Have you been reading and/or listening to any words for this new year of 2014? We have here at Abundance House. It is so much fun reading words from a variety of sources and discover that they are all saying the same, or very similar, things about this year. We think it is fun anyway.

What about you? What word(s) have you been hearing? I pray that it is a good word, a word full of encouragement and hope. For this year is going to be a good year just as today is a good day. Today is a good day because today is the day that the Lord has made. Therefore we are rejoicing and being glad in it. That's the key to every day, every year, isn't it? Making an intentional decision to believe that this is the day/year that the Lord has made and then rejoicing in it? Isn't that where it is? Isn't that where we decide what sort of day, week, month, year, life we will live?

So, what sort of year are you hearing 2014 is going to be? More importantly still, what sort of year are you saying it will be? The ears hear all sorts of words. Thankfully, the words that get said are a choice. What a blessing that we don't have to say every word we hear! What am I hearing? Am I hearing the naysayers? The end of the world-ers? Or are there words of life, hope, peace, and joy being heard?

Even though I can't help what I hear, I can choose what I listen to as well as what I say. What am I listening to? What am I saying? What will I say from this point on? Those are the questions I need to answer. Now. Before the year gets any farther along. Right now. What am I going to listen to this year? What am I going to say? What will I give voice to? Will I support good or evil, encourage or discourage with my words? These are choices to be made. These are the words that will shape not only the new year but the future.

Choosing my words,
Abundantly Blessed

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