An Afternoon Chat

Hi! It's a windy afternoon here at Abundance House. It is almost time to start prepping for supper, but it is such a perfect afternoon for visiting I couldn't resist popping in for a little bit. Want some iced tea? There's some brewed, if you would like some.

So, as we already talked about earlier this week, there isn't much time left until Thanksgiving. Did you happen to print out any of those free printables at www.notconsumed.com? We are thoroughly enjoying ours. With Thanksgiving filling our hearts and minds, it seems only natural that thoughts of harvest treats should pop up. I don't know if we've ever shared our Thanksgiving feast plans on the blog before, but this year I am super excited about something new being added to the lineup.

This year I have been intentionally planning munchies and snacks for after dinner football watching. Supper will be leftovers but for in between time munchies we're doing a Thanksgiving caramel corn mix. Homemade caramel corn with Rolos candy and harvest color M&Ms will not only look festive but be super yummy to munch on. Savory options for munchies are still being decided upon. Want ideas for your own Thanksgiving Feast? Try a Pinterest search. Great ideas abound for every style and budget. There may be a scavenger hunt or other fun activities for those who aren't particularly into football too, maybe.

In the meantime, here is an article from Assortment blog. I really, really enjoy this blog. If you haven't ever visited before, an afternoon spent browsing through the archives would be time well spent. http://www.assortmentblog.com/assortment/2016/11/with-what-you-have-59.html?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=assortmentblog/kmin

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!
Abundantly Blessed


Giving Thanks



Are you ready to celebrate with gratitude? There is so much to be thankful for! However, many seem to be caught in a dangerous cycle, one that will strangle them out of all the joy in living. What's a person to do when everyone around them seems to be stuck in nasty negative-ville? GIVE THANKS!!! 

Need some help getting started on the road towards Thankfulness? Some outside motivation required? Here are a couple websites offering free printables sure to get a person in gratitude gear. Dating Divas has a free Count Your Many Blessings countdown to Thanksgiving banner that is fabulous. 
http://www.thedatingdivas.com/thanksgiving-countdown-banner/ Our family printed it out and put it together this morning. Don't forget to look at the picture of the completed banner on the website before beginning. Just sayin'. 

Another website with free printables  is Not Consumed at www.notconsumed.com. There are three collections of free printables which can stir the heart to be grateful. One such activity is titled Make Me a Servant. It contains BINGO style game boards containing a variety of random acts of kindness. After a family has completed five acts of service in a row they family earns a treat. We are using it as a Thanksgiving activity, but it isn't season specific. There is also a Thanksgiving Hymn Puzzle Hunt and Thanksgiving Journal available to print out too. Don't stop at Thanksgiving. All three collections contain blessing after printable blessing. You and your family will fully enjoy these collections. 

From our House of Thankful Abundance to yours this Thanksgiving, 

May you be Abundantly Blessed


The Sacrifice of Love

Good Afternoon! For months and months and months and months I have been waiting for the right words to express the depths of my heart. This afternoon I read the words my heart has been wanting to speak. They were in an article at Grace Table written by Lori Harris. Please take the time to click on the enclosed link. Once you've sat down at Grace Table, allow the stress of the day to melt away as you freely partake of the word feast spread before you.

Also, if you are wanting an example of love's sacrifice in the here and now, head on over to So Much Moore. A wife and mom shares how "the boys" in her life love her big and that love's sacrifice need not be major to bless large.

Over and over in millions of ways my favorite people in the whole world, My Beloved and children, love me sacrificially. That is where the name Abundance House came from for this blog and also why I sign each post as Abundantly Blessed. Because I am blessed abundantly. Every day those who surround me provide in the flesh examples of Jesus by laying down their lives for me in countless ways both big and small. As I contemplate love's sacrifice and what it looks like in my life here on earth, I can't ignore the intense longing that rises up from within. Oh that I love others as I am loved, abundantly.

Learning the art of Love's Sacrifice,
Abundantly Blessed