today,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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