On My Mind

Thinking about a lot of things lately. That's nothing new, the thinking a lot part. There is almost always a lot of thinking going on around here. Sometimes, there is too much. Sometimes, everyone needs to think less and do more. Yes siree, sure do. Need to think less and do more or wait, maybe I need to keep thinking and just do more, a lot more. OR maybe I need to do more of some things and not so much of others.

More of some and not as much of other things. Gotta think on that some more. It isn't leaving until I do. More? Something like more being kind, more laughing out loud, more smiling instead of frowning, more hugging when I feel like spewing verbal lava, more on my knees and less on my backside, more. More praise, less criticism, more encouragement, less blah-blah-blah, more of the healthy for body, soul, and spirit, less of the yuck. Yes, more. Definitely more.

And less. Less? Hmmm. Less focus on the bod and more on the spirit? Oh yeah, most definitely that one. Less stressing, more trust, less sitting, more movement, less talking, more doing, less wishing, more hoping, less doubt, more trust, less fear, more faith. Whoo Baby! This is looking like a grand sort of good year from here. Less temporary, more eternal, less fluffy fillers, more genuinely true, less of the better than nothing, more of the exactly right. This just keeps getting better and better. One more, less of the exasperated "no-no" and more crazy loud giggles from being chased by the blessed mama kissing machine.

Watch Out you kids! That Blessed Mama Kissing Machine is on the loose!
Loving Hugs to You,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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