An Afternoon Chat

Hi! It's a windy afternoon here at Abundance House. It is almost time to start prepping for supper, but it is such a perfect afternoon for visiting I couldn't resist popping in for a little bit. Want some iced tea? There's some brewed, if you would like some.

So, as we already talked about earlier this week, there isn't much time left until Thanksgiving. Did you happen to print out any of those free printables at www.notconsumed.com? We are thoroughly enjoying ours. With Thanksgiving filling our hearts and minds, it seems only natural that thoughts of harvest treats should pop up. I don't know if we've ever shared our Thanksgiving feast plans on the blog before, but this year I am super excited about something new being added to the lineup.

This year I have been intentionally planning munchies and snacks for after dinner football watching. Supper will be leftovers but for in between time munchies we're doing a Thanksgiving caramel corn mix. Homemade caramel corn with Rolos candy and harvest color M&Ms will not only look festive but be super yummy to munch on. Savory options for munchies are still being decided upon. Want ideas for your own Thanksgiving Feast? Try a Pinterest search. Great ideas abound for every style and budget. There may be a scavenger hunt or other fun activities for those who aren't particularly into football too, maybe.

In the meantime, here is an article from Assortment blog. I really, really enjoy this blog. If you haven't ever visited before, an afternoon spent browsing through the archives would be time well spent. http://www.assortmentblog.com/assortment/2016/11/with-what-you-have-59.html?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=assortmentblog/kmin

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!
Abundantly Blessed

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