Making Your Own - Baby Wipes

Before Victorious Man of God joined our family late February, I had cut and sewn up some sweet flannel into cloth wipes. If we ended up using wipes from the store, I knew the homemade ones would made excellent washcloths. Nothing would be wasted. Last week we went through three boxes of wipes!!! Three boxes!!! Yikes. That simply won't do. So, using the last empty wipes container, I placed the sewn wipes inside and added a homemade solution. The solution will be changed daily to avoid bacteria growth.

Ideally I would have used a solution containing healthy essential oils and other gentler products. Since none of those items were on hand I used baby oil, baby wash, and water instead. The recipe? Simple. Two squirts of baby oil * Two squirts of baby wash * One to one-and-a-half cups of water. Yep, that's it. Don't you love the simplicity? Better yet, once used we toss them in the wet bag along with the used diaper. At wash time we empty the wet bag into the washer and away we go. Everything gets washed all together, at least for now. The wipes are all pastel in color so shouldn't affect the white diapers. If the diapers seem less than white I will separate the colors as I'm a bit particular about the sorting of colors. Guess we all have our quirks.

After realizing how simple using homemade baby wipes is going to be, I promptly went to my stash of old sheets, dug out the flannel ones, and cut them up into squares. Smaller squares measuring approx. seven inches and larger squares of  29 inches are awaiting hemming. The large squares will be diapers; the small ones wipes and washcloths. While looking for a solution for the wipes earlier, I found a really fun, easy way to fold the square diapers into a diaper that will fit a newborn. It's origami for diapers!

If you, or someone you know, has flannel sheets that are too worn to use as bedding yet too good to toss out, consider repurposing them for other uses. Babies aren't the only ones to benefit from reusing flannel sheets. A dark green flannel pillowcase has become over a dozen washcloths. They are the same size as the baby wipes.

A few months ago, a mismatched flannel pillowcase became a pair of pajama pants for four-year-old Mighty Man of God, and a lonely floral pillowcase a pair for Giggle. We'll save that idea for another post. One with how-tos and pictures.

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