They Never Lie?

Parenting Snippet: Thinking that our children never lie to us is one of the largest lies we can tell ourselves as parents. Our children are real, live human beings. This means that they are capable of any and every thing human beings are capable of, bad as well as good. Children are NOT born innocent. Nor are they born a blank slate. They are born sinful needing a Savior like everyone else. God says in His Word that "Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. Proverbs" He also tells us in the New Testament that we are to come to Him as a child.

What am I being in front of my children? This is what they are learning. Ouch! Am I showing them what God can and will do to and for them that believe? May it be so. May I be an example worth following, one of a redeemed person set free and fully living for Him, the One who loved me, died for me, rose again, and has given me life full and free. In His name and for His glory.


Spring Is A Comin'

Sharing a few pictures to remind us that even though there is snow everywhere right now, Spring and Summer, they is a comin'. Hang in there! Perhaps we could even start being intentional about our celebrations during the coming seasons.

Balloons filled with candy and treats
 Pinata Alternative
that uses darts to pop
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Balloon garden
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Balloon wreath
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Blessed Mama

Beach Ball fruit pizza
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Corner Garden
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Water Balloon Pinata
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Blessed Mama

Blessed Mama


Money-Saving On Makeup

Just a quick makeup money-saving tip I recently discovered. I added some of my powedered mineral foundation to my moisturizer and viola! cream foundation or tinted moisturizer, whatever you want to call it. It is wonderful! Using what one has works everywhere, even in the makeup tray.


Let's Go Visiting!

The fresh warm breezes of Spring find us cleaning and airing out our homes and lives. It is the perfect season for visiting. Let's head on over to French Country Cottage blog and pop in for their party today. Shall we? They gather every Friday. So if you miss today's gathering, hop on over next week. Here's the link: Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage .

What's a Mother to Do?

Parenting Snippet: All a mama can do is all a mama can do. No matter how diligent and faithful a mama is to teach and train her children, the decision to obey ultimately lies with each child. Should a child grow to adulthood and live differently than the way shown to them, the mama has not failed. Neither has her child. The child has simply exerted freedom of choice by using the freewill God gave them. So dear mamas, if we have shown our children how to clean their rooms yet still they don't, that is their choice. The consequence, however, is ours dear mamas. May we seek God, listen close, and faithfully obey Him. May we be a good example for our rewards to follow. I think I'll go clean my room now.


Making Your Own - Baby Wipes

Before Victorious Man of God joined our family late February, I had cut and sewn up some sweet flannel into cloth wipes. If we ended up using wipes from the store, I knew the homemade ones would made excellent washcloths. Nothing would be wasted. Last week we went through three boxes of wipes!!! Three boxes!!! Yikes. That simply won't do. So, using the last empty wipes container, I placed the sewn wipes inside and added a homemade solution. The solution will be changed daily to avoid bacteria growth.

Ideally I would have used a solution containing healthy essential oils and other gentler products. Since none of those items were on hand I used baby oil, baby wash, and water instead. The recipe? Simple. Two squirts of baby oil * Two squirts of baby wash * One to one-and-a-half cups of water. Yep, that's it. Don't you love the simplicity? Better yet, once used we toss them in the wet bag along with the used diaper. At wash time we empty the wet bag into the washer and away we go. Everything gets washed all together, at least for now. The wipes are all pastel in color so shouldn't affect the white diapers. If the diapers seem less than white I will separate the colors as I'm a bit particular about the sorting of colors. Guess we all have our quirks.

After realizing how simple using homemade baby wipes is going to be, I promptly went to my stash of old sheets, dug out the flannel ones, and cut them up into squares. Smaller squares measuring approx. seven inches and larger squares of  29 inches are awaiting hemming. The large squares will be diapers; the small ones wipes and washcloths. While looking for a solution for the wipes earlier, I found a really fun, easy way to fold the square diapers into a diaper that will fit a newborn. It's origami for diapers!

If you, or someone you know, has flannel sheets that are too worn to use as bedding yet too good to toss out, consider repurposing them for other uses. Babies aren't the only ones to benefit from reusing flannel sheets. A dark green flannel pillowcase has become over a dozen washcloths. They are the same size as the baby wipes.

A few months ago, a mismatched flannel pillowcase became a pair of pajama pants for four-year-old Mighty Man of God, and a lonely floral pillowcase a pair for Giggle. We'll save that idea for another post. One with how-tos and pictures.


Snippets of Thought

Postings lately have been little snippets of random thoughts. There are some coming in the future with actual pictures and usable ideas, recipes, etc. For now though, it's random thought snippets.

Easter Sunday we were sitting around the table after lunch. All nine of us were there. As I sat with babe in my arms watching my four oldest flip small plastic bunnies at each other in a symphony of laughter, something amazing captured my attention. These four oldest children aged 14 up to 21 years were all behaving exactly as they did when one to eight or four to 11 years of age. The only difference was that they are all now either teenagers or adult in age.

I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that one, minute revelation. Just think. All of the years I have spent wondering what my children would be like as adults has been for nothing. They are just like they have always been, only older. Oh my. Dear God, please bless all of us for Mighty Man of God is so very full of life and adventure. The blessings continue in Him, the One whose life we celebrate this Resurrection Easter Day.


Staying Fresh, Staying Real

So, what keeps you fresh and real? Seriously, I'm starting out this post with a question just for you. What do you find keeps you fresh, real, and relevant? Anything particular? None of us wants to get boring or stale. All of us long for acceptance. If said acceptance brings some secure warm fuzzies along with it, all the better. Realistically though, there are seasons of life when acceptance remains aloof and warm fuzzies? What are they?

Whoa! Wait a minute! We were talking about being fresh and real. Where did acceptance come in at? Oops. Fuzzy mama brain. Don't know how that slipped in. Really doesn't fit our topic does it? Well, sort of it does. Because often it is during those seasons of seemingly stale nothingness that acceptance keeps aloof. So...technically all of the topics are related, at least a little. Smiling a small smile of amused wonder right now.

Anyway, functioning in fresh realness is currently of great interest to me. I find myself in another season of new. One much varied from what I had imagined was coming. Fresh and real. What have I discovered keeps me fresh and real with a new baby in the house? The answer surprised me. Being in a position that leaves me no alternative but to rely completely on God keeps me fresh and real. Those times when I am in "way over my head" are the very times God moves in a fresh, new way of absolute realness in my life. I think of things I never would have if I had been intentionally thinking. Did that make sense? I hope so. Not only do new thoughts and ideas show up, but I am too tired to rationalize them away. Therefore, they get the privilege of holding audience in my mind. I even try them usually. It's quite amazing. So opposite from what I would expect. The times fresh and real show up most are when I am least. Hmmm. Now that's something to ponder


More Homemade Soda

Just a shoutout about the latest issue of Hobby Farm Home magazine. In the newest issue there is an article on making your own soda pop and simple syrups. Do these topics sound familiar? They should. We talked about those very things earlier. There are some really good recipes and tips in the Hobby Farm Home article to further the soda making fun. I've been thinking I might need some strawberry peach kind of something one of these days. All of the articles in the magazine are fun. Especially liked the one about homemade citrus cleaner. That is another item that made my "someday I want to..." list. Have a great, blessed day!