What God Says Wednesday

Good Morning! Let's listen to what God says to us today. I'm reading in the King James Version of the Bible this morning. We're still in Colossians chapter three verse 8. It's difficult to stop there as it flows through the rest of the chapter so nicely, but there is so much meat to meditate on in each verse let's make ourselves stop with one bit and chew it thoroughly rather than gulping the whole piece down at once.

"But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth." ~ Colossians 3:8 KJV

"Put off all these..." The words "put off" clearly reveal we possess the power to get these things out of our lives. They can be put off like we would dirty clothes. The words "...all these..." (emphasis mine) reveal all, not some, but all of these can be put off. We don't have to tolerate any of this nasty negative in our lives. Also, this is a command. The putting off of these is our personal responsibility. God isn't going to do it for us. We are to do the putting off. Which, of course, means neither can we blame others should these things come out of us. 

I definitely think this little bite of scripture is enough for this week. I'm also thinking a dictionary and thesaurus will be helpful in further study of what I am to "put off". I want to make sure I don't miss anything that God wants gone. 

Before I slip out to begin lunch, I want to share some practical supplies and tips which came to me and might be helpful in our times of meditating on what God says. 

Writing down each verse and any personal journaling or notes can add great depth to our uttering, muttering, and pondering time. This can be as personalized as each individual desires. For some this might look like graphic journaling with watercolor, ink, crayons, pastels, or pencils. For others it might be a bulleted list on the back of an envelope or index card. Handwritten thoughts jotted down in letter form could be just the ticket for someone else. Is there a chalkboard in your home? This might be the ideal way to make the most of meditation insights.

Whatever method of recording the thoughts and insights God reveals to us as we utter, mutter, and ponder, will be perfect. Not a lot of time for writing or drawing? Perhaps a voice recorder is the method of recording insights for you. Simply push the button, say the insight into the recorder, and go on about your day. These recordings can be replayed and listened to over and over and over again to ensure complete saturation.

Possible supplies:
  • spiral notebook
  • journal
  • index cards
  • journaling Bible - see Karla Dornacher's website for personal examples of graphic journaling of scripture - truly inspiring!
  • pens
  • pencils
  • watercolors
  • colored pencils
  • white chalk
  • colored chalk
  • chalk pens
  • chalkboard
  • dry erase markers
  • dry erase board
  • wet erase markers
  • stickers
  • gel pens
  • fountain pens
  • divider tabs
  • rolodex type holder for index cards
  • binder with page protectors
  • hole punch for placing paper in binder
  • colored or patterned paper
  • basket for bible, notebook, pens
  • totebag for bible, notebook, pens
  • nice box for bible, notebook, pens
  • cleared out space in drawer or shelf 
  • whatever works best for each person and will be used - this is the very best of all supplies and methods
Happy Uttering, Muttering, and Pondering!
Abundantly Blessed

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