Where I Sit

God is fun, and a woman who used to go to church with me was right when she told me in an email that nothing ever stays the same. The past several months, maybe longer, there has been an unholy civil war taking place in the church our family has been attending for approx. 13 years. Because our family resides a little over an hour outside of town, we were able to avoid a lot of the conflict, but being attenders of the church, we weren't able to avoid it completely.  

A recent email said these words, "...I don't know where you sit in the "Church split"..." At the time I answered the email I didn't know how to write where I sit in the church split either. I wrote a blog post about it earlier, but I don't know whether the posting did anything more than allow me to think and ponder out loud for my own personal thought processing. 

After I began to answer the email, however, I realized exactly where I sit. I sit under the wings of He Who always is. God always is, and He is more than able to redeem, restore, refresh, renew, and recreate. So...that's where I sit; I sit under the wings of He Who always is. I know God is working everything in every situation out for His glory, and I'm giving Him all the glory and praise for all of the marvelous things He has done and is continuing to do.  

There was also mention about it being a busy summer. Whew! Has it ever been busy! And for my family here at Abundance House there isn't an end to the busy in sight, but oh my, it has been good!!! Too much to condense down or know where to begin telling, if it can even be written. We are witnessing the words given by the prophets in scripture and through the Elijah List come to pass over and over and over again. It is SO MUCH fun!!! Tons of God fun right in the middle of what appears to be chaos! Just like the Jesus and the prophets said!

Harvest time is one of, if not THE busiest seasons of the year, and we are definitely in harvest. I can't put into words how excited I am to be part of what God is doing. Week after week just keeps filling up one after the other yet we keep having more than enough energy, ideas, and provision for everything God brings our way. He brings people into our daily path, situations for Him to shine in, it's all Him, and we are glad, glad, glad to be His. It isn't just My Beloved, the children, and I that are experiencing God moving and working. Others are too. This weekend we help some people who are dear to us move. They are moving, and God already has a future ministry opportunity lined up waiting for them to begin in a few weeks.

School will also be starting again very soon, and I am looking forward to it greatly. I am also ready for Thanksgiving; I want to have it right now! Inside I am ready for Thanksgiving! So many pieces of so many promises have been falling into place so beautifully and rapidly that we barely have time around here to share with one another each day's miracles. Full days of Jesus. It's glorious. 

The word God gave me for 2016 was "NEW". This has DEFINITELY been a year of new. Speaking of new...here are some of my newest blessings: 
  • The Legacy Letter - the quarterly magazine from Kenneth Copeland's grandson Jeremy & Sarah Pearson's ministry - HUGE dose of the Word shared with a genuine sweetness of spirit and love 
  • Rivers of Grace by Mark and Patti Virkler - a parenting book that everyone would benefit from no matter if they are a parent or not; it's a true treasure chest of wisdom, truth, and love, and ...
  • Breakout - a book by Joel Osteen - this is the second or third book I've read by him - they are all such blessings
  • And Louis L'Amour - yes, God has even been using Louis L'Amour books and quotes to teach this woman of His:)
These are just a few of the newest blessings God has brought my way this summer. God managed to squeeze in several other books this summer as I read a bit here and bit there during random snippets of time. I am learning not to waste those random little snippets of time. A mama can accomplish a lot in a snippet:)

Mamas accomplishing a lot in a snippet of time makes me think of a mama in North Carolina who saw a need, took a snippet of time to share the need, and WHOA!!! Look what the Lord has done! http://loriharris.me/2016/08/26/yes-we-did/. If you want to read the original post where Lori did the asking, here it is: http://loriharris.me/2016/08/19/pad-a-palooza-oh-heck-yes-we-can/.

Speaking of a mama, this mama had better get to her mama-ing. It's almost time to put some supper on the table! 

Have a blessed afternoon and weekend!
Abundantly Blessed

Sending out a HUGE Thank You to the sender of the email that got me to thinking about "Where I sit"!!! It is her email that made this post possible. Thank You!!!

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