He's Walking! Victorious Man of God will be one-year-old in February, and he is walking more and more every day. Granted, he could have walked over a month ago, but hey, when a fella has so many "servants" around to pick him up and cart him around, why would he bother walking? Anyway, so called "servants" aka brothers and sisters figured out what was going on and started picking up less and encouraging him to join them using his own efforts more. Result? littlest bro. started walking a smidge. Same bros. and sis. started really making a ta do when Victorious Man of God took a few steps and Whoa! that guy took off like a comet, a not quite 11-month-old comet. We now know that VMOG is really into verbal affirmation.

Climbing has shown up on the Abundance House scene too. Yep, we are in another "life will never be the same" scenario, one of many to come I am sure. All of a sudden, my quiet guy has come to life climbing, walking, opening every cupboard and drawer he can reach, and all other manner of living life as fully as a little man in the making can. I am learning from my youngest son. I am also remembering back to when I was a younger mom, much younger, and know what? I was a LOT more fun when I was 22 than I am at 42. Doing something about that everytime I think about it. One of the things I am doing to work on being more fun is that I am being purposefully intentional about loosening up and changing the way I look at and see various situations. Altering my perspective.

Speaking of various situations, one has come up. A certain 5yo Mighty Man of God needs a mama's tender loving attention. Must be time for a snack. On second thought, make that a nap. Yes, it's time for a certain someone to take a nap, Mighty Man of God would benefit from one too:)

Talk to you later this week!
Abundantly Blessed@ Abundance House


On My Mind

Thinking about a lot of things lately. That's nothing new, the thinking a lot part. There is almost always a lot of thinking going on around here. Sometimes, there is too much. Sometimes, everyone needs to think less and do more. Yes siree, sure do. Need to think less and do more or wait, maybe I need to keep thinking and just do more, a lot more. OR maybe I need to do more of some things and not so much of others.

More of some and not as much of other things. Gotta think on that some more. It isn't leaving until I do. More? Something like more being kind, more laughing out loud, more smiling instead of frowning, more hugging when I feel like spewing verbal lava, more on my knees and less on my backside, more. More praise, less criticism, more encouragement, less blah-blah-blah, more of the healthy for body, soul, and spirit, less of the yuck. Yes, more. Definitely more.

And less. Less? Hmmm. Less focus on the bod and more on the spirit? Oh yeah, most definitely that one. Less stressing, more trust, less sitting, more movement, less talking, more doing, less wishing, more hoping, less doubt, more trust, less fear, more faith. Whoo Baby! This is looking like a grand sort of good year from here. Less temporary, more eternal, less fluffy fillers, more genuinely true, less of the better than nothing, more of the exactly right. This just keeps getting better and better. One more, less of the exasperated "no-no" and more crazy loud giggles from being chased by the blessed mama kissing machine.

Watch Out you kids! That Blessed Mama Kissing Machine is on the loose!
Loving Hugs to You,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


May I Share?

Still not certain, but thinking that perhaps, maybe it's time for a change, a life change. I have done this before, made this same change, but this time it's different. This time, well, I'm not sure this time. Before I was sure. This time...I'm not sure at all. So I'll end this doesn't make any sense post and wait until the words come. They were here, the words. They're gone now. Unsure where they go, those words that are here then gone. When rocking the baby, they are so full and seemingly perfect. Sit down to type and nothing. They're gone. It's as if they never were. I'll just slip out quietly, now, before any more time is wasted on something that no longer is.

Have a blessed day in Jesus. He never slips away and leaves like those fly away words.

Love and Many Prayers,
Abundantly Blessed


Easy Bit of Sweet

Here's a new recipe I recently saw in a newspaper. It is for Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn. Quick, easy, delicious describes it perfectly. Thought it might be an easy bit of sweet for munching during that big game or favorite winter movie night.

  • 1/2 C. butter
  • 1/2 C. brown sugar
  • 10 large marshmallows
  • 12 C. popcorn, popped
Melt butter and brown sugar. Add in marshmallows and mix until melted. Pour mixture over popped caramel. Stir in and enjoy.

Note: This mixture can be shaped into popcorn balls or other shapes if desired. Our family just ate it as was. Gooey but not ridiculously sticky. Yummy. Delicious. Were some of the comments I heard as children were trying it.


Have you been reading and/or listening to any words for this new year of 2014? We have here at Abundance House. It is so much fun reading words from a variety of sources and discover that they are all saying the same, or very similar, things about this year. We think it is fun anyway.

What about you? What word(s) have you been hearing? I pray that it is a good word, a word full of encouragement and hope. For this year is going to be a good year just as today is a good day. Today is a good day because today is the day that the Lord has made. Therefore we are rejoicing and being glad in it. That's the key to every day, every year, isn't it? Making an intentional decision to believe that this is the day/year that the Lord has made and then rejoicing in it? Isn't that where it is? Isn't that where we decide what sort of day, week, month, year, life we will live?

So, what sort of year are you hearing 2014 is going to be? More importantly still, what sort of year are you saying it will be? The ears hear all sorts of words. Thankfully, the words that get said are a choice. What a blessing that we don't have to say every word we hear! What am I hearing? Am I hearing the naysayers? The end of the world-ers? Or are there words of life, hope, peace, and joy being heard?

Even though I can't help what I hear, I can choose what I listen to as well as what I say. What am I listening to? What am I saying? What will I say from this point on? Those are the questions I need to answer. Now. Before the year gets any farther along. Right now. What am I going to listen to this year? What am I going to say? What will I give voice to? Will I support good or evil, encourage or discourage with my words? These are choices to be made. These are the words that will shape not only the new year but the future.

Choosing my words,
Abundantly Blessed


Intimacy in Winter

Cold winds and warm fires make snuggling down into cozy very easy indeed. This fast isn't a burden but a treat on days like today. Who wants the coldness of machine when there are sweet loved ones to enjoy? Who indeed? Questions such as this have me praying about a few little details of our days here at Abundance House. Thought there would be changes come out of the internet fast. Not sure I expected them to be the ones I am praying over now. Tea water is almost ready. Wanting to snuggle close to Jesus before the day gets any further spent. More time for snuggling in with Him, the Lover of My Soul is showing up during this fast of the online.

The intimacy of winter in real life, how I relish these moments,
Abundantly Blessed


A Little Bit More

Two more days left of this partial internet fast. Not finding any rush to return to the online. Expected to have withdrawals or something of that sort. Didn't happen, not even a little. Inner ear yuck did make the first two weeks a no brainer, but the rest of the time? How is it that this has been like a wondrous vacation. In real life shouldn't be the exception. So why has it become that way? Realizing changes are in order. Nothing dramatic, just adding a little bit of this here and removing a little bit of that over there. Sort of a rearranging of the furniture of life going on here.  

Fasts are a time for meditating and praying, spending time with God instead of whatever was fasted. What a blessed treat! Soaking in the presence of God the Holy Spirit is way better than sitting in front of a computer screen. Finding myself wanting to get online and tell everyone to get off and go live life! If everyone got off, there wouldn't be any ideas shared or encouraging words arriving in my inbox though. So...maybe I don't want everyone else to get offline, but yet, I still do, sort of. Maybe what I really want is for everyone to experience the joy of relishing real life, fully.

Friends, family, pets, sunrises, sunsets, cozy fires, simple homemade food, teenage passion and sibling squabbles, glances revealing intimacy desired are all parts of a whole, a whole life that I can choose to fully live, or not. Right now however I'm going to return to the living room. There are some kiddos I want to have memories of their mama living full and fully living. Kiddos who are having way too much fun pushing their littlest brother around in his wheeled toy crate. Littlest brother hasn't decided if he thinks this new adventure is as fun as his older brother and sister do. The verdict is still out with him. "Keep your hands in sir. Going fast." "My turn!" Ok, hey, he thought that little spin out was fun. Now there is laughing. Still doesn't like having his hands put inside the box, but thinks the fast noises from brother and the small little spins at the end are the best. Sister's slow, careful trips aren't near so much fun. Yes, mama needs to be in there.

Join me in living full and fully living? Please do. It's worth breaking out of normal to do.
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


A Little Snippet

Just slipping in a sneak peak into Abundance House during these first weeks of the new year. An internet fast is under way this first month. Don't over wonder about it. I intentionally chose not to do an absolute fast of the internet. Time and space was left for quick little blog visits, school research, and other "necessary" tasks. You know, like pinteresting ideas for Miss Mustard Seed's early Autumn graduation from high school.

Whoa! Wait a minute. Early Autumn? Yes. The girl wanted sunflowers and sunflowers are in bloom early Autumn. So...naturally we took advantage of home education's flexibility, doubled up on this year's classes, and made room for an unconventional graduation. All for the love of sunflowers. Even with an afternoon visit to Pinterest, the fast has still not been broken. Like I said, time and space were intentionally put in place. It's a necessary thing in a large agricultural family. Trust me on this. Flexibility is needed.

Mornings of the new year have looked different with the fast. Instead of Mama checking and sorting emails first thing after breakfast, two littles and I snuggle up on the sofa for school read alouds. We're reading Little Britches by Ralph Moody right now. We finished up Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder last week. Confessing that we usually end up reading more chapters than we intend, just because we want to know what comes next. This no internet, except for the ultra necessary, is turning out to be the redeemer of my favorite time of the day, morning. Not sure how our lives will be affected by this fast but knowing that if nothing else our morning rhythms are changing, and I like it alot.

Snuggling in for another read,
Abundantly Blessed

P.S. - There are a lot more hot chocolate, peppermint tea, and tall glasses of water being enjoyed all together too, sometimes with snacks. A natural relaxing rhythm that vaguely resembles the partaking of morning and evening tea has developed. It is a peaceful, homey rhythm that makes me smile.


A Little Bit of Something

Yes, it's still an internet fast for me. I know though that not everyone is joining the fast. So...just leaving a little bit of something here for you to pick up today, or whatever day you are here. It's a link - again. This link though is chock full of free goodness to bless, organize, and line out the year just a little bit. There are a few free printable downloads for daily rhythms aka routines and other helpful daily sheets to make our days more productive and freely full. And the message? Yes, it's a keeper too. Happy New Year! Here's that little bit of something just for you.

See you at month's end!
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


An Internet Fast?

Considering fasting the internet this first bit of the new  year. Fasting is a personal experience. One can fast anything. It doesn't have to be food. It certainly can be though. Yes, the possibility of an internet fast is definitely a real possibility. Thinking it may be closer to a probability. Anyone consider joining me? It will take guts in this day and age. I mean, seriously, everybody is online. Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. etc. etc. Can I do it? Yes, I think I can. I actually think I want to. I remember life before internet, and frankly, I miss it.

Internet is nice. It is handy. It is a marvelous tool, one I use extensively. Yet I have found myself thinking about the days when it wasn't a part of our home, and I like those days better. I really truly do. So...an internet fast. Hmmmm. I'll be back. It won't be forever. I don't think it will be anyway. Just a little while, a few weeks, maybe a month. Just a tiny while right at the first of the new year. It will help me get internet usage where it belongs, under my control instead of me under its thumb. I might even keep a journal, with paper and pen during the fast and then share it when I return. Hmmmm, that might be just the exact sort of new I was hoping would show up here at Abundance House. See you after the fast!

To God be the glory in all things,
Abundantly Blessed