Redeeming Every Moment

Once upon a time there was a girl/woman. This woman child thought she knew what was what. She was raised in church, married a godly man, had children, raised them to know and love Jesus, but this girl/woman didn't know how much she didn't know.

Like so many other women who profess to be Christian she thought a woman of God had to be "nice". She didn't know that she was to be kind and that kind is not always the same thing as nice. Nor did she know there is a difference between the two. Another thing the woman did not know was the difference between recognizing fruit in another's life and judging someone. This woman thought that if she recognized negative fruit in someone else's life she was judging them, and all Christians know judging is wrong. Don't they?

There were other things the woman thought she knew but didn't. Finally one day the woman realized something very important: there is a lot she does not know. "There is too much I don't know to think I do." the woman told her beloved. After considering his wife's statement the beloved agreed it is so. Together the beloved and woman began to consider all they do not know when making decisions and looking at various situations. Because of all they do not know they began working even harder than they had before not to jump to conclusions or get worked up at how things appear, sound, or feel. They chose to clarify facts before making decisions. They did this because they knew this was part of walking in Love and walking in Love pleases God, Who is Love.

Not too long after the couple began doing this, unrest began to stir within the church they were attending. The couple were very sad because they had seen the possibility of this happening but had not been taken seriously when they shared their concerns with others. The couple began to pray even more for their brothers and sisters in Christ. Soon the unrest grew and grew. Eventually it was no longer unrest but an unholy civil war. Brother against brother. Sister against sister. Hate, strife, manipulation, control, hurt feelings, confusion, the situation was rapidly descending into an out-of-control death spiral.

The Bible teaches how dangerous quarrels are and how we are to stop them before they cause damage, but few seemed to want to hear what God had to say. Even less seemed to care about what He wanted. "This is ours. We have a right. We must fight to protect ours." were frequently heard. Oh dear, the couple thought, those we care for and love are making choices they wouldn't make if they were living God-inside minded instead of "This is ours, and we will fight for it" minded. They are fighting for the enemy, the one who steals, kills, and destroys. In their hearts they want to fight for God and for right, but that is not what they are doing. Oh dear. We cannot be part of this. Even if the issues they are fighting for are right, the hate that is driving the war is not. This is not God's way. We must not go against God and His way of love.

Before long those who chose to hate or were deceived by it split away from the body. Now there are two churches where before there was one. The woman and her beloved still know there is much they don't know. They still don't know a lot. They do know that the church left behind is much nicer to attend when it isn't full of hate and fighting. They also know that the Word of God is being taught and God is being served. God is being glorified. This is good. The woman smiles each Sunday when she sees the brothers and sisters hugging each other more often and how genuine their greetings are. The woman can't remember a time when attending church at this church was so peaceful and real. She likes genuine and real. Neither the woman or her beloved know who was right or wrong. They still don't know. They do, however, know Love. Whatever happened, God didn't leave. God is still God. He is Good, and His love endures forever. His reputation hasn't been tarnished by the fighting of His children.

All of the who was right and who was wrong was a useless waste of time that could have been spent loving others in the name of Jesus. Children going to bed hungry could have been fed during those hours people were organizing their stand of hate. Elderly men and women lonely for a listening ear could have been visited with during those months when ears were listening to satan's lies and deception. Young families could have been encouraged with words of love when words of anger and slander were being spewed forth. Right or wrong, good or bad, no matter how a person feels, time, words, and resources that could have been used for loving, for God's Kingdom, in the name of Jesus were used to serve the enemy instead. Not to mention how all of the time spent upset can never be regained. It is forever gone.

I do the same thing every day. Every moment I spend on something ungodly and/or negative is a moment I could have spent in loving Godliness. Every moment I spend growling at a grouchy child for being grouchy I could instead be speaking God's love and grace into their grouchy heart. And why are they being grouchy? Do I even consider what is going on inside of them or do I just get upset about how they are disturbing the pleasantness of my day? Am I even acting like Jesus at all in my day to day life? How many moments am I wasting? How am I choosing to use my actions and words? God forgive me for not considering each and every moment important enough to choose Love. I repent of forgetting that You are first and foremost about relationship. I repent for making behavior more important than the heart. May I ever be mindful of You and may bringing You pleasure be my greatest longing and desire.

Learning to redeem every moment for Love,
Abundantly Blessed


Where I Sit

God is fun, and a woman who used to go to church with me was right when she told me in an email that nothing ever stays the same. The past several months, maybe longer, there has been an unholy civil war taking place in the church our family has been attending for approx. 13 years. Because our family resides a little over an hour outside of town, we were able to avoid a lot of the conflict, but being attenders of the church, we weren't able to avoid it completely.  

A recent email said these words, "...I don't know where you sit in the "Church split"..." At the time I answered the email I didn't know how to write where I sit in the church split either. I wrote a blog post about it earlier, but I don't know whether the posting did anything more than allow me to think and ponder out loud for my own personal thought processing. 

After I began to answer the email, however, I realized exactly where I sit. I sit under the wings of He Who always is. God always is, and He is more than able to redeem, restore, refresh, renew, and recreate. So...that's where I sit; I sit under the wings of He Who always is. I know God is working everything in every situation out for His glory, and I'm giving Him all the glory and praise for all of the marvelous things He has done and is continuing to do.  

There was also mention about it being a busy summer. Whew! Has it ever been busy! And for my family here at Abundance House there isn't an end to the busy in sight, but oh my, it has been good!!! Too much to condense down or know where to begin telling, if it can even be written. We are witnessing the words given by the prophets in scripture and through the Elijah List come to pass over and over and over again. It is SO MUCH fun!!! Tons of God fun right in the middle of what appears to be chaos! Just like the Jesus and the prophets said!

Harvest time is one of, if not THE busiest seasons of the year, and we are definitely in harvest. I can't put into words how excited I am to be part of what God is doing. Week after week just keeps filling up one after the other yet we keep having more than enough energy, ideas, and provision for everything God brings our way. He brings people into our daily path, situations for Him to shine in, it's all Him, and we are glad, glad, glad to be His. It isn't just My Beloved, the children, and I that are experiencing God moving and working. Others are too. This weekend we help some people who are dear to us move. They are moving, and God already has a future ministry opportunity lined up waiting for them to begin in a few weeks.

School will also be starting again very soon, and I am looking forward to it greatly. I am also ready for Thanksgiving; I want to have it right now! Inside I am ready for Thanksgiving! So many pieces of so many promises have been falling into place so beautifully and rapidly that we barely have time around here to share with one another each day's miracles. Full days of Jesus. It's glorious. 

The word God gave me for 2016 was "NEW". This has DEFINITELY been a year of new. Speaking of new...here are some of my newest blessings: 
  • The Legacy Letter - the quarterly magazine from Kenneth Copeland's grandson Jeremy & Sarah Pearson's ministry - HUGE dose of the Word shared with a genuine sweetness of spirit and love 
  • Rivers of Grace by Mark and Patti Virkler - a parenting book that everyone would benefit from no matter if they are a parent or not; it's a true treasure chest of wisdom, truth, and love, and ...
  • Breakout - a book by Joel Osteen - this is the second or third book I've read by him - they are all such blessings
  • And Louis L'Amour - yes, God has even been using Louis L'Amour books and quotes to teach this woman of His:)
These are just a few of the newest blessings God has brought my way this summer. God managed to squeeze in several other books this summer as I read a bit here and bit there during random snippets of time. I am learning not to waste those random little snippets of time. A mama can accomplish a lot in a snippet:)

Mamas accomplishing a lot in a snippet of time makes me think of a mama in North Carolina who saw a need, took a snippet of time to share the need, and WHOA!!! Look what the Lord has done! http://loriharris.me/2016/08/26/yes-we-did/. If you want to read the original post where Lori did the asking, here it is: http://loriharris.me/2016/08/19/pad-a-palooza-oh-heck-yes-we-can/.

Speaking of a mama, this mama had better get to her mama-ing. It's almost time to put some supper on the table! 

Have a blessed afternoon and weekend!
Abundantly Blessed

Sending out a HUGE Thank You to the sender of the email that got me to thinking about "Where I sit"!!! It is her email that made this post possible. Thank You!!!


A Prayer for Coming Out of Darkness

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9).

"Out of darkness into his wonderful light." Dear Lord, I pray that I am walking in Your wonderful light. That I have truly come out of darkness. I pray the words of a song from my childhood, words that are so like the ones David prayed after sinning, "Search me oh God. Know my heart today. See if there be some wicked way in me, cleanse me from every sin, and set me free." In the name of Jesus I pray that no darkness be in me. That Your light shines forth in faithfulness and truth. I pray that I am growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In Jesus' name I pray,



Sometimes...sometimes you have been friends to people for a long time. You know they aren't perfect, neither are you, but that's okay as long as you are imperfectly serving The One True Perfect God, together. But sometimes, the enemy comes in and deceives some of those people to whom you have been a friend, and sometimes those people don't invite you into their lives anymore, and sometimes there is a physical spiritual war, and sometimes, sometimes... God.

Sometimes you cannot agree with those around you because of God and what He has said to you. Because sometimes God says no, that's not My thoughts. That's not My way. That's not My plan for you. Even if the opinions and thoughts of others are correct, they are operating outside of My law of Love, and no one is "right" when hate is present. You are not to be a part of that. Remove yourself from hate and those who are hating. Take no part in division and strife. Get in here under the shelter of My wings in the secret place. Do not participate in hating. My answer on this issue is this and only this, No. Where there is Love, yes. Where no Love is, no.

Then God begins a journey of revelation and you are so completely captivated and enthralled with Him that the strife around you seems invisible in comparison to the light of His glory. While most around you are striving against brothers and sisters, hating those God commands to love, saturated in confusion and sadness, you are wrapped up in the Lover of your soul and your only desire is for Him, His plans, and His ways. And sometimes God tells you that being right is completely wrong when being right becomes more important than being in Love.

Being in Love with God is the only matter of true importance, and when other issues take precedence over Love and  His law of Love, well, those issues are wrong, even if they're right. When temporaries become more important than the Eternal Love, it's wrong. It's wrong because God says the world will know we are His because of our love for one another so if we're not loving one another, if we are hating, we are wrong. Whether our stand on an issue is "right" or not, if we are operating from any base other than God who is Love, we are wrong.

So...sometimes...sometimes smack dab in the middle of the raging hateful fray God draws you away with Him into His garden of delightfulness and beauty. Into the secret place where He lavishes you with your heart's deepest longings and desires you are drawn and kept safe from the dogs of war, from the dogs whose mouths are saturated with the blood of those they've devoured. Sometimes in the secret place dreams are given, truths are taught, and wounds are healed. Sometimes under His wings a beloved child of the Most High finds herself learning Who her Abba truly is when the ideologies and opinions of men are stripped away. Sometimes when a daughter of the King discovers who the King really is she is then able to see the truth about those around her and sometimes, sometimes, sometimes...God.

Sometimes God teaches His daughter who she is in Him so she can rise up and fight for those caught in the raging fray, for her brothers and sisters who are deceiving and being deceiving by the enemy of their souls. And sometimes, some of her brothers and sisters don't choose Abba or His way. Sometimes their eyes are blinded by the father of lies, and even though they truly think they are serving God, the Father of Light, with their passionate zeal, they aren't, and sometimes, sometimes a daughter of God runs hard to Abba and cries hard for all of her brothers and sisters. Because God's daughter knows when hate wins all of us lose.

But none of this matters because...sometimes...God. There it is: sometimes...God. Always this: God. Nothing else but God. As a once popular song says, God and God Alone. No one, nothing, nowhere, just God. Only God takes the deceiver, the deceived, the breaker, the broken, the tearer, the torn, the fighters, and those caught in the middle of a fight they didn't know was being fought, everything the enemy meant for evil and makes it all good, ALL of it, every little speck. It doesn't matter who was or was not "right". The only thing that matters is Him, and He is the only One who matters. Any and every thing else will pass away, but God and His Word will not pass away; they remain.

Now we're back to where we began: sometimes...God.

In the Morning When I Rise

In the morning, during the summer, when there isn't any school, right after the porch plants have been watered and just before lunch preparation begins there is a small spot of unclaimed time. This little snippet of emptiness has been used by God to fill me up from within this summer as I have sat down with the Bread of Life, His Word, the Bible to feed my spirit, my heart. It is from there that What God Says Wednesday posts originated, but it isn't where they end. As I contemplate the few remaining weeks of summer, warm memories seep through me with a comforting warmth. It is as if my innermost being is being filled with the fullness of God and His goodness.

Summer sped by so rapidly it seems as if it hasn't truly been, yet so much has been accomplished that I know it was here, and we lived it fully; we will continue to live each season even more fully and all because of Jesus. There is a temptation to start mourning the upcoming loss of this morning feast with God as summer gives way to the hustle and bustle of fall, but instead of mourning there is joy. Why joy? There is joy because somehow I know the quiet bliss of each morning's moment with God will not end with the closing of summer. Somehow, I know not how or where, it will be found in the rhythm of autumn as well. These moments of intimacy with the Lover of My Soul will remain. It won't be exactly as it is now for there won't be porch plants to water and children will need taught, but somehow, someway My Ultimate Love and I will find each other and savor each other's presence more and more each day.

Here are a few bits & pieces from our morning feasts together:

  • Job: the entire book - WHOA. Just that word: Whoa. If God corrects Job, a man who did not curse God after losing everything except four servants and his wife along with being so disfigured he was beyond recognition, whoa. Self-examination to the max going on here.
  • James 1:19,20
  • James 2: 12,13
  • James 1 - entire chapter
  • James 2 - entire chapter
  • Proverbs 15:1
  • Proverbs 15:4
  • Proverbs 31:26
  • James 5:11  
  • Hebrews 13:16,17
  • Hebrews 13:1
  • Colossians 4:6
  • Proverbs 18:21
  • Hebrews 10:36
My morning feasts on the Word always seem much too short in length. Not only that, the children have been "captured" more than once as I have caught them running by and had them stop, sit down, and listen to the latest nugget of truth. Giggles and Mighty Man of God did seem to enjoy going through the book of Job and wondering in awe with me over the grace and mercy of God towards us in modern times who sometimes treat Him too casually with too much familiarity. Of course, being children on a cattle ranch, they also marveled at the thought of caring for 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 oxen, and 1,000 she donkeys. 

Because these morning times have been so sweet and dear, I find myself holding them tenderly, carefully, not wanting to let them be spoiled or cheapened in any way.  How precious these moments have been; rain drops on the dry ground could not be held more dear than my morning meetings with God. Maybe that is why they have been such a delightful treasure; they are coming at the end of an extended spiritual drought. And right here is where I am hearing these words, " Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." Matthew 24:35 and Luke 21:33 The Word of God will always be giving life to those who partake of it. May the feast never end.

Sharpening the Sword the Spirit Wields, which is the Word of God,
Abundantly Blessed

Note: The verses on the tongue, words, kindness, etc. are perfect for graphic journaling on a chalkboard, canvas, or other form of word art. 


A Visit With Your Best Bud

I know, I know, a post from Abundance House already went out this morning, but this article...this article is too good of a read not to pass on. Shine Like Lights is an article a person can sit down with a cuppa something yummy and feel like they're having a true visit with their bosom friend, the kind of visit where you probe each other's depths in the best of ways as only the truest of friends can do. So...here's the link: http://gracetable.org/shine-like-lights/

Be Blessed!
Abundantly Blessed


What God Says Wednesday

Good Morning! Let's listen to what God says to us today. I'm reading in the King James Version of the Bible this morning. We're still in Colossians chapter three verse 8. It's difficult to stop there as it flows through the rest of the chapter so nicely, but there is so much meat to meditate on in each verse let's make ourselves stop with one bit and chew it thoroughly rather than gulping the whole piece down at once.

"But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth." ~ Colossians 3:8 KJV

"Put off all these..." The words "put off" clearly reveal we possess the power to get these things out of our lives. They can be put off like we would dirty clothes. The words "...all these..." (emphasis mine) reveal all, not some, but all of these can be put off. We don't have to tolerate any of this nasty negative in our lives. Also, this is a command. The putting off of these is our personal responsibility. God isn't going to do it for us. We are to do the putting off. Which, of course, means neither can we blame others should these things come out of us. 

I definitely think this little bite of scripture is enough for this week. I'm also thinking a dictionary and thesaurus will be helpful in further study of what I am to "put off". I want to make sure I don't miss anything that God wants gone. 

Before I slip out to begin lunch, I want to share some practical supplies and tips which came to me and might be helpful in our times of meditating on what God says. 

Writing down each verse and any personal journaling or notes can add great depth to our uttering, muttering, and pondering time. This can be as personalized as each individual desires. For some this might look like graphic journaling with watercolor, ink, crayons, pastels, or pencils. For others it might be a bulleted list on the back of an envelope or index card. Handwritten thoughts jotted down in letter form could be just the ticket for someone else. Is there a chalkboard in your home? This might be the ideal way to make the most of meditation insights.

Whatever method of recording the thoughts and insights God reveals to us as we utter, mutter, and ponder, will be perfect. Not a lot of time for writing or drawing? Perhaps a voice recorder is the method of recording insights for you. Simply push the button, say the insight into the recorder, and go on about your day. These recordings can be replayed and listened to over and over and over again to ensure complete saturation.

Possible supplies:
  • spiral notebook
  • journal
  • index cards
  • journaling Bible - see Karla Dornacher's website for personal examples of graphic journaling of scripture - truly inspiring!
  • pens
  • pencils
  • watercolors
  • colored pencils
  • white chalk
  • colored chalk
  • chalk pens
  • chalkboard
  • dry erase markers
  • dry erase board
  • wet erase markers
  • stickers
  • gel pens
  • fountain pens
  • divider tabs
  • rolodex type holder for index cards
  • binder with page protectors
  • hole punch for placing paper in binder
  • colored or patterned paper
  • basket for bible, notebook, pens
  • totebag for bible, notebook, pens
  • nice box for bible, notebook, pens
  • cleared out space in drawer or shelf 
  • whatever works best for each person and will be used - this is the very best of all supplies and methods
Happy Uttering, Muttering, and Pondering!
Abundantly Blessed


Reading in Random Moments

Hey! Good to see you! Have you gotten in any reading time this spring and/or summer? We haven't gotten in as much as we would like, we have to stop for laundry and eating you know, but we have managed to squeeze in some reading here and there in random moments. We'll share ours then you can share yours with us in a comment, if you like.

  • Colossians
  • Philippians
  • Matthew
  • 1 Corinthians
  • 2 Corinthians
  • Isaiah - lots and lots of Isaiah
  • Jeremiah
  • Ezekiel
  • Various Psalms
  • Proverbs - "A Proverbs a day keeps the devil away." ~ my mom
  • Other scriptures looked up during devotions, personal study, etc.
  • Laddie by Gene Stratton-Porter - the most enjoyable read I've had in years!!!
  • Breakout by Joel Osteen
  • Become a Better You by Joel Osteen
  • I Declare by Joel Osteen
  • God's Magnum Opus by Victoria Boyson
  • The Sound of Heaven by Michael S. Tyrell - super interesting!!! You want to know this! Words have frequencies. There are pictures to illustrate the facts being presented. Short, easy, informative read. 
  • The Bears of Blue River by Charles Major
  • random assortment of Life of Fred math books while assessing correct placement for upcoming year.
  • A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille
  • Leadership Education: the Phases of Learning, DeMille - a reading in process
  • Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss - loved this! Can't believe I hadn't read it before!
  • Gertrude McFuzz by Dr. Seuss
  • Quite a few children's books including but not limited to:
  • A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • At least two books of Mother Goose rhymes
  • At least one book of children's fairytales
  • assorted golden books and other sweet children's counting and abc books
  • a book illustrated by Robert Clonsky about a hired boy named Johnny - fun, cute, along the lines of the gingerbread boy
  • a few novels whose names I cannot recall
  • a book on homemaking with "spiritual" references not necessarily Christian  yet enough good in it to plow through and sift out the golden grain from the chaff
That's all I can recall at this time:) It looks pretty impressive when written out in list form like this. Wow. Especially when I know there are more I can't remember. And those "quite a few" and "assorted" children's books? Yes, they would make quite an impressive list all by themselves. Do you think a person can add a book to their reading log every time they read it to a child, even if it is the 296th time? Also, how many times in one evening do you think a child can have the same book read to him over and over and over again? Many, many times, especially if said book has clanging fire engines in it or is about Dr. Dan the Bandaid Man. Printed testament to how much can be accomplished in small random moments of time. 

Hmmm, maybe I should see how much exercise I can add to my day by utilizing other random moments. How interesting would that be? I'm off to grab some more random moments. This time I'll be slipping in some quick sewing on blankets for winter. It's another "new" project being tackled here at Abundance House this spring/summer season. We might eventually be back with pictures someday. Wouldn't that be a rare treat? Pictures! Not of This World does have pictures of other "projects/experiments" to share with you. Whenever she gets some free time perhaps she will join us for tea and share. 

Until then...

Hugs, Love, and Prayers!
Abundantly Blessed



Hi! Good Morning! What a long time it has been since we got together for a visit! Here, the wind is blowing and the clouds are covering the sky with what appears to be more than a subtle hint of possible rain. Should I put the kettle on for tea or coffee? I thought so too.

With so many hugely dramatic and traumatic happenings taking place around the world something as ordinary as visiting with friends over tea seems like a luxurious indulgence. We at Abundance House have had a summer season filled to the brim and overflowing with hard work, challenges, and blessings. It is just as the prophetic men and women of God prophesied it would be, the greatest  in the midst of the worst. Let it also be known that we at Abundance House are declaring the greatness of God always outshines and overshadows the evil of man. Our God is great! Our God is mighty!

So, the past few weeks I have been pondering a large variety of things. I have been remembering and living again certain seasons or rhythms of life such as bungled attempts at potty training and how to explain thankfulness to a three-year-old. Visiting seasons I never dreamed of living again has become a new experience rather than a repeating of an old because it is being done while parenting young adults in their twenties and almost 20. New. Remember how my word for 2016 was new? Well, everything old is being made new in every way. The exciting, thrilling, breath-taking, and sometimes overwhelming of life are all taking place at the same time! Adventure in its rawest most intense form here.

One of the most interesting aspects of life's newness is that it is happening smack dab in the middle of the ordinary day-to-day living. After all, how much more ordinary does a person get than potty training? How does God do this? How does He touch the ordinary of the daily causing it to become the extraordinary of a lifetime? Only God. And this, only God, is what brings me to some of the things He has had me ponder. Thank you for allowing me to share them with you this morning.

  • God's children need His Word stored up in their heart. It is essential, a vital necessity, NOT a debatable option. 
  • Every answer we need has been divinely placed in the Word of God, the Bible. If we don't know the Bible, we won't be able to know our answers. Hence God telling us in Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." See first pondering point for greater clarity.
  • God is God of the individual and the corporate Body of Christ. He desires for both His individual children and His Body to be aligned with Him in every way. 
  • Often the greatest example of faith is not witnessed in the extraordinary or miraculous but in the day-to-day perseverance through the mundane. "Though He slay me yet will I serve Him." "Even the dogs get the crumbs from the Master's table." "At Your Word, it will be done." (quotes from the Bible)
  • A believer in Christ cannot ignore the commands of their Lord and Savior and expect to experience intimate relationship with Him. If knowing our God has instructed us to be kind, walk in love, put others interests ahead of our own, the greatest in the kingdom serves all, give not expecting to be paid back, lay our lives down that others might live, yet we don't follow His instructs, how can we honestly say we love God? The commands are from God Himself, and He has said those who love Him obey His commands. 
  • Jesus promised there would be trials and hardships. He also promised He had provided us everything we need to overcome them all. Why don't I live like the overcomer He has made me?
  • Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be deceived by the enemy. Don't think you can't be. 
  • Relying on anyone or anything other than Christ is an easy in for the devil; don't give it to him.
  • Satan doesn't play "fair". Don't live as if he will follow some set of rules. he won't. There is a reason the Bible says to be alert and cautious, for the enemy roams around like a lion seeking whom he may devour.
  • God is generous, sharing, and hospitable. If I am not generous, sharing, and hospitable I am not being like God.
  • If I am not being and living like God, I am the one who needs to make adjustments, not God.
  • The fruit of my sin is not an attack of the enemy. 
  • Not every "bad" situation is the result of sin; neither is it necessarily an attack of the enemy. Remember the man blind from birth in the Bible? He had been allowed to experience blindness that God might be glorified. 
  • The devil is not nearly as powerful or smart as he is given credit for. He is, however, much sneakier, nasty, and evil than he is frequently given credit for. 
  • God is all: all powerful, all knowing, all present. 
  • Many times we live as if the devil was bigger than God. 
  • Many times we live as if the devil is to blame for the fruit of sinfulness and ignorance manifesting in our lives.
  • Discernment and insight into the ways and purposes of God ought to be sought after more earnestly than it usually is. 
  • Relationship with God is a treasure too often taken for granted and treated carelessly. 
  • If God were as important to me as I say He is, I wouldn't get nearly so frustrated about my plans not coming to pass. I would be too consumed with God and His desires to notice whether mine were coming to be or not. 
  • Frustration and trust cannot co-exist in the same life, neither can confidence and fear.
There you have it. Some of the many things I've been pondering on this spring/summer season. If there is time, tomorrow I'll share some of the books these seasons have held for me/our family. Let's go have some more tea or coffee. 

Love & Hugs,
Abundantly Blessed


Don't Let It!

Rise Above Current Circumstances
There is a reality that when the Kingdom of God on earth accelerates that its "collateral damage" can be "bad news". For media observers trained in extracting and highlighting bad news, this can be a time of great undeserved influence. For those of us regularly informed by that media, we can be significantly distracted from objective truth by the anecdotal bad facts of the day. Facts can distract from truth...

 Inserted Thoughts from  Abundantly Blessed

The author had me right here. This is the point in the article where I wanted to start hopping up and down in excitement or else sink into a chair in relief. For, if I had had the correct words, this is what I would have written and verbally shared with everyone I come into conversation with. It isn't unusual for me to go through a conversation with my mouth  remaining silent and my heart grieving as those around me converse at length over yuck without giving voice to the wondrous manifestations of God's glory taking place worldwide. God sure gets a raw deal from His children sometimes; myself being one of the most guilty.
The rest of the prophecy can be read below. It will encourage you greatly. Until next time..."Don't be distracted..." It's our choice. It's our call. What/whom will we allow to control our thoughts.  What topic/with whom will we fill our conversations? 
Let me not be distracted,
Abundantly Blessed

Article continued...

This is also true in your personal life where the present "bad news" surrounding your realities may be belying a great Kingdom good that is happening to you. Your personal "facts" may be distracting you or even deceiving you as to the truth of what is taking place in your life. Your contradiction of circumstances can trouble or distress you if you don't rise above them and find His Godly objective perspective.  
Here is just a quick example. Presently with the avalanche of reported mass shootings and ISIS motivated attacks, we can believe that we have descended into a much worse day to live in where human life is less valued. We may have a longing to live back in say 1990, when we weren't hearing every day about terrorism, Ebola, the Zika virus, and racial tensions. "Oh to be back in 1990!" we might think. Yet in 1990, innocent deaths in the United States for example were almost double what they are today.
There were almost 4000 abortions per day, while today it is about 2000 per day (though still, of course, very unacceptable). Almost all violent crime rates were significantly higher. Teen pregnancies were much higher. Raw racism of the heart was much more embedded and society was not even mature enough to have the discussions they are having today. The world extreme poverty rate was about twice as bad as it is today.
Where as many as 25,000 Muslims a day are getting saved today, back in 1990 almost no Muslims were coming to Jesus. China, Africa and South America were experiencing less than half the daily conversions as today. I could go on and on. Perhaps you are feeling better about today already.
This present life is filled with so many contradictions that without "anointed observation" you can be totally disoriented, confused and deceived as to reality. China is exploding in revival and conversions and many positive social changes. 500,000 million Chinese have left abject poverty and are now middle class. That is great news.
Furthermore, there are now a mind-boggling amount of Chinese millionaires that are creating game changer realities all across the world with their financial power. Many of them are Christians. But this same China is having 35,000 abortions a day! About 13 million a year. How horrific. More than ten times worse than us. Chinese piracy and corruption is also having global economic repercussions.
How do we judge all these contradictory reports and come out with a working objective truth?
The truth is that the Kingdom of God is ferociously advancing all across the planet. There are more people being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered, encountering grace, exiting extreme poverty, discovering hope more than at any time in history. The Kingdom of God is presently rocking the planet. In its wake, it is upsetting existing power bases and demonic mafias, and as they are collapsing they are violently reacting. This is happening in each of the 7 mountains of society and in the nations themselves.  
Much like a beheaded chicken exerts its maximum "violence" after being beheaded, so too, many things being presently beheaded are showcasing their last violent kicks. It takes discernment to know which "violent kicks" represent present, progressive strength or if they are just the last desperate reactions of that which has been essentially beheaded. Many things we find ourselves afraid of are in fact already beheaded and in its death throes.
It requires anointed observation to know how to properly sort things out today and it is admittedly not easy. This same truth applies in your personal life. Be careful not to assess your present life status by whether things are "easy" or not. Don't judge your own success of life depending on if all of your prophetic promises have seemingly been fulfilled or not. Many of you will look back at this very time in your life and realize that major foundations for your upgraded life in Christ were being formed during these "difficult" days.

Don't be shocked if you are experiencing tests that were not prophesied to you. Don't be dismayed if the United States experiences challenges you didn't expect when so many breakthroughs have been prophesied. God rarely tells us of our tests, but loves to tell us of our favor.
You and the USA: "You Have Found Favor with God"
In Luke 1:30, this was the exact phrase that Gabriel gave to Mary, as he told her of the privileged destiny that was hers. She would birth and raise the Redeemer of the world! There could not be anything greater. In verse 28, he actually said to her, "Rejoice HIGHLY favored one, the Lord is with you." Can you imagine anything better than being visited by Gabriel with such a promise?
Yet, let's notice what she was NOT told. She was not told that no one would really believe that she had gotten pregnant by the Holy Spirit. She was not told she would be considered of ill repute for that. She was not told her Son would be an outcast and bitterly resisted by the status quo in society and then brutally beaten and killed while still a young man. She was not told she would have to endure seeing Him die before she did. So much she was not told. Yet she was instructed to "Rejoice" because she had been given a favored destiny. In the light of objective history, we easily see today that she did have an amazing favored destiny.
The word for you today, is that if you have stayed loyal to the Lord, you are in the very midst of "favored destiny" being shown you. This you have to see by "anointed observation" and not by the number or intensity of your trials. You have to see this for yourself and you have to see this for the USA, as well. It is the truth for the nations in general as well. The Kingdom will never stop increasing, no matter what it looks like in a given day, week or month. Things are simultaneously much worse than you imagined and much better than you imagined.  
Over 50,000 babies' lives are being lost every day through abortion and over 250,000 a day are being born again into the Kingdom of God. There is gross darkness and there is great light. Who can determine if that overall outcome equation is good? Well our Father can. He is much more patient than what we can imagine and we need to properly encounter Him as such. Every day the world deserves absolute judgment and extinction for its sins, but it has for thousands of years.
The world also deserves grace and mercy every day because Jesus came to earth and paid the price He did as an act of reconciliation, so that the world would not perish. In God's economy "mercy triumphs over judgment" and He wishes us to be as He is.
Giant Strides of Destiny
Right now in your life and right now in this nation's life, unbelievably giant strides of destiny are being taken. God is going to use very imperfect people to make great Kingdom progress. It gives us insight into His greatness that He can do this. He will do this in government, and we will be shocked in what He has advanced with less than perfect leaders. We are in an amazing governmental shift right now that will greatly benefit the nation. It will require patience from us to see it come about.  
God will also have this same patience and resolve with us individually and advance us in a remarkable way. Your present testing is more precious than gold and it is also temporary. Each test/contradiction has a built-in destiny upgrade available for you. This is the truth you and I must choose to live from, and as we do we will find ourselves less shaken by the moments and days of contradiction that we or our nation experience.
He who began a good work in us, and in our nation, is going to perfect it. Stay encouraged. Stay in hope. Extended periods of "favored destiny" are here. We are truly in historical days of accelerated Kingdom advancement and if you connect to that narrative you will find an amazing increase of love, peace and joy in your life."
Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth

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