Snippets of Thought

Postings lately have been little snippets of random thoughts. There are some coming in the future with actual pictures and usable ideas, recipes, etc. For now though, it's random thought snippets.

Easter Sunday we were sitting around the table after lunch. All nine of us were there. As I sat with babe in my arms watching my four oldest flip small plastic bunnies at each other in a symphony of laughter, something amazing captured my attention. These four oldest children aged 14 up to 21 years were all behaving exactly as they did when one to eight or four to 11 years of age. The only difference was that they are all now either teenagers or adult in age.

I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that one, minute revelation. Just think. All of the years I have spent wondering what my children would be like as adults has been for nothing. They are just like they have always been, only older. Oh my. Dear God, please bless all of us for Mighty Man of God is so very full of life and adventure. The blessings continue in Him, the One whose life we celebrate this Resurrection Easter Day.

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