The Calming Quiet of After

Hi! Come on over and sit down on the porch with me. Would you like something to drink? There's some iced tea or, if you prefer, there might be some pop left in that cooler over there. This past weekend was branding. We're still letting go of that final it's over for another year sigh.

Sunday. The true "day after" was the best. Truly the best. Our visiting niece was surprised with an unexpected marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Lovely. Perfect. and they shared their day with us all here at the ranch. Lovely. Oh, I already said that. It was lovely. Perfectly lovely. Wild roses, other wildflowers, a table for two in the hills with a view overlooking the valley, a picnic, a ring hidden in the flowers, lovely. Perfectly so. Then, after the question and the answer of yes, there was all of us waiting back at the houses with smiles on our faces peeking out because we knew about the surprise, and we thought the answer would be yes, and it was just. so. much. fun. Perfectly lovely fun. Mmmmmm. It was like a delicious treat to the romantic in us all, and we have us some serious romantics at our house, all of us.

My Beloved is amazing. Just saying. He really is. He is the most romantic of us all. He is so good at everything he does, even arranging wildflowers to hide a ring inside and setting up a table and chairs for two in the hills. Yes indeed. He is an amazing man. Guess what. Now I want a picnic in the hills with a table for two, an umbrella, and a view. No French Bistro would dare try and compete with such a romantic experience as that. None. Are all of you dear friends swooning from the heady fragrance of the wild roses drifting over to our table for two? Yes, there were wild roses scenting the air at the table in the hills that perfectly lovely day. Oh my. There's a smile on my face just thinking about it even now two days later. Mmmmm. I'm sure I look silly, and I just don't care. Wild roses and romance make me smile silly and love it when I do.

As you can tell, the hard work and busyness of branding was eclipsed by Sunday's proposal. What? Branding hard work? Oh, yes. It always is, but that's ok. I love having a house full of people who are happy to be eating food I cooked just for them, food I have prayed over to bless them, to minister to them, to heal them from the inside out. Yes. It is hard work, but it's hard work my family and I all do together. It is hard work I love. We love taking care of and blessing people at our house. It makes us happy to be a blessing, and we love feeding people. Getting to do both? A joyous hard I love. I would do it more often. Seriously, I would. Though, if it did come more often, there wouldn't always be pie, at least not only pie. We'd throw in some other goodies too, goodies that can be made ahead of time and wait quietly in the freezer. Wow. If we did that, I would want to do this at least once a month if not every other week.

It's time for me to check on supper. It's leftovers made over into something new. Would you like to stay and eat with us? We'd love to have you. There's even a piece of pie for you, some ice cream too. Have to run anyway? I understand. Go ahead. Rush home to those dear loved ones. They're waiting just for you. Here's a hug to tide you over until our next time together. Know you are loved and prayed for. Love you! See you! Good-bye!

In Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House


Anonymous said...

I'll be right over for a glass of cold Ice tea!!! ;)

Abundantly Blessed said...

I'll be looking for you:)