Staying Fresh, Staying Real

So, what keeps you fresh and real? Seriously, I'm starting out this post with a question just for you. What do you find keeps you fresh, real, and relevant? Anything particular? None of us wants to get boring or stale. All of us long for acceptance. If said acceptance brings some secure warm fuzzies along with it, all the better. Realistically though, there are seasons of life when acceptance remains aloof and warm fuzzies? What are they?

Whoa! Wait a minute! We were talking about being fresh and real. Where did acceptance come in at? Oops. Fuzzy mama brain. Don't know how that slipped in. Really doesn't fit our topic does it? Well, sort of it does. Because often it is during those seasons of seemingly stale nothingness that acceptance keeps aloof. So...technically all of the topics are related, at least a little. Smiling a small smile of amused wonder right now.

Anyway, functioning in fresh realness is currently of great interest to me. I find myself in another season of new. One much varied from what I had imagined was coming. Fresh and real. What have I discovered keeps me fresh and real with a new baby in the house? The answer surprised me. Being in a position that leaves me no alternative but to rely completely on God keeps me fresh and real. Those times when I am in "way over my head" are the very times God moves in a fresh, new way of absolute realness in my life. I think of things I never would have if I had been intentionally thinking. Did that make sense? I hope so. Not only do new thoughts and ideas show up, but I am too tired to rationalize them away. Therefore, they get the privilege of holding audience in my mind. I even try them usually. It's quite amazing. So opposite from what I would expect. The times fresh and real show up most are when I am least. Hmmm. Now that's something to ponder

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