May I Share?

Still not certain, but thinking that perhaps, maybe it's time for a change, a life change. I have done this before, made this same change, but this time it's different. This time, well, I'm not sure this time. Before I was sure. This time...I'm not sure at all. So I'll end this doesn't make any sense post and wait until the words come. They were here, the words. They're gone now. Unsure where they go, those words that are here then gone. When rocking the baby, they are so full and seemingly perfect. Sit down to type and nothing. They're gone. It's as if they never were. I'll just slip out quietly, now, before any more time is wasted on something that no longer is.

Have a blessed day in Jesus. He never slips away and leaves like those fly away words.

Love and Many Prayers,
Abundantly Blessed

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