An Internet Fast?

Considering fasting the internet this first bit of the new  year. Fasting is a personal experience. One can fast anything. It doesn't have to be food. It certainly can be though. Yes, the possibility of an internet fast is definitely a real possibility. Thinking it may be closer to a probability. Anyone consider joining me? It will take guts in this day and age. I mean, seriously, everybody is online. Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. etc. etc. Can I do it? Yes, I think I can. I actually think I want to. I remember life before internet, and frankly, I miss it.

Internet is nice. It is handy. It is a marvelous tool, one I use extensively. Yet I have found myself thinking about the days when it wasn't a part of our home, and I like those days better. I really truly do. So...an internet fast. Hmmmm. I'll be back. It won't be forever. I don't think it will be anyway. Just a little while, a few weeks, maybe a month. Just a tiny while right at the first of the new year. It will help me get internet usage where it belongs, under my control instead of me under its thumb. I might even keep a journal, with paper and pen during the fast and then share it when I return. Hmmmm, that might be just the exact sort of new I was hoping would show up here at Abundance House. See you after the fast!

To God be the glory in all things,
Abundantly Blessed

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