How I Enjoy Variety

Variety. It's a word that has been crossing my mind frequently. "Variety is the spice of life" is a cliche often heard, but what exactly does variety look like? Lately, it looks a lot like my life.

Are you a reader? Does a good book beckon you to leave the daily routine and escape to another world, even if just for a little bit? Can the thought of reading the next chapter motivate you to complete the next task awaiting your attention? Or are you like me? A good book? So long, see you. Where's Mama? Honey! Where are you? Mama's reading. Oh-h-h-h. It doesn't matter if you are the type of reader who loses themselves in a book and doesn't return until its completion or one who shows restraint and moderation in their indulgence. There isn't anything like a good book. As long as I have been able to read, I have spent many hours reading my way through. I remember a time I checked out quite a few larger books to read at the local library. A new librarion was on duty and wasn't sure that I could read so many books. My mother and I assured her that I could, so she let me try. After returning ALL of the books long before their due time, I wasn't ever questioned again. Reading was my "thing". It was the first thing I can recall excelling at. The praise that I received for reading so well at such a young age started me on the journey of reading, but it was the ability to travel places and experience new things through each new book that kept me hooked. Bored? Who could possibly bored if there is a book available?

This post isn't supposed to be about reading though. It's about variety. A variety that is evidenced through the books that I am currently reading. (That's how I got on the reading rabbit trail.) Here they are: The Bible, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Restoring Your Shield of Faith by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler, Fields With God by Lorraine Curry with Jean Hall, Apple Cider Vinegar by Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg, Easy Homeschooling Techniques, Easy Homeschooling Companion, and Easy Homeschooling Curriculum all by Lorraine Curry. There is also a stack of other classics upstairs waiting for me to open them. The content of these readings is vastly different yet each of them pertain to a specific area of my life.

Just as my book pile is filled with variety, the events of my life are unfolding in an almost dizzying splendor. There have been seasons of unchanging routine as I spent day after boring day doing the exact same uninteresting thing. Right now, however, such is not the case. Every day holds a vast array of new and different activities. The graduation of our eldest child, the first branding dinner in our new home, continued work on the house, siding on the house, children traveling and being gone, on and on the list goes. If you are an adventurous sort, this probably sounds marvelous. If your preference runs towards routine and consistency, it most likely appears quite horrific. Either way, I'm not bored. Nor do I have the luxury of an off day. There simply hasn't been time. Please notice that I didn't say there wasn't time for a day off. There is not time for an off day where I allow myself to feed my flesh.

Recently I asked the Lord to teach me how to crucify my flesh. Guess what? He is answering me! Guess what else? I am loving it! There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to Him for making me more like Himself. The Holy Spirit is teaching me more every moment of every day. I am being kept in His care and led in His paths. It is good. It is God. I am "doing" step by step, from glory to glory. God is so good. Learning of Him and His ways is one of the largest lessons in variety I have ever studied. As much as I thought I loved the Word before, I love it and crave it even more now. My very life depends on its every word. I am discovering that not only does God's creation contain great variety. The avenues He provides for me to escape the call of the flesh are endless. At times it may mean leaving the room. Often, escaping the grips of temptation is as simple as keeping my mouth closed. Too many times I have looked for and sought a great, spiritual answer from Heaven when all I needed to do was get out the sidewalk chalk or start singing and dancing a silly tune. My Heavenly Father didn't make my life dull and dreary. I'm the one that does that. Thank You Jesus for revealing to me the spiciness of Your delicious variety.

Well, another opportunity to walk in the Love of God that has been shed abroad in my heart. (Romans 5:5) Nothing like parenting to point us to the cross. Nothing like a hot day and a cranky little one to tempt the flesh. Praise the Lord. Greater is He that is in me. He has given me everything I need for life and Godliness. (2 Peter 1:3) I am under the shelter of His wings (Psalm 91) and no temptation has overtaken me but such as is common to man....and He has also provided a way of escape. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Today's escape is coming to us in form of nice, cold glasses of peach tea for horselover and I as the two littles take a snippet of a nap.

Variety, once upon a time I was so afraid of it. Now, I savor and relish every bit. God is good.

FYI - I had never read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen before. It was with some trepidation that I began the read. Once I got the hang of the older English, I didn't want to put it down. What a delightful combination of real life! I can't wait to begin the next classic.

UPDATE! More Governor's Proclaim Call For Prayer This Sunday

UPDATE! More Governor's Proclaim Call For Prayer This Sunday

Yesterday morning in church, our pastor read a prayer request he had received. As a body of believers, our church family joined our faith with that of others across the nation in prayer for this situation. Upon checking email this morning I came across this article. Even though Sunday has past, I couldn't help sharing it as a praise report. So often the media in our country gives the impression that God is no longer welcome here. This article, however, proves that such propaganda is absolutely false! Praise God! There are still Americans who recognize their need of and independence on God Almighty! Reading this article was such a blessing to me. I pray that it encourages and strengthens your resolve to live in total reliance upon the merciful hand of God. His mercies are new every morning, and I am ever so glad they are.

Another note, blogging vacation is over. (Obviously) The past several weeks have been extremely busy. Yet God has been extremely close. He has taught and shown me much. I have grown in my relationship with Him and with others. It has been a wonderful, crazy, busy, busy time. One of those periods in life a person wouldn't trade for anything; neither would they go through it again for anything.

It's official! Promiseland Home School has turned out its very first graduate! Even though I have read the accounts of others, it still surprised me how painless homeschooling high school was, especially with such a hard-working, self-motivated student. It's been said before, but bears repeating "I am one blessed Mama!" Until later, Blessed Mama


A Blogging Vacation

Good Morning!
Life's season at A Mother's Rewards has become quite busy recently.  With numerous activities to prepare for in the coming weeks, a short vacation from blogging will begin today.  Looking at the schedule, our blogging vacation will be completed June 21.  Beginning June 22, Blessed Mama will be able to visit on a regular basis again AND we will have pictures to share from Not of this World.  Summer is the perfect time for a tall glass of iced tea and a visit, and there are plenty of topics to chat about when I return.  Please feel free to slip on over to Living Large on Less and check out the archives for ideas and tips on Living Large on Less.  Also, for those who sent in for the recipe booklet, I have good news!  A Mother's Rewards and Living Large on Less have ink!!!  We are now able to print out and assemble the booklets.  Summer will have begun by the time we return from blogging vacation.  Remember to savor every moment of Spring that remains.  God is good ALL the time and His mercies are new every morning.  He is worthy of all our praise.  Enjoying His Grace, Blessed Mama
It's a busy, busy season here at Living Large on Less.  We've been branding, will be branding this next weekend, have company coming, and a photography exhibit to prepare for.  Thank you for being so patient with us.  If you can find it in yourselves to be patient for just a few weeks longer, we will back in full force with plenty of ideas, tips, and suggestions for Living Large on Less.  Some of them will have been tried and tested at the very events we are working on right now. 

Remember to enjoy the life you have been granted and to make every moment of every day one in which you Live Large--no matter how little the "less" is.   For example, right now the sun is shining and Colonel Redeemed is mowing.  What a blessing my oldest son is to me!  I'm thinking that now is the perfect time to hang clean laundry on the line and set out some sun tea.  Then, there are some tomatoes, peppers, and other plants that are longing to be in the garden.  Another blessing to be thankful for is that my Mother-in-Love is sending over lunch--already cooked.  I told you I was a Blessed Mama. Even picking potato bugs off the potato plants can be living large.  It's all in the perspective.  "You can gripe about the manure OR you can be thankful for the ox."  It's Spring! The earth is waking up!  Have a blessed time Living Large.  Blessed Mama

We're Still Here!