Homemade Chocolate Extract!

Hi! Hi! Hi! I am so excited over the recipe I just found! It is TOTALLY Abundance House material! Not of This World is going to love this one! I can't wait to tell her about it! It is for homemade chocolate extract! Can you believe that? Chocolate extract is so expensive!

Ready for the recipe? Here it is: 2 C. vodka made from potato (this makes the recipe gluten free - the bottle will say it is made from potato), 3/4 C. cocoa baking powder (highest quality of dark cocoa that fits your lifestyle and budget), Mix, pour into glass jar, cover with lid, allow to "brew" in dark cupboard for 6 weeks to 10 months (this will be determined by personal preference).

That's it! Just like vanilla extract except using cocoa powder instead! Isn't this fun? Going to run! Didn't really have time to stop in but had to share this new recipe. Don't you love meeting at our bench like this? It's almost like neighbors chatting over the fence after they hang out their laundry! Love ya!

Abundantly Blessed

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