That Book, You Know, That One

Hi! Want to try something new to drink with me? It's called Good Girl Moonshine. Isn't that a funny name? I found out about it from the Trim Healthy Mama pinterest boards. It's for those times when a person wants something besides water to drink but still wants to be healthy. A time like RIGHT NOW for me. *chuckling with a grin*

Yes, I'm procrastinating again. Actually, I'm trying to decide if the sun has moved enough for Giggles and I to wash away the bug yuck from off of the front of the house, especially around the windows. ugh. It's gross. The Fourth of July is coming up fast. I'm thinking the sooner we get some of these little jobs out of the way, the more fun we can have later on.

So, back to the drink. Would you like some? We're going to try the original recipe before changing it up to suit our own preferences. It's a quart of ice water with approx. 1-2 T of apple cider vinegar (the kind that contains the mother) drizzled in, some ginger to taste, and stevia type sweetener. Best option would be the Trim Healthy Mama sweetener that is available for purchase at the Trim Healthy Mama website.

Speaking of Trim Healthy Mama. I'm glad you dropped by. I am in need of an accountability partner. Do you remember way back when, maybe as long as a year ago, when I shared about the Trim Healthy Mama book I got? Yeah, it's been a while. Well, as much as I loved the book and totally agreed with the "plan", I haven't ever really gotten on board and done any of it. I tried a few recipes here and there but that's about it.

God is calling me to a higher way of living. Healthy is a choice, a choice I need to make. So...would you...would you allow Him to use you to help hold me accountable to this choice of healthy I am making for Him? It would mean a lot to me if you would. Really, a lot. You don't have to. Please don't feel obligated or pressured or anything like that. It's just that well, since we're meeting together like this anyway, maybe you wouldn't mind reminding me every now and then if I seem to forget that I'm committing to honoring the temple of the Holy Spirit, my body, by committing to healthy. Feel free to pray about it and get back to me. I'm going to do this no matter what. Being held accountable might help me remember I am, you know, in case I am tempted to forget. What do you think?

So, what do you think of the drink? I'm going to go mix up mine and see what Giggles and I think of it, not that Giggles needs a special drink. That little girl is a bouncing bundle of veggie, protein, and good food loving health. Her coffee cravings aren't exactly pure food, but she knows those are for extra special occasions only. Anyway, thanks for coming over!!! I'll let you know what we thought of the drink later. Ummm, there's a quick little love squeeze for ya to take home with you. Are you coming back later? Good! We've got some fun things rolling around in the want to section of our brains. Talk to you later! If you like the drink, there is a Caramel Apple version on pinterest. There are a LOT of really yummy looking Trim Healthy Mama recipes on there. Go ahead and just leave some of your favorites in a comment below, if you want. We'd love to try them!

We're going to Tigger our way out of here with a "Ta Ta for Now"!

Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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