Gathering Together

Hey, come on over. Go ahead sit down right there in that comfy chair. How was your day? Wasn't the sunshine grand? It's warmth felt almost healing. And the wind. It was enough to fly some microkites I picked up for the kids. That was a little bit of fun right after lunch, before dishes.

Everywhere I turn lately I see people hurting, big time hurting. So many opportunities to be Jesus to those around me. How is it that I can see the opportunity to be Jesus in the hurting lives of others but miss it so often in the day to day of home life? Don't my sweet little and big ones need the love of God in human form too? Indeed they do. So do I.

As the weekend swiftly arrives, I pray that every moment I am more like Jesus than the moment before. And you? Are you also tired of life as usual? Dissatisfied with the status quo of popular Christianity? Are you longing for all God, only God, all day long, every day? Are you done with denominational this and that and just want God, more God, and only God? Me too. Me too.

God's people, hungry for Him, gathering together all in for all of Him. Yes, that. That's what I'm hungry for. Real people doing real life together in Jesus all day every day in every way. Now that's something to look forward to. That is something to dream about and strive towards. That. That. is church. No striving and contending with our fellow man/woman, no fussing, fretting, or fuming, no dividing, no demanding, no rebellion, noone contrary, just Jesus, all Jesus, only He, loving, full, and free.

Yes. It is getting late. Bed time is just about here. Thanks for dropping in. I'll be joining with you in praying for an all and only God life in us both, all and only Him all day every day in everything in every way. Yes, praying that for us all. Ummmm, thanks for the hug. I needed that. If I don't see you before then, have a super great blessed weekend! Love you! Good-bye!

Abundantly Blessed in Him

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