Sometimes...sometimes you have been friends to people for a long time. You know they aren't perfect, neither are you, but that's okay as long as you are imperfectly serving The One True Perfect God, together. But sometimes, the enemy comes in and deceives some of those people to whom you have been a friend, and sometimes those people don't invite you into their lives anymore, and sometimes there is a physical spiritual war, and sometimes, sometimes... God.

Sometimes you cannot agree with those around you because of God and what He has said to you. Because sometimes God says no, that's not My thoughts. That's not My way. That's not My plan for you. Even if the opinions and thoughts of others are correct, they are operating outside of My law of Love, and no one is "right" when hate is present. You are not to be a part of that. Remove yourself from hate and those who are hating. Take no part in division and strife. Get in here under the shelter of My wings in the secret place. Do not participate in hating. My answer on this issue is this and only this, No. Where there is Love, yes. Where no Love is, no.

Then God begins a journey of revelation and you are so completely captivated and enthralled with Him that the strife around you seems invisible in comparison to the light of His glory. While most around you are striving against brothers and sisters, hating those God commands to love, saturated in confusion and sadness, you are wrapped up in the Lover of your soul and your only desire is for Him, His plans, and His ways. And sometimes God tells you that being right is completely wrong when being right becomes more important than being in Love.

Being in Love with God is the only matter of true importance, and when other issues take precedence over Love and  His law of Love, well, those issues are wrong, even if they're right. When temporaries become more important than the Eternal Love, it's wrong. It's wrong because God says the world will know we are His because of our love for one another so if we're not loving one another, if we are hating, we are wrong. Whether our stand on an issue is "right" or not, if we are operating from any base other than God who is Love, we are wrong.

So...sometimes...sometimes smack dab in the middle of the raging hateful fray God draws you away with Him into His garden of delightfulness and beauty. Into the secret place where He lavishes you with your heart's deepest longings and desires you are drawn and kept safe from the dogs of war, from the dogs whose mouths are saturated with the blood of those they've devoured. Sometimes in the secret place dreams are given, truths are taught, and wounds are healed. Sometimes under His wings a beloved child of the Most High finds herself learning Who her Abba truly is when the ideologies and opinions of men are stripped away. Sometimes when a daughter of the King discovers who the King really is she is then able to see the truth about those around her and sometimes, sometimes, sometimes...God.

Sometimes God teaches His daughter who she is in Him so she can rise up and fight for those caught in the raging fray, for her brothers and sisters who are deceiving and being deceiving by the enemy of their souls. And sometimes, some of her brothers and sisters don't choose Abba or His way. Sometimes their eyes are blinded by the father of lies, and even though they truly think they are serving God, the Father of Light, with their passionate zeal, they aren't, and sometimes, sometimes a daughter of God runs hard to Abba and cries hard for all of her brothers and sisters. Because God's daughter knows when hate wins all of us lose.

But none of this matters because...sometimes...God. There it is: sometimes...God. Always this: God. Nothing else but God. As a once popular song says, God and God Alone. No one, nothing, nowhere, just God. Only God takes the deceiver, the deceived, the breaker, the broken, the tearer, the torn, the fighters, and those caught in the middle of a fight they didn't know was being fought, everything the enemy meant for evil and makes it all good, ALL of it, every little speck. It doesn't matter who was or was not "right". The only thing that matters is Him, and He is the only One who matters. Any and every thing else will pass away, but God and His Word will not pass away; they remain.

Now we're back to where we began: sometimes...God.

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