Easy, Delicious Salad for Summer

Hey There! Isn't this summer sunshine beautiful? It makes me think there should be some deep, red yummy tomatoes and cucumbers on my table. How about you? I found a recipe for a tomato cucumber salad to try. Not only does it look absolutely delicious, it can be kept in the fridge. How great would it be to have a salad ready and waiting in the fridge to use as a side or as a snack? That's what I thought too. It would be wonderbar.

Here's the link: http://www.gwens-nest.com/family-favorite-recipes/tomato-cucumber-salad/. Don't have time for more than a quick chat this afternoon. After finding this recipe though, I simply had to see if you were sitting at our bench and share it, if you were here. I also found a recipe for another homemade extract. This one may be even more popular than the one we shared for homemade vanilla extract. Seriously, you won't want to miss this one. It is going to be so helpful on this new Trim and Healthy way of eating.

Okay, there's the link for the salad. I'll let you get back to enjoying your afternoon. Summer is made for savoring. Don't you think? A little bit of slow and crazy all at the same time. Uhmmm, makes me heave a relaxing sigh just thinking about it. See you later! Oh! That Good Girl Moonshine? It's different, not bad but not amazing either. It could be really refreshing on a hot day. Another thing is that I would like to experiment with some other flavor options before giving it a so--so rating. After all, it is decidedly better than apple cider vinegar by itself. Maybe a berry something or other would take it over the top. We'll see. Love you friend!

Abundantly Blessed

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