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Two more days left of this partial internet fast. Not finding any rush to return to the online. Expected to have withdrawals or something of that sort. Didn't happen, not even a little. Inner ear yuck did make the first two weeks a no brainer, but the rest of the time? How is it that this has been like a wondrous vacation. In real life shouldn't be the exception. So why has it become that way? Realizing changes are in order. Nothing dramatic, just adding a little bit of this here and removing a little bit of that over there. Sort of a rearranging of the furniture of life going on here.  

Fasts are a time for meditating and praying, spending time with God instead of whatever was fasted. What a blessed treat! Soaking in the presence of God the Holy Spirit is way better than sitting in front of a computer screen. Finding myself wanting to get online and tell everyone to get off and go live life! If everyone got off, there wouldn't be any ideas shared or encouraging words arriving in my inbox though. So...maybe I don't want everyone else to get offline, but yet, I still do, sort of. Maybe what I really want is for everyone to experience the joy of relishing real life, fully.

Friends, family, pets, sunrises, sunsets, cozy fires, simple homemade food, teenage passion and sibling squabbles, glances revealing intimacy desired are all parts of a whole, a whole life that I can choose to fully live, or not. Right now however I'm going to return to the living room. There are some kiddos I want to have memories of their mama living full and fully living. Kiddos who are having way too much fun pushing their littlest brother around in his wheeled toy crate. Littlest brother hasn't decided if he thinks this new adventure is as fun as his older brother and sister do. The verdict is still out with him. "Keep your hands in sir. Going fast." "My turn!" Ok, hey, he thought that little spin out was fun. Now there is laughing. Still doesn't like having his hands put inside the box, but thinks the fast noises from brother and the small little spins at the end are the best. Sister's slow, careful trips aren't near so much fun. Yes, mama needs to be in there.

Join me in living full and fully living? Please do. It's worth breaking out of normal to do.
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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