Homemade Chocolate Extract!

Hi! Hi! Hi! I am so excited over the recipe I just found! It is TOTALLY Abundance House material! Not of This World is going to love this one! I can't wait to tell her about it! It is for homemade chocolate extract! Can you believe that? Chocolate extract is so expensive!

Ready for the recipe? Here it is: 2 C. vodka made from potato (this makes the recipe gluten free - the bottle will say it is made from potato), 3/4 C. cocoa baking powder (highest quality of dark cocoa that fits your lifestyle and budget), Mix, pour into glass jar, cover with lid, allow to "brew" in dark cupboard for 6 weeks to 10 months (this will be determined by personal preference).

That's it! Just like vanilla extract except using cocoa powder instead! Isn't this fun? Going to run! Didn't really have time to stop in but had to share this new recipe. Don't you love meeting at our bench like this? It's almost like neighbors chatting over the fence after they hang out their laundry! Love ya!

Abundantly Blessed


Easy, Delicious Salad for Summer

Hey There! Isn't this summer sunshine beautiful? It makes me think there should be some deep, red yummy tomatoes and cucumbers on my table. How about you? I found a recipe for a tomato cucumber salad to try. Not only does it look absolutely delicious, it can be kept in the fridge. How great would it be to have a salad ready and waiting in the fridge to use as a side or as a snack? That's what I thought too. It would be wonderbar.

Here's the link: http://www.gwens-nest.com/family-favorite-recipes/tomato-cucumber-salad/. Don't have time for more than a quick chat this afternoon. After finding this recipe though, I simply had to see if you were sitting at our bench and share it, if you were here. I also found a recipe for another homemade extract. This one may be even more popular than the one we shared for homemade vanilla extract. Seriously, you won't want to miss this one. It is going to be so helpful on this new Trim and Healthy way of eating.

Okay, there's the link for the salad. I'll let you get back to enjoying your afternoon. Summer is made for savoring. Don't you think? A little bit of slow and crazy all at the same time. Uhmmm, makes me heave a relaxing sigh just thinking about it. See you later! Oh! That Good Girl Moonshine? It's different, not bad but not amazing either. It could be really refreshing on a hot day. Another thing is that I would like to experiment with some other flavor options before giving it a so--so rating. After all, it is decidedly better than apple cider vinegar by itself. Maybe a berry something or other would take it over the top. We'll see. Love you friend!

Abundantly Blessed


That Book, You Know, That One

Hi! Want to try something new to drink with me? It's called Good Girl Moonshine. Isn't that a funny name? I found out about it from the Trim Healthy Mama pinterest boards. It's for those times when a person wants something besides water to drink but still wants to be healthy. A time like RIGHT NOW for me. *chuckling with a grin*

Yes, I'm procrastinating again. Actually, I'm trying to decide if the sun has moved enough for Giggles and I to wash away the bug yuck from off of the front of the house, especially around the windows. ugh. It's gross. The Fourth of July is coming up fast. I'm thinking the sooner we get some of these little jobs out of the way, the more fun we can have later on.

So, back to the drink. Would you like some? We're going to try the original recipe before changing it up to suit our own preferences. It's a quart of ice water with approx. 1-2 T of apple cider vinegar (the kind that contains the mother) drizzled in, some ginger to taste, and stevia type sweetener. Best option would be the Trim Healthy Mama sweetener that is available for purchase at the Trim Healthy Mama website.

Speaking of Trim Healthy Mama. I'm glad you dropped by. I am in need of an accountability partner. Do you remember way back when, maybe as long as a year ago, when I shared about the Trim Healthy Mama book I got? Yeah, it's been a while. Well, as much as I loved the book and totally agreed with the "plan", I haven't ever really gotten on board and done any of it. I tried a few recipes here and there but that's about it.

God is calling me to a higher way of living. Healthy is a choice, a choice I need to make. So...would you...would you allow Him to use you to help hold me accountable to this choice of healthy I am making for Him? It would mean a lot to me if you would. Really, a lot. You don't have to. Please don't feel obligated or pressured or anything like that. It's just that well, since we're meeting together like this anyway, maybe you wouldn't mind reminding me every now and then if I seem to forget that I'm committing to honoring the temple of the Holy Spirit, my body, by committing to healthy. Feel free to pray about it and get back to me. I'm going to do this no matter what. Being held accountable might help me remember I am, you know, in case I am tempted to forget. What do you think?

So, what do you think of the drink? I'm going to go mix up mine and see what Giggles and I think of it, not that Giggles needs a special drink. That little girl is a bouncing bundle of veggie, protein, and good food loving health. Her coffee cravings aren't exactly pure food, but she knows those are for extra special occasions only. Anyway, thanks for coming over!!! I'll let you know what we thought of the drink later. Ummm, there's a quick little love squeeze for ya to take home with you. Are you coming back later? Good! We've got some fun things rolling around in the want to section of our brains. Talk to you later! If you like the drink, there is a Caramel Apple version on pinterest. There are a LOT of really yummy looking Trim Healthy Mama recipes on there. Go ahead and just leave some of your favorites in a comment below, if you want. We'd love to try them!

We're going to Tigger our way out of here with a "Ta Ta for Now"!

Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


That Song

Hi. What's up this morning? Yes, it is sunny. Windy too. How was your time with the Lord? Mine? Well, there was this song. This song. I sang it when I was 18 years old. Last night when talking with the family it came back to me. It stayed with me all through the night, and is still with me now. After only being able to recall the chorus and first verse I looked the other words up and WHOOSH! the entire song came back in full force. Still, over 12 hours later, it is rushing over and over through me. I keep singing it as a prayer. The presence of God is so very strong in our home. The anointing that breaks the yoke is flowing. I can sense it strong.
What? Yes, yes there is prayer going strong. Brothers and sisters are in need. Yes, yes, the song is part of that. All I can do is pray and sing, sing and pray, and now, write. Somehow I needed to write these song words, to get them out and share them loud. I want to sing them for you but know that of course you can't hear the song when reading. Or can you? All I know at this moment is that this song, these words, must get out and be heard. They must get out. People need this song. They need it right now. 
The song is based off of 2Samuel 24:24. In this chapter we find Israel suffering from a plague, a plague that came as the result of King David's sin. Many are dying, and King David beseeches the Lord to spare the people as he is the one who sinned, not the people. God instructs David to build an altar to Him at the thresing flour of a man named Araunah. Araunah offers the King the threshing floor, but David speaks words, the same words that are running over and over through me in a song. This song. It is these words I sing today. I don't know who penned the words of the song. It is a song I sang at 18 years of age, one I found at the Bible Book Store. I apologize for not recognizing who the author is. I couldn't find his/her identity. Here is the song:
I cannot come before my righteous Holy Lord

And offer to Him worldly things I do not need

And hope He's pleased

For He wants me to give, a heart that's truly His

An offering of the highest price

A servant whom, the Lord can use

I'II will not offer anything that costs me nothing

I'll place before Him nothing less than my very best

And if I'm called to sacrifice

It will be worthy of my Christ

I will not offer anything that costs me nothing

To serve Him is my goal, how could I withhold

Whatever's mine He's given me, it's not my own

It's His alone

Whatever He requires, it is my desire

Whatever He may need from me,

I'll pay the cost, gain or loss

I will not offer anything that costs me nothing

I'll place before Him nothing less than my very best

And if I'm called to sacrifice

It will be worthy of my Christ

I will not offer anything that costs me nothing

These are the words my 18 year old self sang all of those long years ago, and these are the same words I am singing today in prayer. Another day God may have me share how He has been leading with one thing flowing smoothly into another into another into another as all work together into a glorious move of Him. Until then, I'll just keep singing this song He has put in me for this day. 
Uh-huh, it is time to prepare lunch. Aren't you thankful God has made us able to pray and serve our families both, at the same time? He is so good to allow us the honor of serving Him in prayer and daily service. How I love HIm. I love that about Him, how He makes it possible for even the humble tasks of preparing a meal, scrubbing a toilet, and folding laundry to become glorious acts of worship and prayer. Do you ever pray over the toilet, that everyone who sits on that seat you are scrubbing will be healed, filled, and touched by God? What about the laundry? Do you ever pray over and anoint the towels, sheets, and napkins so that all who come in contact with them will come in contact with God Himself? And the food! How I love to pray over the food! Oh! That brings me back to it's time for lunch preparation. 
Thank you for coming over this morning my friend.I needed the joining together of our faith in the prayer of agreement this day. Thank you so much for your love and support. I appreciate you beyond telling. Give me a hug before you go, please? Ummmm. Thank you. I needed that. Talk to you later. Have a blessed day in Jesus, the ultimate lover of our souls. Humming these words even as you go "And if I'm called to sacrifice it will be worth of my Christ. I will not offer anything that costs me nothing."
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House 


Gathering Together

Hey, come on over. Go ahead sit down right there in that comfy chair. How was your day? Wasn't the sunshine grand? It's warmth felt almost healing. And the wind. It was enough to fly some microkites I picked up for the kids. That was a little bit of fun right after lunch, before dishes.

Everywhere I turn lately I see people hurting, big time hurting. So many opportunities to be Jesus to those around me. How is it that I can see the opportunity to be Jesus in the hurting lives of others but miss it so often in the day to day of home life? Don't my sweet little and big ones need the love of God in human form too? Indeed they do. So do I.

As the weekend swiftly arrives, I pray that every moment I am more like Jesus than the moment before. And you? Are you also tired of life as usual? Dissatisfied with the status quo of popular Christianity? Are you longing for all God, only God, all day long, every day? Are you done with denominational this and that and just want God, more God, and only God? Me too. Me too.

God's people, hungry for Him, gathering together all in for all of Him. Yes, that. That's what I'm hungry for. Real people doing real life together in Jesus all day every day in every way. Now that's something to look forward to. That is something to dream about and strive towards. That. That. is church. No striving and contending with our fellow man/woman, no fussing, fretting, or fuming, no dividing, no demanding, no rebellion, noone contrary, just Jesus, all Jesus, only He, loving, full, and free.

Yes. It is getting late. Bed time is just about here. Thanks for dropping in. I'll be joining with you in praying for an all and only God life in us both, all and only Him all day every day in everything in every way. Yes, praying that for us all. Ummmm, thanks for the hug. I needed that. If I don't see you before then, have a super great blessed weekend! Love you! Good-bye!

Abundantly Blessed in Him


The Calming Quiet of After

Hi! Come on over and sit down on the porch with me. Would you like something to drink? There's some iced tea or, if you prefer, there might be some pop left in that cooler over there. This past weekend was branding. We're still letting go of that final it's over for another year sigh.

Sunday. The true "day after" was the best. Truly the best. Our visiting niece was surprised with an unexpected marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Lovely. Perfect. and they shared their day with us all here at the ranch. Lovely. Oh, I already said that. It was lovely. Perfectly lovely. Wild roses, other wildflowers, a table for two in the hills with a view overlooking the valley, a picnic, a ring hidden in the flowers, lovely. Perfectly so. Then, after the question and the answer of yes, there was all of us waiting back at the houses with smiles on our faces peeking out because we knew about the surprise, and we thought the answer would be yes, and it was just. so. much. fun. Perfectly lovely fun. Mmmmmm. It was like a delicious treat to the romantic in us all, and we have us some serious romantics at our house, all of us.

My Beloved is amazing. Just saying. He really is. He is the most romantic of us all. He is so good at everything he does, even arranging wildflowers to hide a ring inside and setting up a table and chairs for two in the hills. Yes indeed. He is an amazing man. Guess what. Now I want a picnic in the hills with a table for two, an umbrella, and a view. No French Bistro would dare try and compete with such a romantic experience as that. None. Are all of you dear friends swooning from the heady fragrance of the wild roses drifting over to our table for two? Yes, there were wild roses scenting the air at the table in the hills that perfectly lovely day. Oh my. There's a smile on my face just thinking about it even now two days later. Mmmmm. I'm sure I look silly, and I just don't care. Wild roses and romance make me smile silly and love it when I do.

As you can tell, the hard work and busyness of branding was eclipsed by Sunday's proposal. What? Branding hard work? Oh, yes. It always is, but that's ok. I love having a house full of people who are happy to be eating food I cooked just for them, food I have prayed over to bless them, to minister to them, to heal them from the inside out. Yes. It is hard work, but it's hard work my family and I all do together. It is hard work I love. We love taking care of and blessing people at our house. It makes us happy to be a blessing, and we love feeding people. Getting to do both? A joyous hard I love. I would do it more often. Seriously, I would. Though, if it did come more often, there wouldn't always be pie, at least not only pie. We'd throw in some other goodies too, goodies that can be made ahead of time and wait quietly in the freezer. Wow. If we did that, I would want to do this at least once a month if not every other week.

It's time for me to check on supper. It's leftovers made over into something new. Would you like to stay and eat with us? We'd love to have you. There's even a piece of pie for you, some ice cream too. Have to run anyway? I understand. Go ahead. Rush home to those dear loved ones. They're waiting just for you. Here's a hug to tide you over until our next time together. Know you are loved and prayed for. Love you! See you! Good-bye!

In Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House